Outrun's Small Vehicles ( 97-man Regional Winner )

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outrun 360

Full tournament report and deck tech to come on www.hyperloops.com

Small changes to come for an upcoming meta shift, but this list does not require Legendaries and it smashes the artificery list heads up

Find me on discord at outrun#0772 or on TTS as outrun <

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Agent Of Zion 354

Field Medic over Garbage Chute seems like a dodgy choice, and going one-and-one on Tech Team and Rally Aid leaves little recourse to vandalization.

psutton1012 102

@Agent Of Zion Why would you vandalize a tech team or a rally aid and not save it for 3po?

Agent Of Zion 354


Because 3po is scariest when resolving rando dice as focus or T47/Y-Wing as specials. By the time 3PO is both played and useful to the point of being scary, you're already in a bad spot.

Hit the rally aid and tech team and you can slow the deck down enough to get an extra turn before they hit critical mass by keeping the useful focus/special targets out of play longer and relegating 3PO to income duty.

Every game is different, there is no single best choice yadayadayada... But against me I'd be ecstatic if my opponent held on to a vandalize for 3PO. I can usually reroll, not having useful dice to reroll with is the scary proposition.

sageleader 1

Why run 2 ETA-2 Interceptor but only 1 Resistance Bomber? Same cost but Bomber is significantly better I think.

outrun 360

@sageleader I encourage you to try out 2 bombers if you think that is better! ETA is very flexible. Bomber is just as much a threat/mitigation target as it is a damage source

@psutton1012 you would rarely want to hold a card between rounds, especially against lists that only run one 3p0 - i would vandalize any priority target. however to think that 3p0's main purpose is to pull off a 2/3 focus every turn is a mistake - 3p0s power is felt turn 1 through turn 5.

@Agent Of Ziongrats on the 96-man regional win!

Jiveturkey 1

1 of Hush-98 Comlink? Thoughts anyone?

sageleader 1

@Jiveturkey not worth it I don't think. 2 cost is a lot when you consider that most vehicles in this deck probably cost 1 or even 0 with Tech Team and Rally Aid.

The Recreator 1

@Jiveturkey @sageleader Ditto. I tried out Hush-98 Comlink and found that more often than not I needed the resources for something more urgent.

BDKoolwhip 26

"it smashes the artificery list heads up" When did you play `@Agent Of Zion?? Seems like an odd thing to say. Im playing his list and it flows and moves so smooth and this, i dont know, seems not to. Ill try it of course, but I am not holding my breath.

Agent Of Zion 354


To be fair, there's not enough meaningful variation between the two decks for either one to SMASH the other.

The vandalizes here help against the extra reliability of a second Rally/Tech, but the ETA-2 ability are only going to get the second or third best support locked down at their most useful.

Flanking Manuever is much more difficult to accomplish with opposing Y-Wings and Garbage Chute, and both decks have an essentially dead card (Falcon/2nd3PO)

But mirrors are rarely resolved primarily through such small amounts of deck variation in my experience. Contrast to my top 8 opponent which was a very significantly different version of the deck.

My totally-pulled-out-of-my-ass figuring is that in a match between two equally skilled players playing the Artificery list and Outrun's list, the player who starts with HWK in hand is highly favored, and even more so if they win the BF roll.

outrun 360

@Agent Of Zion

Zion is generally correct. Double 3p0 can feel like a waste, but I defend it by reinforcing the notion that an early 3p0 is game changing. Additionally I justified it by knowing how heavy vandalize was in the meta. Early on opponents would target 3p0 over other ramp supports.

I will stand by flanking manuver until proven otherwise. Everyone wants to hit the sexy 8 dmg play, but it's really the 4 dmg or 5 dmg play that swings matches. Taking a character to half health before resolving a majority of your dice is just a beat down, especially when you can fix through rerolls, 3p0 and r2 ( who is a god ).

Furthermore on flanking, if my opponent was not shield oriented, resolving indirect dmg is quite fine as it gets spread out and then. You can hit for a 4 dmg flanking to nearly kill a character. We can't forget the basics that all indirect is direct with just one char on the field. Heavily shielded opponents are fine, I just generally refused to play their style of game, and I refused to waste my die sides on chewing through shields.. especially when you can combo pretty hard and one shot in later rounds. Also, don't forget that opponents with maxed out shields essentially turn some of their die sides and cards to blanks.

When it comes to a matchup between a variant of this loops list and the artificery list, a bo5 will be won by player skill! I look forward to pairing with Zion after the cut at world's. :)

Lastly, playing a vehicle deck successfully is to understand how to play to time. If you don't practice on TTS with a timer then you are making a mistake!

Agent Of Zion 354


I actually put a decent amount of though into it the other day from the ground up just to make sure I wasn't dismissing an idea out of hand. Essentially what I came up with was a combo of things.

Including obvious changes with Rivals, and making the assumption that 2x Vandalize is the right call moving forward, which is probably correct until mill and the mirror tones down well enough to get away with 1x, you essentially only have room for Garbage Chute or Flanking Maneuver, or one of each if you feel spicy.

Flanking Maneuver will destroy people who don't know/remember it exists, or consider the impact it would have at any given point. Hands down. I figure its roughly equivalent to getting you out of the game one turn earlier in your favor. Good for swiss rounds, and any tournament where decklists aren't handed out at the cut. Surprisingly similar to Scorched Earth in effect, if not application.

In contrast, Into the Garbage Chute is usually solid no matter when you have it against the vast majority of decks (edge vs Mill goes to FM here obv) and even if your opponent is staring at a mural sized copy behind your head there just isn't too much they can do to avoid it. With bonus effectiveness against players who resolve focus and what have you without considering it. Again, this is a general statement, but Garbage Chute will usually lengthen the game by one turn, in your favor.

In situations where Garbage Chute will get you more damage than a Flanking Maneuver, which is the case starting turn three onwards for the most part, it's better. Applies to decks like Kylo, Poe, Obi, Five-die ranged, or the edge cases like Blue Hero.

In cases where you absolutely must max damage on each individual turn like against OTK, Mill, or Sabine, Flanking maneuver is better.

I didn't go to time once in my regional though and while I'm cognizant of the time, I don't really think its right to be shooting for the clock rather than the opponent. Even with perfect stall mastery though, its effectiveness is decreased drastically in the cut and all but gone in any finals.

I think a fundamental difference between the preference of Chute vs Flanking and playing to time, is that I assume nothing is going to go right, and I'm always going to play someone as good if not better than me who would understand and respond to possible damage from hand plays and gaming the clock.

Or put in a way my own ego appreciates: I build and play for the cut, not the swiss. Sometimes I fail completely, sometimes I go 11-0.

Agent Of Zion 354

"In situations where Garbage Chute will get you more damage than a Flanking Maneuver."

This is unclear, I meant to say where the additional turn Chute buys you will net more damage than a Flanking.