Phasma/Qi'ra Rotation Ready

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Dmoney 380

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PZ-99 1

Good stuff! Seems powerful. Does the Handheld L-S1 Cannon restriction get in the way? Seems like you want both characters to have as many upgrades as possible. But boy I love having Leverage and Easy Pickings in a Phasma deck!

Dmoney 380

@PZ-99 well I dunno. It's a card I want to see super early on and can overwrite it later. Not a lot of 2 cost guns available in trilogy atm so seemed like a auto include.

John Solo 2

Trilogy? With Tactical Mastery ?just posting if it was an oversight.

Fromper 93

@John Solo Tactical Mastery was reprinted in the Two Player Game, so it's legal for Trilogy.

I was thinking of maybe trying this character combo, too. I call it the "Game of Thrones" deck. But I haven't put a deck together yet, so I don't know what mine will look like. I'm also not sticking to Trilogy on mine, though, since nobody runs tournies like that around here.

chinovalley 316

Pricy deck, only a couple 0 cost...that's risky. Seems like a good deck but the resource juggling will be a thing unless you cash in big QiRa resources--which means she won't be doing damage. I like the idea but would probably tune it up to make it less expensive in the event area.