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Strog 885

Hello guys, Strog from the Coruscant Swoop Gang here to give you a new deck that I hope you'll enjoy and your opponents won't.

Billionaires Warning !

First of all I have to warn you that if you are interested in this list, then everyone will hate you. Now it is said, let's begin !

The idea

Since Lor San Tekka was spoiled with his little Lore Hunter thing, I knew I would build something with this guy. He has everything you could ever want from a mill perspective but what shocked me was his cost : only 11 points for elite version. At this moment my mind got triggered and I decided to find a 6 dice start and there we are.

The name

At first it was only a "6 dice hero mill" but as I was testing this deck and figuring out it was a good one, then I had to give it a real name. One of my sparing partner who took it right in his teeth called it "Rian Johnson" because it destroys everything you love. I laughed a lot but I finally decided to name it Billionaires because it does everything Millionaires do in a better way.


Lor San Tekka

His die is perfect for almost any kind of deck but even more for a mill one:

  • Stability is the key of this game, he brings it with 2 sides.
  • Mill decks always have to think about late game discard so for only 11 points he brings 2 dice with .
  • He has a classic .
  • Finally you have also a possibility if in trouble.

This character is currently underestimated and I bet he will find more slot in many decks later. His great strength comes with his Power Action which is really powerfull. Your opponent will cry when you will ask him to choose beetween Easy Pickings, Entangle or Beguile to come back into your hand. Every strong card you have can be played multiple times so deckbuilding becomes even more impactfull !

Satine Kryze

Another cheap character to go for this 6 dice start I was looking for. This girl's die is pretty decent:

  • Her 2 sides will generate the money you need.
  • She has 2 to never end the stability tricks.
  • Her only default his her side that you will never resolve.

Remember this default the line above ? Then forget it because Satine as an effect on activation for more stability, so you can reroll this shitty into something much more appealing. Of course she is lacking the you would have asked for BUT she has 9 HP ! This is really important when you compare her to Anakin Skywalker at the same price for elite. She is also yellow which is really important, bringing yellow events to the table.

Jar Jar Binks

With a 9 points room for a third character I had many option but I decided to go for the Jar Jar because he comes with 2 dice and then I founded my so desire 6 dice start !

Jar Jar is a great cheap character:

  • He has a classic die with , , and
  • His only default is the side
  • He has a great ability on activation that many opponent may forget. He is a whole control by him-self, even more when you run him 2 dice which means twice the chance to get a side similar to the current useless sides your opponent have in the pool. Of course your opponent can activate him but if he does then you will win a lot of tempo. Jar Jar never failed me (almost).

The battlefield

A quick thougth on the battlefield choice when playing mill. I know that many players love to play a battlefield that speed up their mill power like Occupied City or Command Center. Or maybe you are one of the players that felt in love with Salt Flats.

BUT as I'm playing mill for a very long time now I can assure you that it has never been a good idea.

When you are playing mill you need to sequence all your action in order to survive. Every choice your are taking depends on your opponent moves and rolls, so you should always be behind in term of tempo. If you don't, then I can assume that you are dying. This kind of playstyle induces that you will never claim, then to counter this weakness you have to bring a battlefield completly useless to your opponent. I regret the old times when we could play Otoh Gunga but now we only have Obi-Wan's Hut to fill that slot.

One last word on the battlefield : you will have it ! You will win the roll, many times. With the 6 dice start you have an average value of 6 which is almost the best average of all the existing decks.

Key cards

As you should have notice, this pairing brings you no mill effect so everything needs to come from your cards.

  • Lore Hunter: this little upgrade has confirmed why her spoil seduced me. For only 1 you will mill the strongest card out of the next 2 from your opponent deck and you will give him the useless one, and this without any roll needed ! Crazy !

  • Force Meditation: this classic upgrade gives you the mill speed you don't have, simple and effective.

  • Anakin Skywalker's Podracer: even without Anakin in play this support is really strong. It has a perfect die with for survivability and for the late game. Milling for 1 when resolving the die gives you a little more power that your characters are missing.

  • Bartering: even if Bartering could seem like not a key card, I really want to highlight it. For only 1 you win a die doing many things. It can generate easily for you to setup your board or pay for removals. It also brings and which are just perfect. And don't forget the , many tricks are available with it : forcing your opponent to draw will speed up the mill effect, if your opponent has claimed you can force him to draw then discard with your last die that was useless before it, and finally drawing this removal you were missing can save your life sometimes.

  • Clandestine Operation: when I chose to play Jar Jar Binks and Satine I had in my mind to play Clandestine Operation because it is one of my favorite card in the game. Paying only 1 to mill 4 cards while resolving 4 dice and not losing any tempo is crazy good. This card is even stronger because we have a lot of dice in this deck and then it brings a balance to the weakness of not having any mill generation from the characters.

Now we are reaching the part of this deck that will make your opponents hate you, deeply. As this pairing allows you to start with 6 dice and generate a lot of money you can play really strong cards, like the one that destroy others.

  • Dismantle: you will be rich, 6 dice with sides will basically mean that you will generate 2 per round, minimum. With all this money you can play removals but is that not better to remove a die for ever ?

  • Flames of the Past: this one is basically the same but with a mill condition, maybe you can burn with Flames the second Vader's Fist because you've just Dismantled the first one ?

  • Vandalize: here is the real MVP of the deck. A 6 character dice start means that every single card in this game is in the range of Vandalize. And when doing it you are not losing strong dice, your opponent will fear the whole game to finish completly naked.

Now that these cards are played, just imagine using Lor San Tekka's Power action : your opponent won't want to choose.

The mulligan

One important thing you should note is that Lor San Tekka's Power Action absolutely requires 3 cards in the discard pile to be used. So getting 3 nice and playable events in your first hand can be key. Here is how I proceed :

  1. Vandalize.
  2. Pacify or/and Hidden Motive.
  3. Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder if you know what your opponent is playing, if not then look for another removal like Easy Pickings or Entangle.
  4. Lore Hunter or Bartering.
  5. Anakin Skywalker's Podracer because you can play it after you've played your removals and activated your characters.

Current Records 18/05/2019

I played this deck a lot before posting any list and analysis because that's how I am. I'm currently at 73 victories and 7 losses which brings this list to an incredible more than 91% winrate. As it is a lot of games I won't write down here every deck I faced but I did compile the results in a file you can find here : Billionaires - Results - 26/04/2019. I'll keep this file and this paragraph updated.

To summerize this deck could struggle against great AoE damage or a lot of dice in the pool at once, but that is not suppose to happen thanks to Vandalize.

Update 18/05/2019 : 120 victories for 13 defeats, records are here


I've played a lot of mill decks now and this one is definitely the strongest I ever made. For sure it won't mill fast if you don't draw your upgrades but you won't die fast too. Lor San Tekka's Power Action is really strong and the whole character is almost broken. Starting with these 6 dice is one of the nicest sensation I've felt in Destiny as it allows you to be in control of the situation at any time.

I hope you liked this "recap" about the deck and that you're ready to be hated if you give it a try, with some reps you'll be the terror of your local game store.

As always, questions and comments are welcome.

See you around.


46 commenti

Destry210 732

How did you do against deck playing Force Wave with Palpatine - Unlimited Power? I found him very strong against 3-wide character.

Strog 885

@Destry210 against these kind of decks you know what to mulligan for : Vandalize. I'll add that Palpatine - Unlimited Power without upgrade is not a threat at all. But yes, as I said AoE damage is what can be difficult to face but it is no instant lose at all so that's ok :)

ICE 13

Hello strog, j'adore ce deck, je le joue avec quelques cartes différentes et j'ai gagné mon dernier tournoi local avec. 4-1. Je gagne contre du vador, contre du qui-gon satine, contre du leïa boushh Padmé et une victoire dans la douleur mes sur une partie super intense contre du eTekka leïa Anakin, ça c'est joué a la dernière carte (un Yoda spirituel qui me permet de gagné, ma seule défaite est contre un deck phasma bourreau qui avec ces nombreux dès de dégâts ne m'a pas laisser de chance

artyzipp 7

Lor is crazy good for the cost

OverbakedEZBake 27

Have you considered losing your 6-die start in favor of Astrogation? It’s only a 2 point plot, has some solid consistency, and might help just THAT much more. Maybe swap a satine die for it, since she has no discard sides anyway? Just a thought.

Fresck 240

@OverbakedEZBake Hey! In my opinion, a thing to never do is trade a die for a plot, since the die is most of the time better than a plot. Here, the astrogation may not be resolved every turn, since there's only 9 upgrades? And at the end game, when there's no cards left in the deck, the plot will be no use, where a die could give a ressource or a focus :)

Strog 885

@OverbakedEZBake Yes I did consider it but as my mate @Fresck mentionned, it is never a good idea to lose a die for a plot an even more for this one I think.

Even if Astrogation contains my nickname, it won't be resolved every round and in general you never play upgrade at round 4 and beyond.

You could try the plot but the 6 dice start is really really cool :)

Leddon75 152

@Strog Congratz for another Great Deck! Hell is coming :) i tried it several games to see how people whould find ways to counter it.. so i can beat you :p No real answers yet, this is quite OPness. got only 1 loss for a dozen of games so far ;o and i'm not a mill player at all :s

Icezox 7

Lor San Tekka - True Believer is so gonna get nerfed after that. Completely mad thing. Let's not forget that I have one of your loss ;)

Strog 885

@ICE Ravi que le deck te plaise et que tu aies performé avec !

JChau 110

So I took this to Jackal Hunt and 6-0’d Swiss. Then in the top 8 got paired against Phasma Fost Advanced Training. Didn’t have a chance. Haha! I had only played the deck once on tts before the tournament. Really impressed with its performance! Thanks for the build!

Platform327 51

@JChauTha'ts a strong showing! Congrats! Nice deck @Strog

Strog 885

@JChau Really glad you gave it a try for a big tournament, with few practice you went 6-0 that's a really nice perf !

@Platform327 Thanks man !

RogueCommander 47

Just tried this out and love it. Great mill design - really frustrating to play against it seems.

Strog 885

@RogueCommander Glad you liked it ! And yes many players on TTS were frustrated and gave me some names I won't write here ^^

LukePM1776 99

@Strog Have you played against Darth Vader? Did not see him on the sheet.

Gussi 3

@Strog with all the money this deck makes why not include Strength Through Weakness or Bespin Wing Guard?

Leddon75 152

@LukePM1776 he lost to one Vader/ShapeShifter/Retribution angry whining guy. But the match up can be solved if it's what you wanna know. Retribution is good against this deck but doesnt give free wins :)

LukePM1776 99

@Leddon75 Actually, I want to know if there is any point to continue playing this game. Do you see anything to beat this? If even Vader, who supposedly counters hyper control decks, can’t deal with this, then I see no reason to attend tournaments or any other competitive events that cost money. A mill deck should never have a 91% win rate over 80 games.

Leddon75 152

@LukePM1776 granting 6 die start makes it overpowered for sure. Being able to play pacify, entangle, bartering, anakin pod racer and lore hunter or force meditation round 1 is crazy. It ramps money very fast, can play all these big controls every time. Bring back pacify or hidden motive every round with San Tekka. And slow down opponent with Vandalize. Last time I saw something that strong and annoying to play against was Thrawn Unkar. Some decks stand à chance and some nearly none. Only relying on a crap draw mixed with god rolls. Counters exists like probe, rétribution, vigilance, best defense, megablaster, climate array, Advanced Training. Red villain are fine. Padme Boushh with some action cheating (instigate) should be fine too. Blue lost their action cheating (rip force speed), maybe they ll come back stronger later. Watto ramp deck are pretty descent. Hero shadowcaster decks can do something switching to Falcon3. There is also the learning curve how to win against the deck. Many players are going for the wrong target for example.

Strog 885

@LukePM1776 as @Leddon75 said (he knows all this because he is one of my sparing partner), I lost to a Vader with retribution. I could have win this if I did not forget that retribution ^^ The fact is that with the good technique you beat this deck, action cheat and aggro decks have always been the mill terror. Finnaly a lot of players tried millionaire after it won à tournament but most of them failed so you don't need to worry about continue playing the game at all. And who knows, maybe you'll find a solution to counter me :)

Strog 885

@Gussi The goal here is to manage this money generation. I don't play Strength Through Weakness because I don't like this card, paying 3 to mill for 4 doesn't feel effective enough to me and as I can run Clandestine Operation I really prefer to play this one. Concerning Bespin Wing Guard you don't really need because in my opinion you have way enough discard sides in this deck.

You can still try with these modifications and tell us how it goes, it would be interesting :)

ferrsabs 78

Do you think that it might be worth it to replace lie with Yoda and allies of Necessity

Strog 885

@ferrsabs you can try but it's a totally different deck. For my concern I will never play this plot because starting without ressource is just impossible, you are a round behind even if you got 2 more points for your pairing. And I will add that even more when playing mill you can't start without ressource because you absolutely need to survive

Buffybot 323

Love the deck! I'm interested in two of the cards you haven't talked about: A99 Aquata Breather and Dex's Diner - how effective have they been for you?

Strog 885

@Buffybot these two cards have been completly effective for me, they bring so much survivability. As this âiring have a lot of HPs I'm thinking about cutting off the A99 Aquata Breather for a In The Crosshairs because indirects are not the real threat for this deck when godrolls always are.

daddy249kart 21

Just played against this deck for the first time last against a buddy of mine and it is very strong! It does ruin everything you love, but it forces you to play differently and I think that is why it is actually a good thing for the meta. Having everything run towards aggro makes a lot of deck building ideas never see the light of day because they won't generate X amount of damage by round 2. Mill flips the equation and makes everyone use cards/characters that they normally would not and keeps the "rock/paper/scissors" aspect of Destiny healthy. That being said, I hate mill lol

Yoda007 1

Hi @Strog!

I played the deck today for the first time (before that I had 5 games altogether in Destiny), so I really appreciated your detailed description for the deck. I won one, and lost one (forgot to use Dex's Diner...), and I enjoyed both games. I'm looking forward to be more familiar with this one. #ControlDecks FTW! :)

Ozmodon 1

Lor's ability does say set aside ? Meaning not returned to discard pile. So it looses it's strength very quickly. Ask him to choose beetween Easy Pickings, Entangle or Beguile. Say I pick entange, the other two are set aside to never return?

Yoda007 1

@Ozmodon you still get 33% of your deck back :)

Ozmodon 1

Nice! Thank you.

Strog 885

@Yoda007 I'm glad you like it mate ! i will update the post soon as I did some new games and I am now 103 - 10

@Ozmodon Yes you cards are set aside but you have plenty of events to use and basically the one that is going back to your hand is sure to beplayed again then you just need to play 2 more and it becomes in your discard pile. You can also discard to reroll more easily and if your opponent has discarded you some cards then you can get them back to your hand :)

Strog 885

The post has been update with my latest recorded games :)

alic_surn 1

Enjoy playing it went 7-1 at a local weekend tournament, yes switching out the A99 Aquata Breather for In The Crosshairs is a better call, I also dropped one of the Anakin Skywalker's Podracer for Flames of the Past ... which saved my butt a few times. My one loss was to Ph/FOS:AT plot, which is the rock to this scissor cutting deck.

The deck is pure fun to play. Having total dice pool control and support control vs your opponent plays mind games... then you heal Jar Jar for two... and that frustration causes forced errors.

I normally play the heavy hitters (I collect the full sets immediately) but it is this type of deck with no legendary cards I love seeing... its about the build not the cards.

Strog 885

@alic_surn Thanks for this comment man ! Really happy you tried the deck and like it. Phasma is actually one of the tough matchup but it is still winable so that's ok :)

alic_surn 1

Also focus chaining with Clandestine Operation to hit 7 cards, 2 cards from lore hunter, and 2 cards from meditation for a total of 11 cards in one turn ends the game in most players minds as 36% of there deck is now Flames of the Past targets.

DrunkenPaladinGaming 56

Hi @Strog, just a quick question for you; who do you normally play your upgrades on?

Strog 885

@DrunkenPaladinGaming Hi, usually I start loading up Satine if possible to make her stronger in late game if she is not targeted. If she is then I switch to stuff someone else, classic behaviour in Destiny :)

JuryDuty 14

Really love this deck, but in my practice plays, it's been hard to finish a game under 35 minutes because it goes about 5 rounds or more. And because there's no damage, you can't win unless you can mill in time. Any ideas??

daddy249kart 21

@JuryDuty the 35 minute timer is how you beat this deck honestly. Without the timer, my win rate goes way down, but if I can play the long game and play my deck with a much different win condition, then I find I can win 50/50.

Strog 885

@JuryDuty I generally don't go to time and when I do I win during this turn. The fact is that the more you train with the deck the faster you will play it and then you won't be too long to take the right decision.

@daddy249kart Planning to go to time can't be a real strategy ^^

daddy249kart 21

@strog Mill flips this game on it's head, by dismantling everything you are trying to build. If you play regularly and keep building your board state for aggro and pitching to reroll to get the highest damage, Billionaires will beat you 95% of the time. That is why you are having such a good win ratio with this deck; people don't know how to play against it. Yoda/Leia is a mill deck that can mill an incredible amount of cards each turn, so you HAVE to kill Leia by round 2 or you have lost. Billionaires is not built the same and does not win the same way. One of my best friends loves this deck and I have smashed my head against a wall so many times playing against it as I would a normal deck. I have found that the weakness of this deck is that Billionaires is waiting for you to try to build something and then you come in and pick it apart. When you are going against this deck, you only play from your board and not from your hand and then if the Billionaires player wants to mill you out, they will have to come get them yourself, which it struggles to do naturally. Billionaires wants you to spend all of your money and cards to build a sandcastle that it can kick over. If you build very little each round, their ability to disrupt goes way down. I will play an upgrade each turn as normal and then whatever I roll, I use. Sure they can Vandalize, but only twice as I will never let them get it again. If Billionaires passes because they want me to roll better to dismantle, then I will pass too. You are already making 4-5 resources per round, so you getting 2 more won't hurt me and me getting 2 more is great. I am ahead on damage, so let's play the slow game and force you to mill me or I will win. It flips the game on the player trying to flip the game. I have used this mindset and can beat Billionaires at least half of the time, no problem.

Strog 885

@daddy249kart Oh so you are not playing for time and I appreciate it, I thought you were saying to play slower on purpose. I agree with you, playing with another mindset is the right answer but I'm not afraid at all if you don't build a board I won't have to much dice to manage so it is fine too. The deck has no mill power directly in the chracaters but if I have less to remove then I can build a better board in order to mill faster. Everyone game is a balance to find, if you do then you can win it, it is right for mill and dmg deck. Game feeling and pactice are key

daddy249kart 21

@Strog I understand how I said that make it seem like slow-playing and that is not a viable strategy lol It is not so much not building a board state, but when you play a card down, it needs to be absolutely worth it, instead of putting it down because it is part of your plan. For instance, if I had It Binds All Things in my deck, I would not play it against Billionaires as even though it saves me a money, it is one less card you will have to mill. So, I will play the board state to earn more money and play the upgrades that are absolutely worth it. Every step I take will be a thought of making it harder for you to take my cards, rather than how do I kill all of those characters (except Tekka, he needs to die ;p). I completely agree, it is a balance for each player, but if you go into the game against Billionaires hanging on to your cards like they are your precious babies and only use them when it makes perfect sense, then Billionaires does not have such a high win rate. I say this for people who get discouraged when they find a deck that is winning 9/10 games. There is always a viable win condition against any deck, but you may need to completely rethink how to play your deck.

KlaasHerford 152

Hi guys, i totally agree to daddy 249 kart. It was strong when people dont know to play against. Now Satine ist replaced with c-3 po and it looks even stronger. But even then it will get beated on time and other ways in tournaments. Sry, but if u focus all dmg on jar jar first (as crasy as it sounds), that deck looses 2 discardsites and as we know, c-3po doesnt have it. So guys just focus on jar jar, activate him in ur first turn, if his sides doenst matches ur character dices. Sit on your cards and focus jar jar so this deck falls behind in many matchups. And strog against leia/ lando and yoda/ leia, this deck dont have even a chance to win. Cause it mills to slow. Cheers

Sykeman2000 2

I didn't honestly think this deck would be any good when I took a quick glance at it...I'm starting to think this could be BIG.