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"Two Face" Palp/Watto 5-1 @ GQ's - write up inc 23 18 16 2.0
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Two-Face - updated from YourDestiny version 0 0 0 2.0

Zombane 433

So after going 5-1 at the MK GQ with my other version of this I have refined it a little. Gone are the Vader's Fist and instead we now have a It Binds All Things and a Force Rend to tackle the support decks. This deck can afford to pay 4 to kill a Shadow Caster or Megablaster Troopers. I'm also experimenting with Force Focus as a way to focus into the Force Storm special and resolve it in one action.

The mitigation package has changed a little, really just adding At Odds for some mill protection.

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thomasb 14

I have found Force focus with force storm is amazing.