Shadow Caster Carnage

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Buffybot 281

A fun deck for casual play. It's also a budget deck, with just 1 legendary card, the Shadow Caster.

You have two main strategies:

  1. Bomb the crap out of your opponent with the Shadow Caster. You can ready it for multiple hits via Reckless Reentry, Through The Pass, R2 Astromech or the N-1 Starfighter's special. Wedge's Power Action guarantees you can hit the N-1's special. Reckless Reentry is risk-free on the Shadow Caster because it doesn't have any blanks. Through The Pass is affordable because you'll be putting the diceless R2 Astromech on your Shadow Caster. The problem with this strategy is the resource cost on the damage sides. If you don't draw mods early to reduce the cost, you're going to have to turn to strategy number 2 ...

  2. Use the high value sides on Shadow Caster and/or Resistance Bomber to set off a Planned Explosion or two. Using Wedge's Power Action on the Shadow Caster plus the character dice values may be enough to set up an explosion. A second vehicle will help to guarantee it. If your opponent removes your 6-value die, the readying strategies mentioned above come into play to get it back and force the explosion through.

Both strategies are risky. But so was the attack on the Death Star!

The events provide discounts for getting your first and second vehicles into play (two should be enough), and some defence. I find that a deck with three characters can usually make good use of Into The Garbage Chute to fend off early damage to help you get set up.

Other card options considered:

Target Intel to focus your indirect damage.

Special Modification to help preserve your Resistance Bomber or provide an extra way to turn your Bomber or Shadow Caster dice to maximum value.

C-3PO, to broaden your dice resolution options.

Cheat, as protection against mill decks, or to get a Planned Explosion back in hand.

Targeting Astromech is excellent on all of these ships.

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DarthJarJar66 13

If you were to put Target Intel in, I would recommend instead inserting Target Acquired. Another possible modification is to find a way to put in Rebel Engineer? That way you can help play more mods on the shadow caster.