The Gungans - 1st Place Trilogies Store Championship

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Oppa Gungan Style 0 0 0 1.0
Gungans Rules 1 0 3 1.0
Gungans 0 0 0 1.0
Gungan Gang - GONG 1 1 0 1.0
The Gungans 0 0 0 1.0
eJarJar / BossNass / GunganW / GunganW 1 0 2 1.0
The Gungans plus...a Jawa? Or two? Or three? 1 1 3 1.0

botounami 494

The Gungans have what it takes. Arena of Death is immense.

Abuse Boss Nass, control your opponent's dice, get money, play supports.

Catch the full rundown on Team Covenant!

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Razelll 244

Did you ever consider Locked and Loaded and Inspiring Presence?

erikktlog 35

Blaze of Glory is sooo good in this deck, I'm also surprised Locked and Loaded isn't in here though. That will get you more consistent damage especially when your opponent claims

botounami 494

@Razelll Absolutely! Both were in the short pile. Inspiring Presence is way too slow, given that I'd much rather have a Crait Speeder or HWK on the board than that attachment. All of my characters are under 10 health, too, so whoever has it just gets targeted down. Never needed the extra level of control.

@erikktlog Paying 1 for Locked and Loaded just never made the cut. I have Jar Jar, Boss Nass focus, and plenty of time to chuck cards on re-rolls. If it were 0 cost, it'd be a good include imo. The real question is - what card in the deck is worse than Locked and Loaded?

I'd take Target Intel as the first slot, for sure.

Razelll 244

@botounami If you don't mind me asking. If it wasn't trilogys what changes would you make?

erikktlog 35

If it's me I'd pitch one Well-Connected or Crackdown... that'll still give you plenty of money generation. All the characters have resource sides as well. The HWK feels questionable given that you take damage, but I can't argue with the results too much. I suppose Bubble Shield and First aid it balances that out.

I've used Locked and Loaded as my final play to win at least 3 games with my Gungans deck. I also run 1 emulate to flip the Gungan Warrior Dice

I'm just glad to see these characters do well, I thought they'd be so gimmicky at first. Kudos on the victory!

tdman19 1

I need help on putting this deck on tabletop simulator

BlanksShotFirst 15

did you remember to give the A-BWAAWAWAWAWAWAWA of victory?

vineheart01 9

what makes blaze of glory so amazing? i'd rather have Under Attack.

erikktlog 35

Blaze of Glory lets an almost dead character activate and soak all of the damage on the field. Essentially you overkill one character by a huge amount. You can negate an incredible amount of damage this way onto a character who is going to die anyway.

Since Under Attack deals the damage as Indirect you still have to disperse the full amount of damage amongst your team

botounami 494

@vineheart01 Blaze of Glory once soaked 10 damage onto a 1-health Gungan Warrior! It wrecks. It can also act as a suped up Guardian to prevent a different character from dying (like putting 4 on a Gungan Warrior or Boss Nass when Jar Jar is almost dead).

smerle 879

A young kid at our SC today went 3-1 with this in Standard, subbing out HWK for Planetary Uprising and did massive damage claims. So proud of him working on this deck! Thanks for sharing

Nelp 43

So can logistics be used on sides like Electropole 's 2 melee resource cost side? Or only on sides that are specifically creating resources?

mikemcgoo 10

Was looking at this for help with my gungans deck, anyone notice that logistics is an awakenings card?

smerle 879

@mikemcgoo If you hover or look at the card page for Logistics, you'll see it was reprinted in Two-Player Set, so it is Trilogy legal.

Nelp 43

Almost everywhere I've looked everyone is sold out of into the garbage chute, and I've got one. Any good replacement ideas for now?