11-1 PAX Unplugged Galactic Qualifier Day 2 Winner

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R2-P2 Sydney Regionals Top 4 8 6 5 1.0
NSW (Australia) Regional Championship Winner - Starter Baes 35 28 11 2.0
Rey2, Poe2 0 0 0 3.0
R2P2KFP - Kessel Cup Tournament Deck 3 3 0 1.0
Rey and Poe (The Last Jedi) 0 0 1 1.0
r2p2 Takeu 1 1 0 1.0
eRey2/ePoe2 0 0 0 1.0
R2P2 - New Day 3 3 0 1.0

edwinchen50 1550

This is the deck I brought to the PAX Unplugged Galactic Qualifier event and managed to go 5-1 and 6-0 on days 1/2. I mainly picked this deck due to its consistency with Poe Dameron - More Than A Pilot's.

Before going into detail, below were my results from each day, I can provide more details on each match up if requested:

Day 1:

Game 1: ePalpatine - WIN

Game 2: eCienne/eBala/Nighsister - LOSS

Game 3: eQuigon/eKanan -WIN

Game 4: Jyn/ePoe2 - WIN

Game 5: eQuigon/eKanan - WIN

Game 6: eVoss/eDooku - WIN

Day 2:

Game 1: ePoe/eEzra - WIN

Game 2: Jyn/ePoe2 - WIN

Game 3: eQuigon/eKanan - WIN

Game 4: eKanan/Rey/Padawan - WIN

Game 5: ePalpatine - WIN

Game 6: eSabine/eEzra - WIN

Apologies if the below is a bit incoherent and long winded, this is my first deck write up...

The main focus of this deck is consistency and control with a combination Poe and C-3PO while keeping your characters alive as long as possible. Most rounds start out with rolling out Poe in order to potentially hit his special, as it can both control an opponent's dice while also providing Rey with a shield in order to use her ability.

The game usually revolves around who your opponent decides to target first. If Poe gets an early Poe Dameron's Blaster, that usually forces your opponent to target Poe first, giving you the opportunity to load up Rey, along with free reign to use her ability every round.

If Rey is targeted first, you should be digging aggressively in order to find Poe Dameron's Blaster and Handcrafted Light Bow as those weapons combined with C-3PO allows Poe to output at least 6-8 damage by himself every round.

No matter who your opponent targets, you want to also focus on keeping the target alive as long as possible. Each character has a nice 11 health and combined with cards like Field Medic, Guard and Medical Droid, you'll find that each character can survive much longer than expected and allow the other character the time and opportunity to find the right upgrades to end the game.

The definite MVP of this deck is C-3PO due to its enormous flexibility whether it be letting me get free specials off of Handcrafted Light Bow and Poe Dameron's Blaster or even just resolving one of the Medical Droid's die as a focus in order to let me use the many melee mod sides.

I would say the main weakness of the deck is the lack of hard removal. I thought about adding cards like Deflect and Force Misdirection, but these cards become useless once Rey goes down. Also, the majority of the time you need to use your resources on upgrades.

Mulligan Tips: Search for any 2 cost upgrades, preferably Poe Dameron's Blaster as it is almost guaranteed 3 damage a turn. Other than that, any of your 0 cost events besides Riposte. If you do end up with one of your supports in your opening hand and are on Docking Bay - Finalizer, think about claiming early round 1 in order to get it out without sacrificing resources.

Some other general tips and thoughts:

I noticed at the event that now more than ever, players who win the opening roll-off will take the shields and that includes this deck. If you do get shields, always put them on Rey,

This deck almost never claims, but if you are on Docking Bay - Finalizer, don't be afraid to give up some damage in order to claim and pull in one of your supports from the discard.

Because of Docking Bay - Finalizer, don't be afraid to discard any of your supports to reroll, you can always pull them back later with a claim.

The first card I would cut is Force Speed, although it theory it sounds like you can do some cool stuff with Poe's and , I almost never found the extra actions useful. I would probably replace it with a Logistics or maybe Overconfidence.

I only mention Overconfidence because one of the hardest matchups is actually against Palpatine - Galactic Emperor. Because this deck lacks removal and burst damage, Palpatine can do a lot of work with just his and sides.

TL;DR: Get out C-3PO to resolve specials and stay alive.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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WillHope@DF 247

Hey Edwin, congrats on the great result. Our meta (Sydney) is potentially going to be full of 5 dice villains, and I notice you're only game against that archetype was a loss - how do you think that went / how do you think it would hold up against a day of those archetypes? Congrats again, thanks for sharing the list. :)

edwinchen50 1550

@WillHope@DF Sure, my game was actually against HonestlySarcastic from Hyperloops and I managed to get his final character Cienna down to 1 HP, granted with a Force Illusion. The weakness of this deck really showed as it couldn't deal with all the dice being rolled out even though I had knocked out Bala before he could get a reactivation. We talked about the game after and I realized that if I had claimed more aggressively i potentially could've won. I definitely need to test this matchup along with other 3-4 wides more, but I think with more practice I would be confident in the matchup.

WillHope@DF 247

Interesting, good to know. Somehow I think our local meta might struggle to play that deck as well as HS does, so, I'll get to practising for our regionals! :P

Soapy 2

Hi, I play a variation of this deck and my overall record at the moment is about 16-1, my only loss being to a QGJ deck. I’ve beaten the 5 die villain deck 4 times, I think my deck runs more removal than yours which might be key in that matchup. Also Sound The Alarm in particular can be a saving play against it!

How much mileage did you get out of Medical Droid? I never considered using it but I guess it’s half a field medic every turn. Also same question regarding Riposte, was that a card you used often?

TheNameWasTaken 1

Would this deck be playable without the Ancient Lightsabers and Handcrafted Light Bows? Maybe by slotting in more removal and the regular Lightsaber(-s)?

edwinchen50 1550

@Soapy So I initially only had one Medical Droid but a friend convinced me to throw in another copy and I do not regret it at all. All of the sides on the droid are relevant all game long and it also gives another dice for C3PO to resolve. Again, the deck wants to keep the characters as long as possible. It also doesn't hurt to have another Docking Bay target.

Riposte definitely shined in a lot of matchups as it gave me the burst needed to finish characters. I'd often just Riposte for 1-2 damage as that was just enough to finish off a character at the end of the round. If Poe was focused down, a common play was to Riposte off Rey's shields and then throw her Lightsaber on her to shield her up again.

edwinchen50 1550

@TheNameWasTaken I could see the deck still running well without both legendaries. I would probably replace Ancient Lightsaber with Jedi Robes (a card that surprised me at the event) or maybe even Coordination.

I definitely could replace Handcrafted Light Bow with Lightsaber. Oftentimes I was annoyed that Rey's Lightsaber didn't have a I could resolve with C-3PO. Having another Redeploy weapon doesn't hurt either.

Setzuen 445

I'm really surprised that this deck even managed to provide a challenge for mono blue decks, let alone defeat them. I find that mixing damage types slows decks down and buckles its synergy, let alone when they're multi-coloured, too.

Aside from Poe Dameron's Blaster and maybe Field Medic, I don't see much point in running red at all. For example, Medical Droid is incredibly slow and inconsistent, for very little pay off. You need to spend a resource and take an action to play it, an action to roll it, then an action to resolve it, all for the sake of 1 health, and that's if you're lucky - the dice is rocking 2 blank sides. There's also only 6 control cards in the entire deck; 4 of which depend on Rey - Finding The Ways being alive to even reliably activate them. I'd ditch all of those supports for more control cards in a heartbeat.

Even though I doubt the effectiveness of mixed damage and mixed colour decks, the one advantage is that you have access to a lot of cards. This includes far better upgrades, such as Holdout Blaster, A280 Blaster Rifle and Electrostaff, and far better events, such as Hit and Run, Dug in, Rebel Assault and Defensive Position.

Tierdal 38

Medical droid isn't really inconsistant when you have a character with 2Focus and a 1F/1S special. Field medic is a 2 HP swing. You get off 2 Med Droids and 1 FM on one turn you have just turned around 4 Damage. That is huge.

Mixed damage doesn't matter for a deck that isn't going for speed. Go ahead and claim and let me take my entire turn unimpeded.

Control is an issue but if they focus rey, Poe is the stronger closer. Which is fine. You use your removal early. And most of your mitigation comes from shields.

A280 is not a good upgrade in a deck with so few non-mod blaaster sides. Electrostaff is pointless in this deck. You have consistancy and cheap resolves built in/ Holdout is unnecessary. Hit and Run offers nothing but speed in a deck that doesn't care about speed.

Def Pos requires the BF which you won't have most of the time Rebel assault requires guns...which you don't have as much as a non -mixed decl/

You can be surprised, but this guy went up against the worlds best and stood toe to toe. So. He is either a gaming god or this deck might actually be good :)

Soapy 2

@Setzuen I think you seem a bit hung up on colour and damage synergy. What this deck does better than any other is provide consistency to your dice rolls, with Poe's 2 focus side and another focus side in the form of his special most of the time you are able to resolve what you want, without discarding to reroll several times.

Also both characters are equally weighted in this deck, both with 11 health, good damage sides, Rey has her ability, Poe has his focus. Both can carry the end game on their own if you are smart about who you load up. And a particular point about Poe - he's the only high health, mid-cost, damage dealing character in the game with a 2 focus side, and I think that's what makes him so bloody good.

My version of the deck runs Heroism and Deflect as well as Honor Guard and Sound the Alarm, and with all of the shields and healing it is very tanky and hard to beat. I won a local tournament 4-0 the other weekend with it and neither character died once in any game. I was also running 2 x Hit and Run and 1 x All In, which is a bit more of a combo, but if you want a bit of speed or a quick kill it works very well.

All that being said, I think that Legacies Luke will take Rey's place in this deck for sure, more synergy, more speed etc.

Tierdal 38

I tried Heroism...sometimes it shines but most of the time you don't want to be giving them speed by resolving their own dice.

All In I think is a good include.

PoeLuke will be good :)

edwinchen50 1550

@Setzuen Really the main star of this deck is Poe Dameron - More Than A Pilot as I think he has one of the best dice sides in the game as every side is relevant at every point of the game. The deck really revolves around his consistency. Because hero hard removal is so poor in general, the main way this deck "removes" dice is through shields whether it be from Poe's or Caution.

The only cards that really become irrelevant when Rey goes down is Caution, Overconfidence, and Force Speed. There is nothing stopping you from putting a Shoto Lightsaber or Ancient Lightsaber onto Poe in order to get shields or extra healing while also activating Guard.

I understand the concern with Medical Droid and like I mentioned, I initially only had one. But at the end of the day, every side of Medical Droid is relevant. With a side and two 's, 50% of the time you are getting some sort of healing and of course the is always relevant. Again, having a target for Docking Bay - Finalizer is an added bonus as well.

Also, personally I feel that C-3PO is one of the best cards in the game, especially in a deck with so many relevant 's. Not to mention that Honor Guard is one of the best removal cards printed.

tomcats2 69

Did you run into shield hate? Like did the Palp run indimidate or blue hero run lightbows?

edwinchen50 1550

@tomcats2 The only deck that ran Intimidate was the Rainbow 5's, and it was only for 1 shield. I could see cards like that and especially On The Hunt be a problem for this deck.

I did run into opposing lightbows against blue hero and that's where the difference between having C-3PO and not showed. Handcrafted Light Bow only has one so oftentimes monoblue struggled to pull it off.

@Soapy I actually talked to a fellow R2P2 player who also mentioned All In and I may have to try it.

Soapy 2

@edwinchen50 Yeah with Poe's 2 focus side you can basically just resolve everything in one go, it's great sometimes, but it can be a dead card so I only run 1.

Have you thought about DH17? I love it, on turn 1 being able to play an upgrade and still have resources for Honor Guard/C-3PO is great.

edwinchen50 1550

@SoapyI like DH-17 but probably not in this deck, as I really hate to see pay sides and the mod side can be tough to resolve especially on round 1.

Most of the time on round 1 I'm trying to use Poe's special to control a die while getting a damage lead by getting out a 2 cost upgrade and swinging with Rey.

If I am on Docking bay, and I'm holding onto one of my supports, I may give up resolving some dice in order to get a support out for free.

Darik_grey 93

How do you feel about Willpower and/or Inner Strength? Both seem to fit well with your desire to go slowly, fix your dice and heal.

edwinchen50 1550

@Darik_greyI never have really loved Willpower as a card but I've seen it in R2P2 before and I could see it working. I'm not sure what I would cut though. Inner Strength is an interesting card, but I wouldn't cut any of my upgrades for it as we need blue weapons in order to activate Shoto Lightsaber.

Porg_FriedRice 27

@edwinchen50 What do you think you might take out for All In?

edwinchen50 1550

@JackPoison If you wanted to try All In definitely cut Force Speed, they pretty much accomplish the same thing.

ordinaryjedi.ddu.network 834

@edwinchen50 congrats on your success with the deck, it's def come out of nowhere. How long have you been working on this pairing and how many reps did you get in before you felt comfortable with it?

edwinchen50 1550

@ordinaryjedi This pairing had been floating around in our meta for about three weeks leading up to PAX. Luckily we had a tournament with about 25 people the week before PAX and after testing this deck against a lot meta decks including Quigon/Kanan, hero vehicles and villain 5 dice, I was pretty confident with it going into PAX.

Pearl Yeti 977

@edwinchen50 congrats on your 6-0 victory! Your opponent was devastated! You did manage to teach me how to play against the deck, at least :-)

edwinchen50 1550

@Pearl Yeti Thanks! It was a great matchup and a real close game. I definitely didn't think Sabine/Ezra could put up that much of a fight.

Jimmydehand 410

Do you think Fearless has a place in the deck? My version runs it and it makes Rey an absolute beast to kill.

Setzuen 445

Weirdly enough, I think All In is pointless in this deck, for the same reasons I think Force Speed is pointless. This deck will never be fast. It depends on slow but consistent rolls and resolutions. None of the dice match, so they'll have to be resolved separately. It'll almost-never outpace a competitive fast deck, so there's no need to include cards in the futile effort of outpacing them. All In may give you a slight possibility of outpacing someone for that one round, but for what? Your battlefield's claim ability? All that does is save you a resource, and you've already spent a resource activating All In. I think that if you're going to run a slow, methodical deck, you should embrace that, and only include cards which support-but-powerful goal.

Tierdal 38

Speed isn't always about claiming. Many times it is about resolving dice before they can be controlled. All in is very deadly with focus sides.

edwinchen50 1550

@Jimmydehand I could see Fearless working but again, the upgrade slots are pretty tight and Shoto Lightsaber provides the same thing for the same cost in addition to more damage.

Don't get me wrong Fearless is a great card, but fear that this deck is already at the limit for upgrades.

Focus Ninja 1598

Hey, everyone what did i tell you...I said this deck was tier 1 go to my previous R2P2 build to see everyone's comments saying that R2P2 was a unplayable and it was garbage

WGHunter 89

@edwinchen50 I've been tinkering with this one quite a bit, I'm digging it a lot, great list. I've been running All-In over Force Speed and really liking it, Deflect over Overconfidence merely because of the tempo swing with the damage. I see the appeal of Medical Droids, but they weren't doing much for me during the games I get them. It's not terrible, but I've been trying out Hit and Run to see how that works, and I've been liking it. Frequently lets me get a surprise special/special with his gun for 3 damage, plus a shield to activate Rey with, and of course the H&R/All-In plays. Also messing around with Lightsaber Throw for less double 3 drop hands, and the ability to recur Ancient Lightsaber end of game for more healing if necessary.

Ed Cote 65

So if there is a good Plot card in Legacies that really makes it shine, maybe Kanan instead of Rey?

GenghisDon 100

I just played a mock game using this vs my eCad/eCiena Ree - Adept Pilot deck on an excel program I made. The Cad deck won but I wouldn't call it a consistent win and feel like Rey would take 2 out of 3. Rey is next to impossible to kill. If she gets access to both illusions and poe gets his blaster and they land a 3PO, you can't beat it. If this deck had an Astromech It would be insane. It's nearly a full NPE in the fact that no matter how much damage you muster, you can't kill anything. Field medic, healing droids, illusion, shields....I must have hit Rey with about 30 damage before she finally died. I think the only weakness outside of just bad rolling is the lack of die removal. Guard is really great, and overconfidence works well sometimes. Sound the alarm only slows the inevitable with heavy aggro. Honor guard is flipping awesome though with the battlefield choice. Wondering why you don't have Lightsaber Pull to go get your ancient back after using it for HP recovery??? How does this deck stand up against mill? Since mill doesn't care about damage, I bet it gives you a little trouble. I agree with your assessment that force speed isn't really needed. I think with all the focus you have available to you, slow playing is probably better. I'm thinking of building this deck only without ancients and speed because I can't afford them. I would add an astromech, 2 Deflects and 2 holdout blasters. I think Poe with a holdout blaster would be nice since he is probably the first target and blaster can be moved and either used as is or as a 2 resource savings while overwriting with a rey saber or lightbow. I was a nay-sayer but this deck is tough. Who would have thought the 2P starter hero side would work so well....Errata police are on their way. 14/16 is coming.

Ganexus 1

General Question: Is Rend good or not? I mean, I know that card can be useful, but I noted that in all the more popular deck of the new meta, there is no Rend. So, why?

GenghisDon 100

It used to be used to save you against Imperial Inspection before it was errated. It is still useful vs force speed, but not very often do you play against force speed for reasons explained by @edwinchen50in his writeup.

edwinchen50 1550

@GenghisDon I think the mill matchup is fine. I played a very good pilot of the hero mill deck and the deck performed just fine. Again, C-3PO becomes an issue as it can activate your good upgrades. I'm not sure about Astromech, I would much rather pay 2 for a upgrade rather than a support.

edwinchen50 1550

@GenghisDon Not including Rend is really a meta call. If Imperial Inspection was still relevant I would definitely put 2 copies, but the main targets right now are Sith Holocron and Running Interference.

I wrongly assumed that there wouldn't be any Sith Holocron decks and I wasn't too concerned about Running Interference as most of the time the deck can take a Never Tell Me The Odds play because of the large amount of shields.

If Palpatine - Galactic Emperor and eKylo2/Vader2 become played more, I could put in two copies of Rend.

Carraminana 90

Your deck is awesome @edwinchen50 I've been playing some games with it, i've won all of them but one. I would change Medical Droid and add more removal or Dug in

dough54321 139

I put this deck together and played it tonight in a 6 player tournament. I went 3-0 with it. I won against eQui-eKanan, eRey/eMaz/Ezra, and ePoe/eRey. I was really surprised at my rolls tonight. Very consistent. I never played Medical Droid or C-3PO. I, also, never played Handcrafted Light Bow. I'm currently thinking of replacements for the next time I play the deck and will read over others' suggestions here on this page.

One of the great combos of the deck is to use Riposte as a first action to ditch the 3 shields on Rey to do damage to someone before they've activated anyone. Then, with the 2 Shoto Lightsaber's on her, activate her, get two shields back and do Rey's1 damage to a character after activating. It's a pretty slick move. I know I did it twice in one game and at least once in the other two games each.

MrDSkis 1

@edwinchen50 I know this post is 4 months old now but with the release of legacies do you see any cards from the set that could fit into this deck anywhere...the cards I was wondering specifically about are Hidden Motive and Heirloom Lightsaber. In one of the comments above you had said that Lightsaber could replace the lightbows....would heirloom lightsaber also fill that slot....I was gonna use jedi robes for the ancients until im able to get my hands on them. just curious on your thoughts....Also R2D2 I think that card is really powerful and in many ways on par or even better than C-3P0 I was considering running both but thought that it might get too support heavy then what are your thoughts on running 1 of those over the other.