The rise of emo boyz! Top 4 finish in local tournament

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draken1001984 16

Went 3-1 with this build today. Top cut to 4, lost in top cut.

R1: Watto/eSnoke/FOST - Loss It was a blow out, turn one Fist... Ithought I made a mistake bringing this build... I did not get the holocron out which really hurt.

R2: Dengar/Val/ Quaren Tracker - Win

R3: ePalp3/Watto - Win I was able to ramp fast and get a quick kill on Palp even after a Bacta Heal for 3. Killed Palp turn 2 or 3. Then He scooped.

R4: ePalp3/Watto - Win Able to kill Palp turn 3. He didn’t get Holocron, so he had to pay for all upgrades.

Top Cut (B1): eSnoke/eTarkin - Loss He was able to kill Vader quicker than I could Kill Tarkin, which gave him the lead. Turn two fist and heavy mitigation turned my big lead 8 damage turn 1 on tarkin to a kill of Vader early turn 3 and the lead for him. He didn’t look back from there.

All in all a fun day with an oldie but still can be a goodie.


  • Soresu Training and Mastery and DV LS
  • 2x Mind Probe and something.
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draken1001984 16

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