Naked Palp - Top 8 Canadian Nationals

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sayguh 394

Who needs upgrades?

This deck is about protecting and resolving Palpatine's very powerful character dice while controlling your opponent with a massive suite of removal/protection tools.

I found the standard Palp build to be slow for my tastes. This plays fast with a very high claim rate and uses Taking Ground to get the battlefield of choice.

Has some great sneaky plays, such as Swiftness into Alter/UTF for 10 damage.

A healthy amount of grey cards to protect against Kylo 2.

I have tested many cards in this deck and there were a few last minute cuts... such as Force Speed, Snare and Isolation.

With Vandalize/Rend being pretty well represented I like to deprive those cards of a target by leaving out Force Speed. Also to instead have a another card to directly affect the board state.

Fun tournament and I was thrilled to make top 8 with my own brew and catch some people off guard.

Thanks to everyone who was rooting for Palp! :)

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lev 27

Good stuff, loving the upgradeless approach. Congrats on making top8, would not have minded to watch you take the trophy on stream at all.


Hawt sheet!

Rebeltrooper 964

Well done, unique list, congrats on the deep run!

jedidomer 58

Happy to have playtested the s**t out of this with you the past while

Awesome work top 8'ing! You make our league proud.

vitalis09 331

I have to say im really impressed - gratz mate, gratz!

Platform327 51

I love this deck you made, been toying with this idea for months! Watched you play it live. Using 2 dice to rip up decks is too much fun! This is the deck for the Palp lovers! The list is a great base! Handles 3 chars decks too, dont be fooled! Awesome stuff!

bboyspiderman 93

Hey, love the deck.

Quick question with Resilient.

If you have the card attached to Palpatine - Galactic Emperor, and he has both dice hit by Easy Pickings, it still is able to be exhausted for a roll into the pool correct?

I ask this because I saw it happen at my local here in California and the Sabine player (who used Easy Pickings ) said that the card specified "removes one" meaning that since two were removed at the same time, it wouldn't initiated.

I personally think Resilient still is able to be activated, since my understanding of the term "removes one" is "at least one".

Ramin2-D2 550

interesting. no Rise Again?

jedidomer 58

Naked Palp is always arised, doesn't need to again.

fiferboy 57

@bboyspiderman - my assessment of the wording on Resilient is that the "one" is referring to how many dice may be rolled back into play. It does not matter how many dice were removed at one time as long as the one that you are rolling back in was removed by an opponent's card effect.

sayguh 394

@Ramin-2D2 Definite no on Rise Again... Almost never get to 5 resources and have no upgrades to bring back

chinovalley 322

This deck could use Unyielding

ReconVs 2

What’s your mulligan conditions?

ThayanKnight 1

This is exactly what Palpatine was meant to be. I love this approach. Controlling the galaxy and throwing out damage. Kudos.

Ramin2-D2 550

@sayguh . makes sense, not worth Rise Again without upgrades, you right. awesome deck! love it!

sayguh 394

@ReconVs Very matchup dependant but Im most often mulliganing aggressively for Resilient or Endurance.

sayguh 394

@bboyspiderman I believe @fiferboyhas it correct there but Im sorry I don't have the official ruling to cite

Drink Blue Milk 100

man sooooooo impressed with this build. I am amazed. great job!

remorhaz 14

nice run. I was watching at the stream yelling at you to pop the force illusion lol. Ive been running something similar but I use hidden blasters to increase the damage potential and keep upgrading while beating hero removal into the pool. I'm still rocking the force speeds though. I feel its ok to make them have the vandalize or rend because if they don't its pure value.

DarthVincentius 42

This is definitely a cool idea. I run Palpatine - Galactic Emperor as my main deck, but this is definitely a new take on it. I would also say that this is a good build for introductory players learning the game or cant afford the big holocron/abilities package. Very nice deck.

outro 146

I'm so glad to see a meta-divergent ePalpie. I didn't went as far as removing the whole upgrade suite when I built my ePalpie some time ago, but I still get confused looks from people that are used to raw damage Palpies.

Nice one man!

Moophisto 455

Can you talk to me about the (lack) of No Mercy? I feel like at least one to snipe a character would be highly beneficial.

TheHyperloops 3691

Congrats on the finish! You are interested in doing a tournament report we'd love to host it. Cheers!

sayguh 394

@Moophisto I've believe the deck has too many grey cards for it to be effective

sayguh 394

@remorhazAye, I perhaps got too greedy with that one. My hope was to soak up a bigger hit with all of his modified melee potential

ahyen76 1

would your consider adding Remote Stockpile for resource ?

sayguh 394

@chinovalley I don't think so. That card is better for mixed damage and more dice.. and if I resolve them unblockable they just use the indirect against the shields anyway so it would work out to the same most of the time.

sayguh 394

`@ahyen76 Too slow for my tastest

sayguh 394

@TheHyperloops sent!

Ozmodon 1

What was swiftness used for?

jedidomer 58

@Ozmodon UTF and Alter. like this clutch moment in game 2:

TheHyperloops 3691

We just posted the tournament report for those interested:

artyzipp 7

This deck got destroyed by a mill of eYoda/eReikan last night. I could not use any freaking cards! :)

SpamSpamSpam 1

I tried this deck, or at least as close as I could get to it with my collection. I really struggled with resources. I can't bring myself to resolve his die on resource side, so I only had two resources per round and couldn't afford to play all the mitigation and dice fixing I wanted. Where am I going wrong!?

Luckiertech 23

@SpamSpamSpam the dice, palpatine does don’t have a dice with resource cost

Luckiertech 23

@sayguh i really liked your deck, i even made a similar one, but now i need help please how to defeat a vehicle deck whit 4 characters

outro 146

@Luckiertech control, control, control. I'm running an updated naked palpie and all you need is control to bring it tier 1.5. Not a tier 1. Never a tier 1.

Luckiertech 23

@outro look at my deck 4 characters are kicking my ass, i tried to control it, some times i do not have the resources or it´s not enough

artyzipp 7

@Luckiertech can you make that deck public?

outro 146

Aye, make it public mate. I'll try to post my listing this week if works permit. I'm running a low resources suididal control naked palpie. The most expensive control I have is 1 resource I think.

outro 146

But even so. A naked palpie done right is 1.5 tier at most. Never a match for a tier 1 vehicles deck well piloted.

Luckiertech 23 Try Now @outro @artyzipp