Trash deck with trash cards - Italian national (side events)

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doubleL96 10

"I don't know what to expect from this deck" (last opponent I faced)

After a funny though unlucky national, I decided that i just wanted to have fun when playing the side events, the following day. So in the evening I had this idea: let's find a way to make Patience work.... and that's it!

Actually, I have to admit that this deck worked way beyond my expectations. No opponent really knew how to face it, and that made every single game super fun, since everyone was facing this deck in a different way. And comments were simply hilarious.

The deck is super resilient, just take all the damages you can with the 2 guardians, shield them back, activate Jar Jar Binks - Clumsy Outcast if you're having troubles, play supports and increase the number of dice in your pool until you find that Patience. Then you mill half of the opponent's deck with it (sometimes one Patience is enough to win, otherwise wait for the second one). Then use C-3PO to generate discards, and mill your opponent's hand.

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