Rex and the boys - 2nd Place Artificery Store championship.

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RebelTraitor 170

Played this at the Artificery store championship at Rose City Comic Con and piloted it all the way to the finals.

matchups: Round 1: Dooku/Snoke. This game was against my friend who I do a lot of playtesyting with. I basically know everything in the deck, so I'm pretty able to win just by bursting down dooku. He did get pretty close at the end, because neither of us could get our ramp going until later in the game. However, the larger health pool won me the game in the end. 1-0

Round 2: Yoda/Cassian/Anakin. Right before this game I actually said I didn't want to play this deck as a joke, because everyone knows hero vehicles have a tough matchup vs mill. Imagine my surprise when I actually did. This game went pretty simply, I ramped hard and managed to remove dice, all while getting damage through with my character dice. Basically, the engine worked perfectly and not even the matchup I was dreading could stop it. 2-0

Round 3: Thrawn/Snoke. This game was over after the first round. She put all of her dice into one play and I played a defensive position for like 8 resources and an indirect side. This meant that that she couldn't get her ramp going, while I was able to slowly build my board and whittle down thrawn to prevent the grand moff play. Unfortunately, she managed to play grand moff at some point. Fortunately, Thrawn was already half dead. A landing craft play extended the game longer, same with an ancient lightsaber played on the droid to heal. However, I managed to put 6 indirect on the table to bypass the ancient and win the game. 3-0

Round 4: Kylo/Snoke. This game went down hill pretty fast. I lost Rex Round 1, then hired gun round 2, and I think clone actually managed to live to round 4, but the game was over long before then.

Top cut was weird, because they decided to not give out prize tokens for top. Also, they did top 4 as a best-of-1 but the finals was best-of-3. I guess it was for time purposes, but it was still pretty weird.

Top 4: Aphra/Executioners. My opponent forgot his aphra draws almost every turn, which allowed me to play more safely. I went after the executioners first, because Aphra is only really great early game and the executioners rolling back in is very scary. I did manage to kill both of them before he even killed one of my guys(thanks Dex's Diner) and it just went downhill from there.

Finals: Plo/Padawans. game 1: He had the dream starting hand with ancient/Ancient/Ezra's saber. However, I also had a pretty good starting hand and managed to kill plo round 2. Then my opponent made the mistake of claiming before healing with ancient on the padawan and I managed to kill him easily. At that point my board state was enough to just wipe out the last padawan.

Game 2: Came down to my ramp cards just not coming up early. I was starved for damage later in the game, and he just had so many more things on the table before I could overwhelm his characters.

Game 3: Really the same as game 2, except much worse. I might have managed to kill plo this game, but I'm not sure. Ended up not ramping and losing to a force speed- power of the force focus to kill an almost full health clone trooper.

Cards I didn't really like: resistance bomber. I really loved this in my old vehicle deck, so I just auto-included it in this deck. However, it didn't come up often. Maybe I just didn't draw it? I don't know. I'll do more testing with it though just to make sure.

Defensive Position: Not always live, especially after Rex dies. But the power level is so high it might be worth losing some consistency. Never helpful against mill, because spending a card and a resource to get of a cassian two damage side or a yoda two focus just isn't usually worth it.

Cards I wanted more of: Dh-17. I only own one copy of this, so I'm definitely going to pick up a second copy. I don't think I need to explain why this card is good, it just is.

Truce: This card was really weird all day. I never drew it when I really needed it, but I always drew it when I didn't. This deck operates in the red when it comes to resources a lot, so I felt like I really needed this.

Tech Team: a lot of games I had trouble ramping with just two rally aids and a couple uses of the Rex ability. For sure going to slot in at least one of these bad boys in future lists.

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Destiny Deck Analysis 265

What is your strategy when facing mill? Especially the three wide Yoda/Cassian/Anakin build? Are there specific cards you look for in your opening hand? Also congrats on your finish! I am a Rex player myself and am excited to see him perform in other metas!

RebelTraitor 170

@Destiny Deck Analysis prioritize damage and removing cassians dice. Easy pickings is a huge card and so is rally aid. Don't discard to re-roll often, just focus on killing a character.

Destiny Deck Analysis 265

Thanks! Were the mill decks running force jump and if so how did you deal with that? Also what is you target order for the mill matchup? I am sorry for the many questions but I’ve struggled against this matchup historically.

RebelTraitor 170

@Destiny Deck Analysis he was running it, and I managed to deal with it by having the focus side on rex and having the clone re-roll. He got unlucky on the re-roll a couple times and that helped. I went for yoda first just because he has two dice and no second chances. then basicially whoever. I think I killed both of them in one round because they had some indirect on them, but generally anakin if they have a podracer or whoever has the least health.