Undefeated at 20+ Person Tournament Qui-Gon/Rey

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Budget Qui-Gon/Rey 24 16 5 1.0
Qui-Gon/Rey (2ND PLACE - Championships @GigaBites (Georgia, 5 4 2 1.0
Qui-Gon Rey 0 0 0 1.0
eQui-Gon/eRey 0 0 0 1.0
Force Siblings, eQui-Gon eRey 2 2 0 1.0
Obi Ani 0 0 0 1.0

FyreEmblem 1011

I used this deck to win a local tournament this past weekend. It is incredibly aggro and can cheat actions and shrug off damage with the rest of them. It wins by dishing out consistent and unblockable damage and ramping into high-value upgrades and resolving dice before your opponent can react. Let's break it down.

Characters: Qui-Gon is an excellent aggro character, and his access to shields can help keep characters alive for that one extra round you may need to close out a game. Rey truly shines in this deck, as her action cheating and +2 melee damage sides are used to great effect.

Battlefield: Echo base is great, as it lets you push aggro more with Qui-Gon's ability, and giving your opponents a shield is irrelevant when you are dealing unblockable damage.

Upgrades: Staples are Force Speed, Makashi Training, and Vibroknife. You want Vibroknife and force speed in your opening hand. Play Force Speed on Rey then Vibroknife, roll her out and possibly resolve Force Speed special with your second action to also activate Qui-Gon and resolver your dice, or activate both characters and go for a re-roll (we do this a lot with this deck).

Makashi Training really helps push the damage envelope early, and gives you a bit of control.

Luke's Saber: It has good damage sides and the special synergizes well with Qui-Gon's ability and the unblockable direction we are going with the deck. This one could be replaced for other stuff if you wanted to.

One With the Force: Can easily be played turn 1 with destiny, and is nice to drop when rey/Qui-Gon is about to die. I had 2 out round 2 versus an opponent one game, along with Luke's saber and Makashi Training. This deck ramps very well.

Journals of Ben Kenobi: Oddball card, I initially included it because I wanted to see if this sets BB-8 could be playable, I found it really has a home in this deck. The +1 melee is great, we love resources to power out more upgrades early, and it helps you draw into more of our 0 cost event suite or dig for our important upgrades. I would definitely include this in future builds.

Events: We play lots of 0 cost events in this deck, which helps us focus on upgrades and play lots of cards quickly, meaning we can win fast. Caution, defensive stance, riposte and synchronicity all work extremely well together. Guard and deflect offer us a little control. Destiny is a champ in this deck, helping us get out an early saber or OWTF.

Supports: It binds all things seems super unnecessary, the deck usually wins by round 3. I haven't played enough games against choke/disrupt decks yet to decide its droppable though. Your Eyes Can Deceive You is amazing control with Qui-Gon.

TL;DR: This deck is super aggro and wins by round 3 in a lot of cases. It is a very tight list and relies on its synergy to be effective. Load up Rey and roll away.

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BigMac826 7

If you aren't playing It Binds All Things often then Rejuvenate or Overconfidence might be useful replacements.

FyreEmblem 1011

@BigMac826I think I may drop them for Return of the Jedi instead. I don't feel you get enough out of Rejuvenate, and I don't really like the inconsistency of Overconfidence. Mostly personal preference. Getting back a riposte or Synchronicity or guard or deflect sounds like a good deal to me.

Matt500 1

I like this deck, aggro hero's are always something i wanted to happen (since i'm an aggro villian player mainly). I built a teaching deck with Qui-Gonn Rey in Awakenings and i think the Aggro version you have due to SoR cards looks good to start seeing in the competitive scene. Will be having a good crack at this cheers

FyreEmblem 1011

Hey thanks for checking it out! It's a really fun deck to pilot and catches a lot of people by surprise. I dumped 11 damage into Palpatine round 1 in my tournament finals. Let me know how it goes!


I need to know because I love Destiny. But how do you sacrifice good melee dice to get this in and remain aggro. There are decks that can kill characters in round one. Don't you need to hit hard round one as well?

FyreEmblem 1011

Get what in? And yea this deck can hit really hard round one.

FyreEmblem 1011

Wait jk I get it now. "Destiny" the card is situational, but when its good its great! If you're against a deck that you feel its not good against you just don't use it. It really only has 4 targets in the whole deck.

vir0 13

What would you run instead of 2 x one with the force?

Scactha 888

Rey-Gon is very good and plays very smoothly. As you say it´s great that Heroes got so much good aggro stuff. My version replaces OWTF (I find it to slow and not neccesary) for Rey´s Staff and D Stance for Higher Ground (as you´ll claim first most of the time anyway). Makashi is bonkers indeed (like Overkill).

Oh, no Force Illusion (again, over OWTF)? It´s It´s the Second Chance of force wielders and what makes Rey stay around that extra turn :D

FyreEmblem 1011

I considered Rey's staff (and would probably replace OWTF with it @vir0) but didn't like the pay side for the 3 melee. I think its a great card, but I wan't options that could help us grind out wins vs. slower decks or control decks. I think OWTF does that well.

I am not super high on Force Illusion quite yet, but if I start seeing a lot modified sides running around I would consider including it as a meta call.

High Ground is great, but a large concern I had when building this deck was the amount of Hero Mill running around in my meta, so it got chopped due to it's cost. I built this deck to run low to the ground and win quickly and not rely a lot on resources. We can dump two upgrades in the first action on Rey and then not worry about our opponent disrupting our plays. My specific fear of mill decks is also why I don't run much removal.

FyreEmblem 1011

I could see OWTF, Defensive Stance, and Deflect being used as flex/meta call spots in the deck. If you don't see the need in your meta to run any of those you could take them out and put in something more appropriate without changing the deck a whole lot. I think with the expanded card pool it will become more and more important to pick the right cards for your meta more than just running the most efficient list like we could do in Awakenings.

Galadedrid 1

The super secret tech for Qui-Gonn Rey is Close Quarters Assault.

Scenario: Force Speed, Vibroknife, and CQA in opening hand. FS, +1A, VK, +2A, Roll in Rey, Resolve FS Special, +2A, Roll in Qui-Gonn, CQA.

If you're showing sticks on all 5 dice, they discard their hand before taking a turn and you have 5-10 unblockable damage showing.


FyreEmblem 1011

That would be the dream.

Enfantterrible 171

Hmm ... I've also played my fair share of eQui-Gon/eRey, and especially like how some of the new SoR cards synergize so well with these characters, but Journals of Ben Kenobi, that's a very very very surprise inclusion for me ... I get your curiosity to see if it is viable, but there just seems to be so many cards out there that would perform so much better in the deck.

gibby290 1

@FyreEmblem Can you give me a strategy with this deck?? I've played a few different combinations of opponents and Qui-Gon seems to die so quickly, I can't keep up (Jango/Arria or Arria/Death Trooper) . What am I looking for in my starting hand?

Enfantterrible 171

@FyreEmblem The two decks you mention are my two go-to decks atm... eAurra/DeathT and eQui-Gon/eRey.

Against Aurra, you know that she'll come out swinging at Qui-Gon, he is deadly mid game, so load up Rey! If possible, take the BF, you want the shields on Rey. Usually Aurra will spend the first round equipping, either Fast Hands or a gun on DT, pray it's not a Holdout, but rather a DH-17. Then you activate Rey, you want her dice in the pool for caution. Shield up Qui-Gon. Now you have shields on both Rey and Qui-Gon, whoever he is NOT going for will use riposte for damage on Aurra. Keep the pressure on Aurra. You need her dead before Qui-Gon goes bye-bye. Shield him up continuously - shields are your friend! They'll keep Qui-Gon in the game, and might deal some damage before he's dead.

TheHyperloops 3691

Great list! I played eyes can decived you and hated it. the deck is mana hungry and you don't want to spend money on cards that don't do anything. I'd much rather play another upgrade. If it was free I'd say sure but its not. You're only a 56% to hit off of Qui-Gon's first roll. How much value do you have to get for the card to be worth it? I think the cards a risk you'd rather not take. Nice job at the tournament. And as for it binds all things I think the card's worth it even if it only gets you one resource and sometimes it will be godly.

OrganicJedi 2

I'd drop one Luke Lightsaber for a lightbow. It's special is fantastic and has 4 damage sides if you count the shield.

FyreEmblem 1011

@gibby290 The way I play is I dig for Makashi training and vibroknife. Anything else I can get on top of that (like deflect or other cards) is great. I usually will keep opening hand Synchronicity as well. Also keep force speed if you can find one. It lets us activate Rey off of Vibroknife, resolve its special, then activate qui gon and resolve our damage before they can do anything. Very deadly with all the unblockable damage and consistent dice.

So round 1 action 1 we play as many upgrades as we can afford on Rey. I prioritize Makashi over vibroknife to get in early damage, and then round 2 we can use the vibroknife combo to kill their character before they know what hit them. I prioritize rerolls round 1 to dig for damage so we can roll out round 2 and hopefully kill a character before they activate. We want to be aggressive as possible, because once one of our characters go down we are at a risk of getting snowballed. Depending on what I am playing against I may keep destiny + OWTF/lukes saber and ramp those out round 1.

Zandig 1

Any thoughts on Force Misdirection?

Seems to have fallen out of favor but feels pretty good here.

FyreEmblem 1011

We don't have a ton of money to play with in this deck, and without any ranged damage sides its a very narrow removal card. I don't think it has a place in the deck right now.

Zandig 1

Same question with High Ground since we will be going so fast that we can claim all the time :)

FyreEmblem 1011

High ground seems ok. Still tight on money, but I think if you keep it binds all and destiny then you could definitely fit it in. Definitely a good control card.


Your Eyes Can Deceive You is all the talk. And yes it has good synergy with QGJ. But I think HG could be better suited for a offensive style card. HG is the one cost,poor man's Force Throw, arguably the best card in the game. I don't really like to make my decisions best on what the opponent does or the luck of the role. One exception is Synchonicity. I love that card in this deck because it deals damage.


Guys How do I build a deck on here? I feel so stupid.

FyreEmblem 1011

@DJRAZZ I am considering dropping YECDY, but not sure what I will put in. High Ground does seem pretty good.

If you go to "My Decks" at the top, you can create a deck. Then in the little bar at the top of the deck where it has the edit and delete and copy buttons, there is also a button called "Publish" Use that to post your lists so they can be discovered by everyone.


Do you think Take Cover could pull off enough shields in this deck or is it just a 0 cost dream? I was thinking if playing Return of the Jedi it could find a place among the other 0 cost events. My big concern is to have shields on Qui-Gon at all times or it seems the deck loses a great deal of steam and sneaky damage.

Also I go back and forth with the need for Jedi Robe. The extra shields and focus are nice in round one but it going to get over-written fast. So second round it is useless. No place for Force Throw either. We cannot afford to overwrite any 3 cost weapons.

I really want to run two Light Sabers and two Handcrafted Light Bows for redeploy consistency. My dream would be to play a Light Bow on the Rey for the extra turn by some how paying out right for it maybe for two. So then her 3 upgrades are Force Speed, Vibroknife, and Light Bow. Then overwrite with Light Saber right before she dies and redeploy onto Qui-Gon and then Overwrite again with Light Bow onto Qui-Gon. Or visa-versa if it is Qui-Gon getting hit.

Would love to pull this trick with one Light Saber but it feels risky. Or maybe I should just pick a camp.

Vibroknife always on Rey first.

I love Journals of Ben Kenobi. Drinking that Kool-aid.

Enfantterrible 171

OT: @DJRAZZ In relation to creating a deck list, make sure that your settings do not only show the cards "owned" (which stupidly enough is the standard settings).

On Topic: I'm still totally confused about Journals of Ben Kenobi - please let me know how that works out for you guys. I definitely prefer other Upgrade Abilities, and would definitely include a card like Force Throw, it might come out slower, and needs to overwrite something (Jedi Robes comes to mind), but is crazily good. Probably the best dice removal in the game atm.

Nate 1

@FyreEmblem i like so much your this decklist. Have you plaied against e/palpatine at that local tournament? Or however tested against...

aesopsphere 310

I played about 20 games with this deck and I have benn getting destroyed by poe/maz. I took out journals, binds all things, and eyes and replaced it with take cover, willpower, and rotj and the deck has been performing beautifully.


So. I am having fun with my version. I run 2 Luke Light saber and 2 regular light sabers. I want to use Luke's Light Saber as soon as possible but have Light saber ready to redeploy and then over right back to Luke's light saber. This has worked pretty well. I also do not use OWTF right now. I find that I don't use it in time and always want to do other things first. I also removed Defensive Stance for Take Cover. All my events are now 0 cost. I run IBAT but do not run YECDY. I have replaced that with Meditate which is also 0 cost. Finally I run two Force Heals.

I am still testing Meditate. The theory is to use it to turn my Force Heals, Force Speeds, Journals to better sides if I want. Also many upgrades have a resource or shield side that could come in handy. Meditate does have a major down fall, removing a blank. So basically 1 card may not windup being used for melee damage by re-rolling. So again testing.

My question is this. Would it be worth replacing one the Light Sabers or Luke sabers for light bow to take advantage of it's special with Meditate? Or is this whole deck idea just bad?

Tzvi71 1

I learned to play Destiny last night and have been a Qui-Gon fan girl for as long as episode 1 has existed. My friend told me about these decks with him but my question is how would you go about turning a Qui-Gon deck into a budgeted list?


Guys I am moving on. I lost 7 straight games over the course of 2 nights. The Vader/Guard deck I built my son is just to strong Rey - Force Prodigy is dead within round 1 maybe round two if he is having bad rolls. Then the very thing that Qui-Gon Jinn - Ataru Master needs to to do to win which is combine damage with shield removal for more damage gets him killed by round 3. I even tried Force Illusion to buy me a turn but it did not matter. It only delayed his death one round and he died in round 4. This happened every time no matter what cards I added. The ability of Royal Guard to remove a crucial melee die every round is just to much. If I removed a Vader die he just did 5 or 6 damage as opposed to 8 or 9. Maybe the deck would fair better against other light decks but the dark side force villain deck is just so over powered. Force Speed should have been a light card only. But having it as neutral sells more packs. My son is actually getting bored with winning.

vir0 13

@DJRAZZ Build Poe/Maz and play against your son. Get back to us about his boredom of winning.


LOL!!! I might get around to building that next week after I the cards. I built Poe/Snap so we will give that I run. I have to be careful with his 12 year old ego. He is a sore loser and winner. We had a talk about being a sore winner today and not being so cocky.

Oh and By the way I built that stupid Vader/Guard deck for me. I gave it to him after he ironically got slaughtered by Qui-Gon/Rey against his Vader/Kylo deck.

He beat me 12-2 before I built that Qui-Gon/Rey deck. It only took him losing bad once to say I hate my deck. Kids. I need a gaming group of older people eventually. He will probably lose interest in year or so. I stick with games for decades.


Hey guys. How do we fix typos here?

FyreEmblem 1011

@Tzvi71 Sorry for the delayed reply! Here is a budget version I threw together: swdestinydb.com Qui-Gon is awesome and the deck is great!

@DJRAZZ It sounds like you aren't playing the deck entirely correctly... I very rarely use Qui-Gons ability. I re-roll for damage A LOT with this deck, especially round 1. You essentially spend your rounds playing 1 upgrade that costs 2 and maybe a force speed if you can, activating, and rerolling until you hit a bunch of damage and then move on to the next round. If you are trying to shield up against decks like Poe/Maz and Vader/X then you are just stalling the loss. If you can get 6-8 into Poe or Vader Round 1 then you have a great shot at killing them Round 2. That is your only hope.


You are right I tried and use the shields and Riposte to deal 6 damage when I could. I thought that was what the deck was designed to do. I pinged as well. Other than that I did all the things you mentioned. I did not shield up for protection however. Rey just goes down so fast. Round 2 usually. making all the events far less effective. If raw damage is the trick, why not just use Luke and ditch Riposte all together? Also the trick to beating Vader/Guard is to take guard out Royal Guard early round 2 to get rid of his annoying dice removal. It is usually very easy to do so if your opponent is using Guardian. This leaves Vader alone to fend for himself. My Poe/Snap deck did this quite well. My Qui-Gon/Rey not so much. I have not played Poe/Maz yet.

FyreEmblem 1011

I would never kill the Guard first, that's a trap. This deck is a lot more resistant to removal because losing 1 character die does not hurt nearly as much as losing a Luke die for example.

Riposte is mostly there to deal with Mill, its not the greatest against other aggro decks unless you are using it to kill Poe/Vader/Baby Vader or something, you'd rather have the shields otherwise.


In the case of Qui-Gon/Rey you may be right. I admit we only own 6 decks and I have only played against 3 of them with the same two opponents. So my test group is small. I do know that my Poe/Snap deck won two in row against Vader/Guard by taking out guard first. Luck? Maybe. But not dealing with Guards dice and annoying ability was nice and allowed me to kill Vader the next round. Plus the Rebel's thrive against traps...... Peace.....

hbradley2010 1

I personally run protective mentor instead of your eyes can deceive you in my deck so I can throw the shields to and from each character. It helps a lot to block large chunks of damage against decks that don't have Vibro Knives. When opponents do get Vibro knives in the first thing you should do is guard their dice away! Then I run two Anticipates instead of It Binds all things. It works great for when your opponent rolls modify sides or blanks or really anything that's not discards or damage. Then I run My ally is the Force instead of Destiny, simply because of it's ability to hit for any sort of damage or shields. Run Lightsabers instead of One with the Force.

amazonswe 7

Ficou legal o deck, mas tem poucas remoções, embora o meta esteja mais direcionado para decks que resolvem logo os dados sem dar chance para remoções ainda assim é preferível sempre ter em mão algum tipo de remoção. Eu não uso Defensive Stance chega a ser um exagero tantos escudos se você já tem Caution e todos os decks com Melee vão usar Vibroknife, então seus escudos em excesso vão servir apenas contra Ranged. Boas remoções como Force Misdirection e Overconfidence não poderiam estar de fora. Devido a quantidade de decks perigosos como Vader ou Luke tenho usado uma cópia de Parry para ajudar a evitar o dano direto graças a Vibroknife. Eu uso a regra de que pelo menos metade dos eventos tem que ser de remoção, mas pode ser até mais um pouco se quiser e tem ajudado bastante. Não gostei do Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber acho o Lightsaber até melhor por conta do Redeploy. E acho que é interessante reconsiderar usar Jedi's Robe ajuda muito o focus e recurso no início.

Winter_soldier 1

@FyreEmblem thnx for the decklist. I do have a question about Destiny. Lets say you're playing Destiny to get a lightsaber on the board. Normally you have to take away die with a value of 3 or more out of your pool. Now if you want to overwrite the lightsaber on a makashi training. Do you now only have to take away a die of value 1 or higher? Or does Destiny not work like this.

Now other scenario; can I take away a die with a value of 2 and pay 1 recource to play a lightsaber?

Boppa 1

Is My Ally Is The Force good here? Using it to resolve force speed, take an action, resolve force speed again then take two actions is pretty nice. I guess it is just too expensive an event at 2 since you want to always have 1 resource in hand when possible to counter stuff.