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potatoechip99 191

This is the mill list I piloted to the semi-finals of Worlds 2019.

It was a ton of fun to play, for me at least and I felt that not many people would be testing heavily into the mill matchups in the current meta which should work to my advantage.

I'm not typically a mill player but I wanted to play something that was off meta and felt good against the majority of meta decks. The exception being the chopper droid deck as the worst possible matchup for this deck and action cheat droids in general being a problem. I'm a Tulsa player and tested a lot against Reylo, Palpatine, Droids, Aphra and other support heavy decks at Team Covenant.

Luckily I was able to dodge droids for most of the tournament and only faced one Han Droid deck in the swiss which I won, and one Chopper droid deck which I lost to. I was then able to dodge droids completely in the single elimination rounds.

After the tournament I think the flex cards are Defend and Jedi Mind Trick. If I was to change anything I would probably have changed out Defend for a Flames of the Past and one or two Jedi Mind Trick for Beguile probably. I've considered slotting in Suppressive Fire as well to have a chance against the droid match up's but I'm not sure if even that would be enough to make the difference. I will likely do more testing with it to see if I can get over the droid hump. Other than that all the other cards in the deck earned their place easily.

I honestly didn't expect to get as far as I did in the tournament with this deck but I'm super excited that I did. I admit that a few mistakes were made on my part in the semi finals, such as missing drawing cards after playing no questions asked and a couple other sub-optimal plays, however my opponent David played almost flawlessly and played around No Answer very effectively. All of my opponents were awesome and courteous and the tournament was run very efficiently by FFG. Hopefully I can win an invite for next year as well.

I don't feel quite as bad about losing in the semi-finals since I most likely would have lost to the Chopper player in the finals and David's 4-LOM - Calculating Criminal deck put up a much better fight than I would have.

Happy to discuss anything about the deck and good luck to all the other mill players out there.

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Big_Campy 384

Great hob! I was excited to see this pairing do well as I am an avid mill player. I watched as many of your games as I could and I thought you played very well. Congrats.

SirSuperSuds 8

I love playing mill, and I was happy to see it make it so far at Worlds. I watched your final match, and it was great to watch. Did you feel you were able to get control of the battlefield to use snuff out? I like the card, but I have never really been able to get the battlefield a lot with mill. Thoughts?

potatoechip99 191

@SirSuperSuds It definitely depends on the match ups but because you can fix your own dice so quickly with Yoda or Niman or Focus I found that I'm usually in a pretty good place to claim before my opponent and will sometimes leave an die on the table or allow my opponent to resolve a small amount of damage near the end of the round if it means I can claim the battlefield. Support heavy decks and Reylo can be fairly slow to get through the round. Also since it's a red card it's online from your discard pile if you have the resistance ring in play which can be a big surprise if your opponent doesn't remember to check both discard piles.

helikaon 34

Congrats on bringing a surprise (for the meta) deck so far! This is one of my favorite line ups ever, so I was happy to see you do so well with it.

helikaon 34

Also, I only had a chance to catch a bit of you on stream. I heard some commentary that they were surprised with how you were using Lore Hunter. Did you primarily use it to dig for your own card needs or to mill your opponent? Bit of both? Thanks!

BubbaHoTep 1

Congratulations, And thanks a lot buddy. Now my son is Insufferable. You have legitimized his claims of Mill superiority. HA HA He's been playing A similar deck for a few months now. Thanks for playing the deck we had so much fun watching your games on stream.

Casanova 326

You are the SHIT man!!

It was a pleasure to play against you on top 16, and I must say I was rooting for you afterwards. Too bad you didn't make it to the finals, but you should definitely be proud!

Congratulations, you deserve it. You're a very kind person.

FeCaprino 112

Awesome awesome run man!! The good spirit you showed before facing my buddy Bruno, explaining cards and all was amazing! The off meta call was brilliant. I really wish you had Flames to toast some Fists in those heavy support matches XD Congrats on the huge accomplishment!

potatoechip99 191

Thank you for the kind words everyone. @helikaon I used Lore Hunter on both decks depending on whether or not I had enough mitigation in hand to deal with my opponent. There were a few times I was also looking for a specific card when I chose my deck. If I didn't have a Scrap Heap early game I would often dig through my own deck to find one on the first turn for example. @FeCaprino I will be putting in a Flames of the Past for sure! @Casanova It was also a great pleasure to play against you, I very much enjoyed our match up. Hopefully we can play again someday and you can get some revenge.

Vika 52

I want to echo what Casanova and FeCaprino have said, in that playing against you was a pleasure. I think most players are kind and courteous, but you were on an entirely different level. I can not overstate how well you carried yourself and it's something I'd like to work on and hopefully be able to replicate some day. To be able to play at the highest competitive level while still being a 100% class act is amazing. Your overall demeanor will probably be my biggest take away from the entire tournament. Congratulations on your excellent run and thank you for being a great role model for all of us, young and old.

potatoechip99 191

@Vika Thanks so very much! It means a lot to me and you were also extremely awesome to play against and very kind as well. I try to take the attitude that this is just a game with my friends for the most part and we are only really playing for enjoyment of the experience. Yes the trophy and bragging rights are great but when I get to the big auditorium I see hundreds of friends not enemies. So I'm able to always have a great time and not get stressed out no matter what happens.

Vika 52

I definitely feel the same when entering the auditorium, seeing a room a friends and not enemies, but I can struggle to remember that when facing an opponent and my dice go cold haha. I will be actively working on it.

Bean Machine 7

Hi @potatoechip99, I've been running a very similar deck that I will be taking to Primes next month. I have a few questions about some cards you've included tho.

I often find that games are only lasting 3 rounds, and when I run Scrap Heap it feels bad if I can't get it in my first hand and feels even worse if it doesn't make the second hand. I saw the comment above where you would use lore hunter to dig through your deck. Was that card very valuable during your tournament and would you consider changing it for something?

You also are not running Force Meditation. Does this impact how quickly you are able to kill an opponents deck? Your max off the deck is effectively only 5 unless you get clever distraction or no answer.

A sneaky card I have found to be very valuable is Strength Through Weakness, some rounds you just don't roll hot or you get timewalked against good removal.

Another card I've included is 2x A99 Aquata Breather, I have lots of success with is against Aphra, Scoundrals and Vehicles.

potatoechip99 191

Hey @Bean Machine Thanks for the suggestions. It sounds like you are running a faster version of the deck than I am if it finishes in only 3 rounds. I found 4 rounds to to be the average with this deck. Scrap Heap was an MVP card in my opinion and I don't think I would run this deck without it after my experience.. I generally mulligan pretty hard for it and I would say i'm able to get it out on turn 1 about 75% of the time by doing so. I'm still happy to play it on turn 2 or even sometimes on turn 3 if I know the game is going long.

I feel that both Force Meditation and Strength Through Weakness sever a similar purpose of trying to mill your opponent as quickly as possible while sacrificing resources and control card slots in the deck. I don't think that's necessarily a bad strategy but my play style is to make sure I have enough control cards in the deck to deal with what my opponent is doing every turn and the more control cards you take out the greater the risk of having a turn where you run out of them at a critical moment.

Depending on your local meta and what decks you find yourself facing often I think A99 Aquata Breather could be a fine choice as well. My local meta has been a little light on indirect damage and I've been able to beat most support decks without it so I never really considered slotting it in the deck.

I think there are a lot of ways to build this deck depending on play style and meta calls. I did have Strength Through Weakness as a singleton in this deck for a while but found that it was too expensive for me in the first round and sometimes a dead card in the last round so there was a narrow window that I might want to use it to try and close out the game. I think if you can pull it off at the right moment it could be amazing.

MonksGamingBattlefield 387


Orffme 71

How did No Questions Asked perform?

potatoechip99 191

@Orffme Other than forgetting to draw from it a couple of times It was an amazing card all weekend. It's very versatile in that you can use it to remove one, two or three dice at a time and hitting support dice as well was very important. You just have to be a bit mindful of the timing of when you play it sometimes. The only time it 'backfired' was when I would use it early, either in round one or early in round two while my opponent still had a handful of supports or upgrades to play out. It would be better to thin their hand down before using it on round one or two to keep that sort of thing from happening. By turn three though it almost doesn't matter. If they are using resources to empty their own hand you normally have enough control and discard to close out the game by turn 4 although a few games went to turn 5. I would absolutely keep it in the deck if I was playing again tomorrow.

Bean Machine 7

Hi @potatoechip99, post worlds, have you found any techniques to improve the dreaded droids matchup?

I've had some success in putting a Refusal onto Chopper - Metal Menace which neuters his main strength quite effectively