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smerle 879

Hi! Yes, I'm the goof that coined the phrase "One-Punch Vader", or "OPV", that you may have heard about a bit since SoR was released. I'm kinda addicted to mill decks in Destiny, so when I saw Fast Hands and Blackmail and the ruling in the Card FAQ that allows Fast Hands to resolve Blackmail before it's ability, this is where I've been. Now, it's gone through quite a few changes and I believe I've now reached a point where I'm happy with the deck. Before we continue, a shout out to everyone who helped me iterate on this deck--all of the #deckbuilding crew in the Knights of Ren Discord (you should join!), especially Vysetron, ArchitectGaming and elrathion for tips on Scum and Prized (even if you didn't mean to give it to me, I took it!), and lawl0r for No Dis tips, as well as local player GrandpaJake who took this deck out to events in the region and provided lots of feedback.

A dumb, silly name. But silly is good, no? There's an anime, "One-Punch Man", where the protagonist can knock out anyone with one punch. In this deck, the goal is for Vader to activate and knock out your opponents entire hand without a response as the first action of a round. "One-Punch". Now they only have 1 card to play or use to re-roll, which if Unkar is still around he will most likely eat.

Then you just control the round and claim first when it looks safe, hopefully doing another 2 mill to the deck. Go first, punch, repeat. Also, regarding triggers, it is best to have Vader use his trigger first as your opponent will most likely discard their worst card. Then you can use the BM/VK die to remove hopefully some good ones.

OK, BUT 'DX'?!?!
Like I said, I've been playing this for awhile and recently was turned on to some additions that I feel upgraded this deck a lot. I like silly words attached to Japanese fighting and Monster Hunter games, so figured this remix deserved the "Deluxe" or "DX" treatment. Again, it's silly. Be silly. Life's too short to be so serious.

Damage vs Mill "Damage" per round
Whew, those Spaz (Poe/Maz), Vader Raider, Black Parade (emo boys) decks can sure put out some damage, eh? Well, we can too but it's not to the characters. It's to their hand and deck. And if we can do more mill "damage" to them than they can regular damage to us per round, we are in good shape. Assume with some basic removal we can get their damage curve to be about 5 per round. With 23 health, that's 5 rounds so we need to mill win before that. If we can clear out a hand each round, that 6. So, how can we turn our mill damage curve upwards while turning theirs downwards? That's the deck and what you should be paying attention to each round. Get the most out of what you can!

Core Cards
Fast Hands - Allows you to resolve Blackmail before opponent can pay to remove it, as well as any other discard side after Vader activates. This is the speed.

Blackmail / Vibroknucklers - These are the "punch". Ideally you get them on Vader and you Fast Hands the discard side always. With two upgrades and a Fast Hands, you have ~56% chance to hit a discard. Blackmail is the better card and I would override Knucklers late, as the 2/3 and 3 sides are really good. Feel free to FH those disrupt sides as well, as they provide a 4-6 swing and allow you to play more upgrades or...

Rise Again - Crucial card. We need to survive up to 5 rounds. Healing 5 from Vader combined with other mitigation is usually good for zeroing out a round on damage. This also helps getting our Prized and BM/VK cycling going. More on that later.

No Disintegrations / New Orders - These cards buy you rounds by dealing damage to the deck, turning up that mill damage per round curve we talked about earlier. No Dis together is 4 cards which is almost a full hand. A well-time New Orders can get 4 cards well. Keep New Orders in your opening hand against an Emperor's Throne Room - Death Star II battlefield.

Command Center - Lothal - Always take your battlefield if you win the roll. This is 2 mill damage against your opponent which speeds up your win curve significantly. Don't worry if you lose a couple claims early. Once Vader is punching you should be claiming and you do way more mill damage than your opponent.

Prized Possession - Another way we bring down the damage per round is by stealing one of those big juicy Vaders, Poe, Palp, Baze dice. I know what your thinking, this is getting expensive!!

Now is a good time to walk you through how we can cycle these upgrades and bring that damage per round curve down.

First get an upgrade out, preferably on Vader and also hopefully one with a discard side. Roll out, resolve it, wait until opponent rolls out their character and then we start.

  1. Play Prized overriding the upgrade to get cost discount. Or, if you have discarded a Prized early (which you should if you already drew BM/VK), then use Rise Again to play it as the 3rd upgrade (assuming you have Fast Hands).
  2. Next round, wait until the Prized character rolls out. This means we have now locked down a die for two rounds. Great! But now we need to increase our chances to hit those discards. Now play the Knucklers either from hand or off a Rise, overriding the Prized giving back the die they cannot roll this round. Knucklers gives you Ambush, so roll in and punch.
  3. Now, hopefully you've Unkar'd some money or used My Kind of Scum to get back up to either play 2nd Prized or Rise Again for it, overriding the Knucklers (don't override Blackmail if you can help it). Repeat steps 1-2, this time hopefully getting out the 2nd Blackmail.

All while this is happening, you are mitigating dice and making money with Unkar and Scum. Unkar will die quickly most likely, so I'd only put Fast Hands on him to help hit that side and Scum that money. If Vader is taking too much heat and Rises are late, throw that Prized or Knucklers on Unkar to draw away the fire and dig for Rise. Unkar can still win on his own as long as he has upgrades, you just lose the 1 discard from Vader.

Some notes on other cards

Overconfidence--this card is REALLY good in this deck. You choose your own Vader or Blackmail die as one of the dice to re-roll and it's almost guaranteed removal. Thanks to GrandpaJake for the suggestion.

Disarm is for Vibroknife or maybe get lucky and hit a Z6 Riot Control Baton. Some like Confiscation here, but I like to save the money and I prefer to throw that card in the discard pile rather than hand.

Salvage Stand - Seems weird with Scum, right? It's not. I like this card early with Unkar. It keeps those pay for damage sides offline, as well as can take away Force Strikes and those surprise 1-cost damage cards. The best roll is Fast Hands on Unkar and hitting and . You're opponent loses three and you gain two, nice! This can also be a flex spot to tune towards your meta.

Thanks for reading! Have fun and Happy Milling!

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Chuftbot 439

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prozz 1

cheat could work nicely in this deck.

balazs 1

I'll try out this one. Would love to see it work. The problem i have, i ain't got Vader, so i'll replace him with Dooku. Plus i take out salvage stand, and give a higher chance for my kind of scum hit on the turn start with Con Artist. I know, it needs fast hands on Unkar as well, but if i have the 2nd and this card as well, it can't hurt. :) Plus the few extra cards you could discard from the deck, can be nice as well.

badeesh 56

eAsajj I suppose could also be a decent enough replacement for Vader. Haven't played with this yet so I don't know how important Vader's health is, but it looks like you'd aggro Unkar 9 times out of 10 anyway. Cool list bro!

badeesh 56

I mean, you are playing 2 Rise Again's, so how crucial the three extra is, I'm not sure.

smerle 879

@balazsJabbaDooku is a good deck, plus it can switch into damage with Dooku if you want to go that route. I'd replace Stand with Dark Presence and start there.

@badeeshThe extra health is huge. If you don't have Vaders, I'd run Jabba Dooku instead with some tweaks. Experiment! Have fun!

BeNNyBiLL 581

I always thought owning just a single Vader die would be a curse that would haunt me forever. Perhaps this list could make a single Vader die a blessing is disguise? I like how the list is utilising Vader's high HP and discard ability over the raw stats of the dice. I think I'll give it a go. #MyKindOfDeck

smerle 879


caseymalone 12

I'm missing 1x Electroshock - what would you recommend swapping in?

smerle 879

@caseymaloneAn Electroshock you steal out of your buddy's binder. Or One-Quarter Portion will do just fine as well.

Zonexir 1

What do you think about Crime Lord in this deck?

smerle 879

@ZonexirToo much money required and you'd have to cut 4 cards to also include Ace in the Hole

n00biE 25

Nice deck. I will give it a try but i will swap Unkar for maz i think and since i dont have vader i will play poe. do you think this will still work?

stranglebat 832

Been giving this a run. did you ever test dark presense and or interrogation droid? I keep feeling this deck needs either harder choke or a fast clock its felt kinda in the middle. maybe im playing it differently though.

it has pretty much trounced most tier 2 decks for me though not going to tinker with the list until i have run it through a gauntlet

smerle 879

@stranglebatYou can play something similar with Jabba, which many prefer, and I'd play those in that deck for sure. I just like Unkar today because of all the juicy cost cards. If meta goes back to 20 0-1 cost events, Jabba probably slides in

stranglebat 832

@smerle no i 100% agree unkar is where it is at in the current meta. he is like kylo whose stock goes up with the cost of meta cards.

I also see this as the precursor to the choke archetype with thrawn being able to trade in for vader in the next set for more options. hell a fun deck to play. im just curious to see your thoughts on some of the cards you didnt mention in the write up and what earlier versions looked like

smerle 879

@stranglebatOther cards I've played and still do:
Boundless Ambition 1x to help dig.
On The Hunt.
Force Illusion 2nd copy
Armor Plating

Scum can be awkward to play so I'd recommend any of the above in its place.

stranglebat 832

@smerle Scum looks like the logical cut but i found it invaluble. when its out it forces the decisions of the opponent whenever you roll disrupt so they have to make bad plays to stop your advantage.

i do like boundless x1 though if your not vsing a mill deck it would be great especially if you got a big unkar hit. how often do you find yourself using disarm? thats felt like a weak slot for me

smerle 879

@stranglebatcould easily be Confiscation like I mentioned in the write up. Just preference. I like to discard the card and not giving them something I have to mill or lets them reroll.

stranglebat 832

@stranglebat I was thinking about playing boundless in place of it. It is worrying dropping even 1 more control card however

somedonkus 1

What happens when you have 2 salvage stands or 2 copies of my kind of skum on the board and your roll a disrupt or resource? Can you exhaust both supports?

smerle 879

@somedonkusYou betcha!

Carcharodon 3

@smerlesm Gotta say, i tried this deck out at a store champ this weekend and LOVE the idea and the deck. Making some minor tweaks for my preferences, but must commend on the great idea. Did you try out con artist/ thoughts on that?

the BEAST 1128

@n00biE, I'd recommend using hero cards instead of villain cards and red cards over blue card if you want to play Poe maz. Lol

smerle 879

@CarcharodonUnkar dies fast so Con Artist isn't that great being yellow only

Scactha 882

Met this at TTS the other night and it was fun to see a functional control deck when everyone is raving about PoeMaz. Good job on everyone developing this.

tropoFarmer 789

Why overwrite Vibroknucklers with Prized Possession that's played via Rise Again?

HarveyFamily 22

Thanks for posting this list - I saw it last Friday and built it immediately. Promptly got smashed testing it against my kids! Removed the Scums, added Personal Shields; also swapped one Prized Possession for a Confiscation (not sure that's correct though). Took it to Store Champs the next day and went undefeated - lots of frustrated opponents not used to playing against this type of monster!

smerle 879

@HarveyFamilyNice work! Those are great changes and I run those as well depending on the week. Where was the SC? It's been winning a few lately!

HarveyFamily 22

@smerle It was the SC at Warzone Workshop in Northampton, UK. Confiscation and Disarm seem necessary against Vibroknife, which otherwise just laughs in the face of the Personal Shields!

smerle 879

We had a good run, kids. RIP One Punch. Poe got too drunk and ruined the party for everyone.

JohnyNFullEffect 13

@smerle is this deck dead with FA being yellow only?

PuppetSoul 57

You'd have to cheat it onto Vader with Rise Again, which ignores the Yellow Only limitation.

Blackmail doesn't work without Fast Hands though, and Unkar was already the primary target thus stacking on him is suicide, so the deck lives or dies on gripping Rise Again, dropping it down to a solid tier 7 deck.

smerle 879

Yeah it's dead. But one clarification @PuppetSoul, Rise Again does not ignore play restrictions. It says "play", not move or replace like Holocron. Can't cheat it with Rise.

smerle 879

But I do have a new mill deck I'm liking a lot with 3 characters. Hope to post it soon

Scombroid 1

@smerle, couldn't this still work? I mean if they're trying to control your dice they're either giving up cards or resources and Vader is still a beast. I'm going to do some playtesting because I like the idea of the deck

smerle 879

@Scombroid no, it's dead. The decks strength was activating Vader with Fast Hands and resolving asap. Once they kill Unkar now, you have a mopey Vader. Now I'd play my Grifters list for mill or Dooku Jabba for a midrange/control

Khanman 78

@smerle - there's no way that cargo hold saves it?

Scombroid 1

@smerlethanks, I'm trying it out now. definitely not a point and shoot list

Vader76 1

@smerleWouldn't Cargo Hold - Eravana bypass the yellow only errata of Fast Hands?