Rainbow Beckett

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PowerTheThird 21

Just a thought experiment. I really like the way Beckett can control the resources your opponent has. This isn't supposed to be a particularly strong deck but could be a decent counter.

All constructive ideas are appreciated.

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Scarletasterisk 284

Love Beckett. Deck looks good!

Anjodamorte 1


1) In my opinion, Donderbus isn't the better choice.

A-3000 blaster and/or conscript squad are better.

A-3000 have more direct damage and can be used in all colors.

Conscript costs only 1 (If use them, i suggest tech team too).

Anjodamorte 1

2) This deck isn't fast. Maybe you should change the field.

3) I don't like "make demands". I prefer 2 Riot Shields or more removals