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Mace/Satine Built to Last 0 0 0 1.0

The Destiny Council 2811

View Jon's description of the deck in his Magnuson Madness article here:

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CoolBeans 7

Might need to give this a shot!

dnanis 14

well this is basically the idea of the deck im being using lately on TTS!: Good choice Fatal Blow, I think I'll give it a try

AeroEng42 1

Love this idea and trying to abuse Custom Bandolier! I have been theory-crafting a Qui2/Satine Saber Mastery version that uses Mando Jetpacks on Qui-Gon's dice to deal 3 damage while not counting as an upgrade, but this deck looks much better.

One question, though. Why Chewie's Blaster instead of Dagger? Does the extra potential resolve and the base 4 for 1 outweigh the damage type synergy of Dagger?

SSjedi 1

Love it! Getting the chewie rifle for 3, getting a dollar back, getting a shield and then removing it to get it out there, and having a dollar for the 4 side... Perfect synergy.

dnanis 14

@AeroEng42 I agree with the dagger, that’s what I use. I also carry it binds all things to generate much more money and be able to play more than one upgrades per round

AeroEng42 1

@dnanis have you IBAT to be crucial? It seems between BTL and Satine's dice, plus 4 0-cost upgrades, you should have enough resources to play multiple upgrades, especially if you spend turn 1 ramping.

That said, this deck does have a fair few expensive events and upgrades, so I could see it being useful. I also like the idea of other events that scale with number of upgrades: Stronger You Have Become and Safeguard in particular.

The Destiny Council 2811

@AeroEng42 the roll out from Chewbacca's blaster is definitely strong, Maul's saber strong, and makes it one of the best, if not THE best 3 drop in the deck. Especially into palp decks where putting on that early damage pressure is important.

Big_Campy 384

Thanks for sharing the list! I have been playing the same character pairing for a bit now, but I wasn't running Custom Bandolier. I totally adopted those to my deck and took down our local tourney tonight. That swap fixed many of the issues I was having.

@dnanis I am also running It Binds All Things which can just be crazy when you get it down early.

dnanis 14

@AeroEng42 in my opinion, IBAT helps to ramp a lot. Makes satine only necesary for the first round, and if she is not focused, you'll be able to play 2 upgrades easy each round. It helps with mitigation too.

@Big_Campy check my list here, Im getting good results for more than a week:


I would definitely add fatal blow to that list. I've tested it after checking this one and when it comes handy is a winner

Big_Campy 384

@dnanis Our lists look very similar. I agree that Fatal Blow is a game changer now that I am using Custom Bandolier over Honed Skills I bumped back up to 2 instead of 1. Last night I one shot a character in each of my matches. Your BF choice is interesting I might have to test that out, I am on Salt Flats - Crait currently. Glad to see I am not the only one with Upper Hand. It is a trash card, but I still play it as a 1 of. haha

truth123 311

@The Destiny Council The first problem i have with this deck is how satine only has 9 hp (round one killable) which although has two resource sides can easily be midigatable. Second using Enfys Nest's Electroripper without Enfys Nest - Fearsome Outlaw removes its best effect and leave you with a 2,3,1,1,0,0 with a one third chance to hit an unusable die face. Third Republic Jedi Armor is dead if they kill mace. Fourth ezra's, lukes, and gui gons sabers/staffs lose their better effects leaving a midigatable die(ce) in the pool which only saving grace is their somewhat decent die; the only actually usable card effect through the bunch is gui gons effect which gives shields; had each of the sabers/staffs been redeployable i would've went past this deal, however since they do not I decided to. Fifth running so many one of's isn't a very good idea since consistency is an issue with it. Sixth Bacta Therapy is dead round one. Seventh Investigate is a good ambush card but costs a resource to play; with only starting with two resources turn one, you most likely will not run into turn one playable cards excluding mitigation cards/the one resource version of Hit and Run; unless you plan on playing one of your only 8 special upgrades turn one which only three are playable turn one which allows an activation of Built to Last. Eighth A99 Aquata Breather is a pretty useless card unless youplan on facing a quintuplet of battle droids at any serious event (in which you still would take the damage because you plan on using the card not to block damage, but to use Bacta Therapy). Overall it is a good deck idea, but falls short when you closely inspect it. Fix these main problems and you will have a deck to fear, and respect.

ScottExPA 256

@truth123 Paragraphs and numbered lists are something you need to look into utilizing.

  1. The Electroripper still deals damage even if not on Enfys. I don't know why you think the Special is somehow blank when it will be dealing 2 damage on average with each resolve.
  2. And the Republic Jedi Armor makes Mace harder to kill, that's the point.
  3. The effect on the Lightning Rod isn't used even when played on Luke. Ezra's Saber is a 2 cost upgrade with 3 black damage sides, who cares you're missing out on the second part of the effect .
  4. Do you not know what Built to Last does? Because I feel like you don't know what Built to Last does. Everything you just described as not Redployable has Redeploy. Ezra's Saber even has it normally. So what going on with your line of thinking here?
  5. Bacta Therapy is dead R1, and? Don't play it RD1.
  6. Also don't play Instigate R1 either. Why would you think that's how the cards is meant to be used?
  7. Why do you think only Battle Droids deal indirect damage? Nearly every deck in this game deals indirect damage at some point. Do you think Aquata Breather only works one being dealt a single indirect damage? Because that's not how this game works either.

Whether this deck is good or not aside, you really are not making any sense with your commentary here.

Seananigans0528 50

@truth123 Uhh what!? Lol

Scactha 888

Tried this a bit too and am not convinced you need the Satine/BTL combo as the engine really is Bandolier/Mace (and thus a yellow partner to him). The problem is the deck is slow. Hence you seldom get that extra from Theed and Satines likely contribution per round is / .

The other half, BTL, is awkward and wreaks havoc with the sequencing since you need control over the order in which you find that extra , play the unique weapon and the equipment. What it really does is allowing you to play the more expensive items for half the character points, but pay for it by lost opportunity cost through being straightjacked into bringing Satine.

Looking at other possible partners, one idea is to simply lower the curve and use Maz Kanata - Canny Negotiator (she does damage! Yay!) and/or her Vault/IBAT. E.g Treasured Lightsaber is neat with Maz's card draw, which drawback incidently is negated by the Aquata.

Anyhow, great find on the engine. I imagine alot of variants of this will show up in the future :)

dnanis 14

@Scactha give my approach a try I found and tried this engine for a while and I really think it works. Satine and her field does a lot

Just add the Fatal Blow

Scactha 888

As I wrote, already did. It works, but it feels underutilized to me. Different folks etc. Awesome find in any case.

Scactha 888

Sorry, misread, but yes, IBAT seems prudent.

Big_Campy 384

@Scactha The deck can be slow, but Instigate and Impulsive do help speed up some rounds. I think they chose Theed Royal Palace - Naboo because it has the lowest impact when their opponent has it. Mace Windu - Inspiring Master/Custom Bandolier is the combo, but you also need a ramp mechanic to be able to play as many upgrades as possible. Both Satine Kryze - Hope of Mandalore and Built to Last help you achieve that, don't forget that Built to Last redploys all you unique upgrades which gives you even more value. I have had games where Mace finally dies and Satine has 3 Sabers which with her Focus and Reroll ability makes her hit pretty consitently to close out a game. I think you would be hard pressed to find another Yellow character that offers as much value and consistency as Satine w/BTL.

Big_Campy 384

I would also like to point out that Republic Jedi Armor can be played on Satine, so it is not dead when Mace dies. It just loses its effect that gives a shield, but it still gives an extra health.

BananaCrapshoot 80

@truth123through your nonsensical rambling I realized you have no idea what built to last is, or does.

BananaCrapshoot 80

This deck looks eerily similar to a deck I saw on one of the discord’s a while back.

Bigulf 821

@truth123 Did you even read half the cards before you started your nonsensical rambling? I also read many people talk about speed, speed is a trap, play for value. This deck is all about value.

InfernoSquad 1

Curious as to the reasoning for no inclusion of It Binds and Honed skills? @The Destiny Council

Atomisk 18

How's the mill matchup? Deck seems pretty inevitable, but slow to set up. I saw a Qui-gon Version with Lightsaber Mastery that seemed better for mill since it ran Mandalorian Vambraces and Deathwatch Hideout - Concordia, could this benefit from those?

Also should you run Vandalize for the mirror? Hitting Custom Bandolier seems good as well as vs other things.

Bigulf 821

Ramps hard so mill can struggle to keep up. Also, rerolls using Custom Bandolier can help save o. Have to discard to reroll. Never played mirror, but I would say Vandalize is always a good card.

soups 1

Not my deck but here is what I've found.

@InfernoSquadWith Satine and Built to Last I've found that you don't need binds although you could try it. The bandoliers mean that Honed Skills isn't needed. You have 3 weapons plus Luke's rod and some jedi armour which is usually enough dice.

@Atomisk I've had moderate success against mill because Mace's power action can help pull weapons from your deck even if they destroy your hand. Plus I often have a lot of money because I don't have to spend as much on mitigation or heal. Impulsive, Instigate and Fatal Blow are key cards because they get around mitigation and the match can come down to if you're able to pull them off.

Atomisk 18

@soups that's good to know that it's at least decent, I'll have to give this a solid try then. I feel there are a lot of similarities between this and Palpatine3 and at least with from what I've seen mill tears that to pieces if it hits the hand early so that was a concern here. But with Custom Bandolier being a 0 drop and Mace ability you're probably safer than that is.

littlemag126 445

@Atomisk soups says it well. The deck can win if you get off solid Impulsive/Instigate/Fatal blow plays, if you don't, you probably lose. In general you have a lot of consistent dice, which is important into mill, and you have options to get around mitigation.

@InfernoSquad I've never been a fan of IBAT. I'd argue this point with any player, the card feels better than it is. It gives no value the round you play it, and 0 value if you draw it late. If I were to run resource gen, I'd want something that gives value when you play it. Sure you don't get that building affect over the course of the game, but I'd argue that most games are won or lost by round 2/3. So often gaining that resource even on round 1 from an event rather than it binds will actually be better, as you got that resource earlier in the game, and for example, were able to play an extra upgrade and roll it out round 1 on Mace. That is more value than the 2nd/3rd resource gained on round three or four. So even in the case where you do get the IBAT round 1, its still worse than other resource gen cards that simply give you an immediate resource. Honed skills proves unnecessary with Bandoliers.

General Vatutin 26

`@truth123: Worst Name Ever...just name yourself God of small people..or well, just God. Go hide under a bridge God, maybe the gates of St. Peter or something under and stay there. Notice Zero Tournament Wins on you

General Vatutin 26

``@Bigulf: people don’t read anymore. It is all about crapping out nonsense. He, or she, likely though the last episode of GOT was a wise battle pan. It is the age of entitlement. I got two fingers so I can at me fly.

General Vatutin 26

So what has the win rate of this deck been in tournaments or TTS.tx cheers

Bigulf 821

I am playing a very similar build, went 5-1 at local Tuesday night tourney and 2-1 on TTS with loss being to Mill.

acvulture 116

Played some games with this deck. went 5-1. 1 lose to Palp in drawn out game where i wasn't able to find my Fatal Blows. My guess would be that this deck has weak mill match-up? overall great deck but a bit slow.

Bigulf 821

Won last local tourney with a version of this deck, 11-2 total so far. Losses were to mill and a first turn Satine kill which stopped my ramp. Deck is solid and a ton of fun to run.

daddy249kart 21

Have been running a slighty modified version of this deck (upgrades are a bit different and I add Vandalize for mid game disruption that has come in pivotal and huge for taking out Suppressive Fire, which stops the actions cheating into Fatal Blow). I would say I win 3/4 games and have gone up against some of the more popular decks (including eSnoke/Watto/FOST). I struggled against Billionaires at first, but then I learned how to beat that deck and Mace/Satine actually does a great job! Very fun to play and has a high ceiling.

Hellspawn 22

I have a this deck legal?
The way I read Custom bandolier is that "equipment" upgrades have no limit..but the only equipment you have in this are the aquata, bandolier and Jedi armour. Is this right? Or am I missing something?

daddy249kart 21

@Hellspawn Luke’s Lightning Rod is also an equipment and those are all you really need.