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Kanan Aayla - BTL - Master of the Council 2.0 9 9 16 2.0
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Zardra123 162

inspiration drawn from my friend mats Kanan/Aayla BTL. after making some tweaks I brought his version to an SC with some success and then to Gencon where I went 5-3 and made major mistakes that costs me 2 of my games and I definitely felt this deck had some promise.

let’s take a look at some of the key points in this deck.

Built to Last was something I wanted to abuse efficiently and with 9 uniques we defiantly hit the mark here so we are almost guaranteed an additional resource every round.

our upgrades are pretty straightforward with x1 of every unique apart from the x2 Luke’s rod because we really want this early on.

Mitigation is pretty tight in this list similar to the kanan/aayla version but dropping 1 guard to make room for the second force wave.

tech and support choices included

  • x1 Honed Skills - we have so many upgrades going into the second and third rounds and it almost feels worth it to run two of these but the list is very tight as it is.
  • x2 All in - this card can end games out of nowhere as a massive blowout card with 3+ upgrades on the board and Yoda with Force Speed.
  • x1 Power of the Force - act son a similar access point as All In does in some regards allowing us to resolve additional dice with a Yoda focus with a force speed chain it can also be used to simply resolve a base 1 as a 4 or 5 quite easily in the mid game to snipe a character out, I only go a one of due to all in being more versatile and yodas 2 focus is more than enough to change into lethal damage.

I can go into play strategies if people want to know mulligans and turn sequences post on here if you want to see more!

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