Echobase - Palpatine / Wullf

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3ofclubs 205

Small feature on this deck at the following article

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Trondaboss 161

is this a mill?

3ofclubs 205

@Trondabossthe deck doesn't aim to mill but rather to control your opponents hand. Primarily it's just a different take on a Palp deck with added hand control. Wullf will allow you to look at an opponent's hand and you then know what to play around in regards to their removal and it gives you knowledge in what to call with the mastermind special or with the Separatist Embargo. As the game goes on, Wullf's PA becomes more and more useful as you'll likely be able to remove a card from your opponents hand each round. This strategy will allow you to then concentrate on getting the most out of Palp and have Palp crack on and do Palpatine things.