Never For Attack - Qui-Gonn/Rey Deck Of All Things

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Elhannan 980

Posting this up 'cause I haven't seen much discussion on SWDDB about this deck type, and I freely admit to developing and testing, not creating this deck - there are a number of similar builds scattered around the interwebs that influenced and directed this deck. With that out of the way...

Never For Attack - a Qui-Rey deck which does whatever it feels like, including attack.


Shields and melee, lightsabers and more. Qui-Gonn is a ridiculously reliable damage-dealer, with what equates to four damage sides when considering his ability. Rey has to work to deal damage, but we can (and will) throw upgrades on her every turn to get the deck ahead on actions. Alongside this we have tons of great specials on upgrades, all of which can deal damage and are triggered by Datapad. Add in the lethal spikes from Riposte and you have a deck that kills constantly and consistently.


Shields again. So, so many shields. Since we're using them for damage half the time, we may as well have the option to also defend our characters! Qui-Gonn is shockingly hard to kill, and Rey becomes the repository for recurring upgrades like Lightsaber and One With The Force, giving the deck an alternate kind of survival ability.


Use The Force, Force Throw and Deflect allow us to mess up our opponents plans whilst enabling our own damage dealing and/or game plan. Rey, Force Protection and Mind Probe even enable a meaningful amount of discard, should we feel the need - I recently took down a Dooku Control deck by milling his hand for the turn first...

Ridiculous Economy and Ramp

Some turns, you just need money. It Binds All Things, with blue upgrades and a good cost curve combine with Datapad, Force Training's special and Rey to afford all of the upgrades, which build our board state at a scary rate. Getting more dice is almost always better, even if they're rolling almost nothing but money, which leads into...


This is this decks primary strength - all of the chatter above ties into a capacity to not care so much what you roll turn by turn - money builds board state, damage and shields kill people or give us protective breathing space, specials are pretty much universally horrifying...I've played a lot of aggro (such as Luke/Ackbar) and similar archetypes which generally have a game plan focused on a few specific dice faces. This deck doesn't, it pretty much always has something good to do every turn, and when it does care it can hit as hard as the nastiest can. It's awesome fun, and you should play it.

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stingzor 13

I'd cut One with the Force to use Comlink, perhaps also remove something else to go 2x Comlink, it does a good job switching dies face and also provides a shield

Elhannan 980

Comlink is the tech card I keep putting in and taking out of this deck. Luke's Lightsaber and a second datapad came in to replace them this time. we'll see whether I throw them back in. One With The Force is stupid powerful, stays in all my builds. :3

Fresck 240

Do love this deck, little question though, why only 1 power of the force when it seems in this deck for a little resource and a low damage dice can do up to 6 (more than an at-st haha) damages? Another question would be, since the shields come always with dice, why not cut take cover for a better dice manipulation card? heroism seems to me pretty good on low damage dice, or disturbance in the force that seems to me handy?

Elhannan 980

This deck has so many blue events it needs, using one Return of the Jedi as a power- multiplier is more effective than taking more two- ofs. Take Cover, like Defensive Stance and Riposte are damage-from-hand cards, an effect that's rare and hard to respond to.

stingzor 13

A deck very similar to yours made a 4-0 in our "Relaxed" Tournament yesterday in a store in Brazil. Very solid game, managed to win eJango eVeers (barely, but it did heh).

Here's the decklist

Elhannan 980

@stingzor Yep, pretty much the same deck. Not sure about Disturbance In The Force, personally - re-roll with a likely downside on your part, rather than as a bonus (Unpredictable, Comlink) or nice low cost (Scramble) never played well for me.

DrJill 1

I lost twice last night using this deck against my brother's eGrievous/Dooku deck. Is that a bad matchup for this deck, or have I just not learned how to play this deck well enough yet?

Elhannan 980

Double Grievous/Single Dooku playing aggro? Without knowing anything else about the deck or matchup, I'd focus Grievous ASAP - Riposting off two or three shields usually gets you in a good place to kill a 10-health character. After that, it's a matter of handling Dooku's tricks and building up a big enough spike to get through his ability - or milling out his hand first, depending on your dice rolls.

DrJill 1

@Elhannan Yeah, aggro. I've been trying to focus Grievous! He's coming over again tonight so I'll try again. Both games, his opening roll has been Grievous for 4 damage. Rey has been dying insanely fast. Maybe I'll try to pick his battlefield and take the shields, and mulligan hard for a riposte.

Blimblard_Blith 17

I've been playing nearly an indentlical deck, but I don't run All In and instead run two copies of Power of The Force. I mulligan hard to get a It Binds all Things (both is best of course) turn one. It helps load the characters up with upgrades which makes Power of the Force very potent. It can often turn a one damage die to a 4-6 damage out of hand which an opponent has a hard time dealing with. I've found playing on the opponents battlefield it typically optimal as Qui Gon starting with shields can be fantastic. I love this deck and you are very right it is very consistent and reliable.

Lasci 87

There's a ton of equipment here. 15 dice and 6 slots to put them is pretty overwhelming. Have you considered dropping the elite status on both characters for a Padawan for better distribution and more health? Otherwise, I feel like Commlink might be a must-have as a potential event and I'd be tempted to swap out the Datapads for BB-8 just because he's a support instead of an upgrade.

Alternatively, what about dropping some of the superfluous upgrades for a better rounded selection of supports? Dodge and Force Misdirection might be of interest.

mikebiewer 1

Rules question on the Force Protection special and how it interacts with this deck. Does the 3 shields resolve separately? Meaning, if Quigon has 1 sheld on him, can this special do 3 damage?

The thing that throws me for a loop is the "distributed as you wish."

fakejony 2

(my english isnt all that, sorry) @Lasci That's a good idea, I like 3 chars deck, but sometimes the start is too slow and someone die in the process befor the upgrades comes out. In my opinion, if not using the eStatus, I'd prefer Luke + Qui or Qui + 2 Padawans, less health but more dmg.

@Elhannan why not 2 Willpower ? isnt cure + one dmg good? And how to use All In ? This card never in my hand whenI need.

Palumtra 1

@mikebieweryes, you distribute it as you wish but within one action. Qui-Gon Jinn's ability is atht before he gains one or more shields, you can deal 1 damage. which means that with Force Protection you can only deal one damage because even if you chosse to give him 3 shields, its still within one action. However, I think if you roll more dice with shields and you resolve all of them (because you can), then you can deal more damage, similar to Count Dooku where you can discard 1 card per damage dice resolved against him to give him a shield.

mikebiewer 1

Thanks @Palumtra. That's what we thought too, but I needed a second opinion and ruling.

Elhannan 980

@Lasci 15 upgrades is 3 more than most decks I run. It seemed a lot to me at first, but testing bears out the number. You need every last upgrade you can get, and you need the ability to hold key cards in opening hand and mulligan for near-guaranteed upgrades.

@fakejony Willpower - raargh. I want two in this deck, I keep switching cards to fit two, just can't swing it. It's an amazing card, but deckbuilding is deckbuilding. All-In in this deck works with One With The Force - resolve the 2 or 3-focus sides into whatever results you want. Also, this deck produces split damage sides - All-In lets us fire off shield and melee damage all at once. Finally, All-In can be great for simple action economy - gonna resolve a lot of stuff and want to claim? All-In can be worth it.

@ A Few Of You - yeah, I'm gonna test the Padawan-Rey-Qui version. I suspect it'll be weaker against spikey aggro damage, but in either case I'm playing in a tourney this week, so no rebuilds for now. ^_^

fakejony 2

@Elhannan thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate.

Elhannan 980

Played this out in tournament this week - three rounds of best of three games, went 5 - 1. Loss was partly due to tunnel-vision on my part, playing against a friend I'd tested decks with. :3 Deck was very solid throughout play, one opponent commented on how 'there's no good choices' against this deck, who to target or how to pick battlefields, etc.

Testing changes: -1 Datapad -1 Return of the Jedi, +1 Willpower +1 Power Of The Force. RotJ is too slow in current meta, Power of the Force had more opportunities for abuse than I realized in-game, need to use it early and often for 2/3 value effects, not wait on the uber 4/5/6 swings.

Progressive 1

How you should play optimally against Jango/Veers?

Elhannan 980

@Progressive: Sooo, fun admission - I have played against J/V quite a bit, but not with this deck - everyone is playing non-Jango here right now. ^_^;; However:

  • If you get to choose, choose opponent's battlefield, shield each character.
  • Mulligan for Jedi Robes+Riposte and/or Power of the Force, Force Protection and/or Lightsaber. Keep It Binds All Things if it turns up, don't mull for it in this match-up. As always, prioritize upgrades - J/V doesn't always open all-guns-blazing.
  • However you ARE going to. Jedi Robes on Rey - Riposte off for 3 damage - usually Veers. This assumes J/V has not rolled a metric ton of damage. Anything over 4 damage on their dice, keep the shields on for now.
  • PASS, or play an event. Don't let Jango get early unopposed swings.
  • Shield up both characters, get an upgrade down each turn, use Riposte and Power Of The Force to spike down a character asap - Veers is the usual target, depending on the spread of upgrades. Riposte on two or more shields, use All-In early in turns, just get kill damage as soon as possible. This will likely lead to Jango vs Qui-Gon, with hopefully a One With The Force in play. That's rather more heavily in your favour.
  • Finally, as this deck is good at it - adapt! Discarding his hand or Disrupting resources are both very helpful plays for you - particularly with yellow control cards to account for. Blue control his stuff, etc. Favourite surprise use of mine is Force Throw -> one of my high-value non-damage die, another good way to get early spikes of damage out. Double-shield to the face hurts more than two shields on Qui-Gon ^_^

inkstatic 1

Love this deck. Thank you for sharing! It's been a ton of fun.

oldredhat 8

If you make a go with this deck without OWtF what would you add?

Elhannan 980

@inkstatic Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it, it's still my favored deck to play.

@oldredhat My current build has a few upgrades shuffled about - right now I tech out One With The Force for Mind Probe and vice versa. I think you could reasonably lose OWtF for a Comlink and get close to the same use.

Elhannan 980

Testing update: Another tourney during the week, went 4-2. Losses were against Han/Rey, one played close - and one not. The problems were not just the deck's fault (^_^;;) but I felt some changes could help with that matchup and against my local meta some. So, ignoring above changes:

-2 Datapad, -2 Take Cover, -1 Mind Probe -1 RoTJ +2 Comlink, +1 Luke's Lightsaber (trading ftw), +1 PoTF, +2 Dodge

Yeah, that's a lot. I suspect some changes will get rolled back, but I'll update in a few weeks after more tournaments.

Elhannan 980

Midweek I started trying out a new character set based on this deck. The above changes seem pretty strong, but the Qui-Gon deck still seems slow in the current meta. Currently testing this:

It's much faster, for one thing!

Elhannan 980

Okay, SWDDB, keep on letting me mess this up. >.< Let's try again - above link should be:

TUrco 1

@Elhannan you have to publish your deck so we have access to see it

Elhannan 980

@Turco The first link was correct, imma idiot. The second link was to an unpublished version, for the same reason. ^_^;; Also, seems SWDDB doesn't let you delete or edit your comments!

Elhannan 980

Uuupdate - of a sort. With Spirit of Rebellion approaching I'm expecting to play more of this deck, new cards and meta notwithstanding. The obvious new toy is Your Eyes Can Deceive You, which at first glance replaces Force Protection - Force Pro is pricey and doesn't combo with Eyes.

Wishlist for SoR

  • If we see a good blue/neutral econ option It Binds All Things can go - it's slow and weak late game.
  • A decent cost 1 - 2 blue upgrade will go down well, period. Likely pull out Datapad for a good enough one.
  • A hero character with a few shield sides would shake this deck up sharply, particularly in Red, so I can use Survival Gear again. But that's a completely different deck. ^_^

Elhannan 980

And we're back. Holy crap, with the hailstorm of spoilers and confirmations across the last few weeks, I've had plenty to think about - much of it regarding a new version of this deck. I can't publish it yet - SoR cards are unreleased - but watch this space for more on a revival of Qui-Rey: Sometimes for Attack.

Piffo 67

@Elhannan I'm having great success with an updated version of your deck! It's called "Water the Bamboo!", it's gonna be published soon luckily!

Elhannan 980

@Piffo Awesome to hear! I have a version of Qui/Rey ready for testing, and heavily influenced by some awesome recent decks by SWDDB users:

I'll have a proper description up on that baby as soon as I can (and as soon I can play some Force Speeds in person!) but for now, and because the design deserves it, I recommend you check out:

The use of Kenobi's journal in this is inspired, and it is brutally fast for Blue Hero.