3 Wide Snoke

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G Parfitt - Crotch Rocket - UK Champs 1st Swiss. 17 12 1 1.0
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Imperial Spy 172

Bala-Tik - Gang Leader is probably better

ToddRickYG 1

not without upgrades

staylor598 451

@Namedink he may be, I haven’t tested it with Bala. I don’t like the modify side of Bala. I also love the chance of being able to Snoke power action on Rebel Traitor’s die without them having a chance to respond since they were forced to activate.

vitalis09 330

I like it. When you can hit 3x Ties round1 then round2 spice it with 4th tie and FIHP for Planetary....it is really nasty :D So my questions exacly: Why 3 ties and 1 FIHP? I did exacly that change and it works wonders for me.

Queklaine 191

I like it. Another thing you might include is mind trick. Ciena is the likely opening target so the spot shouldnt be an issue. Mind trick is great with the rebel traitor. As soon as they roll out one character, you use the traitor to force the second one, getting more dice in the pool for mind trick to hit

staylor598 451

@vitalis09 I noticed that FIHP I was only satisfied with AFTER I already had a bigger support out so it would help me hit the 7 value. So I preferred to get a support out via resources from Chance Cube or snoke’s Power action or Delve. Then midgame it is easy to drop another with FIHP.

In my testing, TIE Fighters lose their value when not dropped in succession (unless you have 2 Hailfire’s out). So 3 was a hot spot for me. I’ve played 4 a lot in Thrawn Snoke, and I always felt I tried to force 8 resources too much. 6 resources for 3 vehicles feels better for me personally

staylor598 451

@Queklaine Mind Trick is one of my favorite cards in the game, and there’s no real reason it isn’t in there. I like that Beguile gives me more control over the dice I Interract with. I could easily see finding a place for Mind Trick; it’s been in a lot of my decks in the past.