eYoda1 + Gungan Warrior + Han3

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Telcontar 15

Am building decks for a little "blast from the past" kitchen table session based on the early Convergence meta -- first half or so of 2019. I especially wanted to play the Phasma3 + FOST on Advanced Training deck again. Here is the version by krez of Cloud City Rollers:


I read with interest his tournament report...


...and decided to try to build some of the other decks that appeared at that tournament.

This deck is my version of Yoda + Gungan Warrior + Han3. The idea is to have lots of control over my own dice with focus sides and Yoda's special, plus special chaining. Hopefully the mitigation and resource generation are enough!

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Telcontar 15

Oops! Accidentally snuck a Spark of Hope card in there. Oh, well. I'll leave it in and see how it plays.

bluemadmunkey 514

Why the Gungan? it seems better to have Han Solo with two dice. @Telcontar