Maul Three wide

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Purp1ePenguin 19

I've only played two games on TTS with this deck, but it seems to be working pretty well so far. The only thing that I will probably want to change is swapping some of the removal events for one or two more weapons.

The resource generation seems to be fine, I would expect to be able to get a three cost upgrade on Maul first turn as long as I draw one. If things go well and 0-cost removal works well, there are enough resources to get both Maul's and Vader's sabers and use their power actions.

The idea behind the Marauder is that it is the best 8-cost yellow for this deck, none of the other cheap yellow options work well, plus it gives us a copy of moxie to reuse Maul's power action and allows for a spot neutral to make better use of Theed.

Any suggestions are welcome!

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Imperial Spy 178

This kinda ruins Maul's PA. His die is the most threatening. So you activate him then they remove it. Making the PA useless.

Bminny 48

@Imperial Spy you can use it of a lightsaber too so if you can play Vader’s or Maul’s Saber on t1 or t2 then you are probably fine

Purp1ePenguin 19

@Imperial Spy Like Bminny said, the lightsabers can also be used with the power action. The best die to power action is Maul's saber, but even Vader's saber can be used pretty well, although if you have the resource it's better to resolve it and then PA Maul's die back out.