Bounty Hunter In Command - Cad / Pryce

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Ramin2-D2 523

Cad Bane makes the best partner for Pryce, with his speed, he is able to make sure you are constantly claiming and controlling the battlefield for her. Conversely, Pryce makes the best partner for Cad Bane, to assist his rolls to hit whatever is needed.

The ideal opening hand is a resource maker (Truce or Well Connected) and Imperial HQ. Cad will and the weapon upgrades do hit the resource cost side a lot. And the obvious is a weapon (you basically need a weapon or Tactical Mastery every round).

Standard operations is to roll Pryce first. Depending on her roll and the situation, use her dice or not. Thereafter roll in Cad. If you have some Pryce specials, it can be beneficial on the Cad ambush to use the special and turn his die to more damage or to a 3 discard.

The events pretty much explain how they must be used. The upgrades included are only ambush weapons for Cad.

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rogue6548 32

Do you find yourself using Imperial HQ a lot? I know Cad has a couple of pay sides, but I would have thought that as you cannot combine Imperial HQ with Pryce's special, you're still paying a lot of pay sides. Also, have you considered Chance Cube? Getting 4 resources with Pryce's special is pretty nice.

rogue6548 32

Also, nice deck :-)

PeoplesChampion 2

This is a nice deck! I always thought this combo could be really powerful. @rogue6548 Why would you not be able to us Imperial HQ with Pryce's special?

rogue6548 32

@PeoplesChampion sorry, my mistake. I was getting after effects (which wait for the previous effect to resolve before they can resolve) confused with before effects (which interrupt). All good using Imperial HQ with Pryce

PeoplesChampion 2

@rogue6548 Okay, good. I was worried I had missed something because this is one of my favorite interactions with Imperial HQ. It gives you the consistency to resolve Cad Bane's best sides without slowing you down.

Ramin2-D2 523

`@PeoplesChampion and @rogue6548, ya. Imperial HQ is super useful for Cad Bane's dice and also the X-8 and Holdout Blaster. with so many dice, chances are one will hit a resource side every turn.

artyzipp 1

Sadly, I have no X-8. What would you all recommend as a replacement?

Ramin2-D2 523

@artyzipp you really want all the guns with Ambush to get the best of Cad Bane. but if you cant, next best bet would be Ascension Gun has really good dice sides, or E-11 for the redeploy.

Razelll 244

@artyzipp Or DH-17 Blaster Pistol. It is really good for just 1 resource.

Pegasus 1

Would u concider unpredictable?

Ramin2-D2 523

@Pegasus. i considered Unpredictable, for its flexibility of rolling an opponents, but ended up always using it on Cad's die, never the opponents, so in the end Take Flight is better.

Celestron Destiny 15

@artyzipp kallus's would be good cause it has ambush