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'Mercenaries' is actually the team combination I played way back in 2019 at our Christmas Party $10 Deck Tournament. It stems from me really wanting to play Twin Shadows. It was one of the earliest ways to remove two dice, yet it never saw play. I came up with the idea of using Qi'Ra - Street Savvy to run it with some Rebel Bois, and, since that deck was entirely made up of inexpensive cards, I turned it into a $10 Deck.

This is the updated version that has access to all of the FFG Set Vehicle Goodness as well as all that Villain Yellow Event love. In addition to Twin Shadows, this deck uses the villain events Bait and Switch, DM, and No Good To Me Dead to add the Villain spiciness to an otherwise Hero deck.

Energy Slingshot is actually an effective weapon here because it's a cheap way to get access to a lot of black sides. With this many modified sides you're going to need something to tie it all together.

Some 0-cost removal and my all-time personal favorite, Reversal, and this deck is ready to do some damage on your kitchen table. Feel free to sleeve this one up out of your own cards, or pick it up at Kingwood Hobbies for $10.

All of Kingwood Hobbies' $10 decks are complete gaming experiences and come with everything you need to play Destiny.

  • The Team listed in the title.
  • 30 card deck on-theme with the characters and at least 10 dice cards.
  • All necessary dice.
  • Relevant battlefield
  • Deck Box
  • Tokens needed to play.
  • Cards arrive sleeved and ready to go.

Kingwood Hobbies $10 decks are made with the thousands of spare cards I have leftover from opening boxes and buying collections. The included image is not necessarily the exact list of this deck, but it will be similar. Each deck is built after it's been ordered.

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