Internet Piracy - Winner of Entourage Gaming online tourney

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Moophisto 449

(Imperial Death Trooper should be elite)

I've been in a slump since Covert Missions came out, but I've found my groove with this deck. Kragan is an incredible character that makes you money while taking resources away from your opponent, not to mention he can cause severe disruption in your opponent's optimal sequencing. And his dice...did I mention he does a ton of damage?

Coupled with Imperial Death Trooper's dice/Power Action and Armored Reinforcement to jump start with a merchant freighter or Pirate Ship, this deck comes out and it comes out hot.

There are a few things I probably would change in this deck, but still thinking them through.

Went 5-0 in a 24 person edition of Entourage Gaming's weekly online tournament this week.

Quarantine got you down and want to play some Destiny? Check out and find the link the our Discord server to find details and sign up for the fun!

Just remember to look at Kragan...he is the captain now.

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blogster 1000

I thought you ran 2 Shock Tactic last night in our "champ" game? LOL

Moophisto 449

No, it's just a one of. Its too specific of a tech card to run two of.

General Vatutin 26

@MoophistoCongrats from middle TN