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P0em 322

I’ve played one match with this thing on tts and shredded face. I’ve been playing Villian Vehicles for over a year and this might be the scariest deck I’ve ever built. Pryce with throne room is disgusting, Rebel guy lets you chance cube or partnership without being mitigated, magna dude lets finish your round (rolling in big supports) that you may not have been alive to have. Magna also lets you lockdown, which is a crazy good finisher.

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RebelTraitor 110

why run pryce over snoke?

jddykstraWTF 1

I don’t understand what lockdown does for you.

rogue6548 32

Nice deck. Lockdown is a great idea to switch on Pryce. Definitely going to give something like this a try, thanks for the inspiration. I've been trying to work out a deck with Rebel Traitor for a while, as I think he's underrated. I love the idea of getting to resolve an unmitigatable 4 resources with chance cube, assuming you're sitting on a Pryce special.

P0em 322

@RebelTraitor I'm just trying something different by trying to make #Pryce work. #Snoke is usually my go to with decks like this, however, #Pryce gives you better action cheat and focus consistency because it happens simultaneously. Keep giving feedback guys (positive or negative), it's greatly appreciated.

Razelll 244

I suggest more cheaper supports and not just a bunch of expensive supports. But other than that it looks like a very good and fun deck to play

Ion87 25

I like the build overall, but I'm not sure why you'd go with MagnaGuard over Ciena Ree - Adept Pilot. Ciena's ability and die just seems to work better with what you're trying to accomplish

Ion87 25

Also, have you tried Pirate Speeder Tank or Hailfire Droid Tank instead of the sonic cannon's?