Unkar and Tarkin Vehicle

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nez477 134

I've been working on this deck a lot over the last two weeks. If you've played me on TTS you've seen it as I've only been testing/playing this deck.

I've beat most of the current meta with it. Dooku/Mom, mill, Cassian damage, various Snoke decks.

The goal is to use Unkar's ability multiple times in the first round or two. The mulligan choices are very important depending on the deck you are playing against. Against another vehicle deck I find I can win the ramp up battle pretty quickly if I get a Chance Cube out there. If I'm playing against mill, get Grand Moff out as soon as possible and discard events using Jedi Temple.

Sometimes it doesn't click but I've overall found it to be pretty consistent. The Friends in High Places is pretty easy to activate most of the time.

I know that the Frag Grenade seems odd, but it has 1-1-1-2-3-0 die sides for just one cost, helping activate Unkar on the cheap (the podracer is sort of there for the same reason, as well as the obvious fit with Planetary and Hailfire). Even with Jedi Temple, I find Probe very important with the event-heavy meta. The AT-ST is there to potentially take out other vehicles (and not bad damage either obviously). I did have Tactical Mastery for a while but didn't find it useful.

Any thoughts on what you'd add/replace?

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AlreadyPicked 14

I normally include 6 to 8 various mitigation cards. Have you found that you don't need as many in this deck?

nez477 134

There's definitely been a couple times where I wish I had a couple electroshocks, but honestly Force Speed is so relevant that often times I found that my mitigation didn't matter much.

With Jedi Temple this becomes my dice against my opponent's dice, and my dice are often better.

Hessian Sack 1338

@nez477 Nice to finally see the list! Is Crossfire very useful? It seems a little situational...

nez477 134

@Hessian SackI've taken it out and put it back in. It is situational but it is so needed in various games, obviously Dooku is the main culprit but there are many vehicles out there with the resource side too.

Hessian Sack 1338

@nez477 sigh. Vehicles. I used to be able to beat you...

ToddRickYG 1

Hey I played you recently would love a rematch lol

Ramin2-D2 544

i recommend taking out Grand Moff. probably finding a way to fit Arc Fighter and Fang Fighter (even if you take away from of the vehicles you currently have). and your events are kinda wierd choices, better removal would be Pinned Down, Glancing Shot, He Doesnt Like You

nez477 134

@Ramin2-D2Take out Grand Moff? That's what this entire deck is about. Mitigate your opponent's hand so you can have your dice clean and unmitigated.

You are right, I should probably just go normal mitigation with Pinned Down. Crossfire is specifically focused on Dooku but is too situational.