Drive-by Shooting (Russian nationals top4)

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Dr_Feelgood 18

We had our first national championship in Moscow on 22.09.2018 with 40 participants. Structure was 6 rounds of Swiss and top-8. It's worth mentioning, that we had 40 minutes Swiss rounds and 70 minutes top8 bo3 rounds. While I can understand and have nothing against additional 5 mins in Swiss (the game is still pretty fresh here with a lot of new players), losing 20 minutes from bo3 is a disaster. The reasoning was time management problems - the venue (boardgame convention), where tournament was held, had to be closed quite early at 20:00. But anyway, thanks to the people, who have organised first official national tournament here in Russia. Lets move on to more interesting stuff!

Drive-By Shooting by Joe Colon ('@HonestlySarcastc') was a masterpiece and a deck that I've immediately fallen in love with. I enjoy its midrange style and the ability to switch between defence, when you stack your fleet and win in long term, and offence, when you go for the fast kill with cheap guns and +2 modifiers. I had known already in the beggining of June, that it's the deck I would really want to play in Nationals. Unfortunately, while I was awaiting for oversea shipments with Yodas and some other needed cards, WoTF came and shifted the meta to not so favorable to this deck. But I belive, that it's still a solid choice and have chances against any kind of decks. And also, I haven't play a single destiny game for like a month - so I have zero experience with new hot decks like Tacos or MILLionaires. And I don't own Snoke :) So, I've decided to still stick with Drive-by.

I've looked for the latest iteration of the deck by Joe with Hailfire droid tanks and Hidden Motives, but was not sure it will fit for me - from my experience I've hardly ever have a lot of resources to allow tanks. But to be sure, I've played couple of games in the morning on the tournament day - and didn't like it. Also, at first I was playing this deck with 10 vehicles (minus saber and r2-d2, plus 2 Fang Fighters), but it was a bit too many for my taste. If you don't draw Rally Aid and have a handful of expensive stuff - that's hard.

Some info about overall perfomance:

Swiss rounds

  1. WIN against eKylo2/eAnakin2. Opponent had a strange deck with low amount of upgrades.
  2. Time WIN againts KRAP (eArihnda Pryce/eKylo). I had 16 damage against his 15. It was a pretty tight game.
  3. WIN against eAurra Sing/eMother Talzin.
  4. LOSS against eYoda/Cassian/Anakin. I was rolling really bad that game, and my opponent has always been removing my Yoda's fixing dice.
  5. LOSS against eSnoke/Aphra/Battle droid. I wasn't expecting my opponent will use Snoke's power action on Aphra discard side first round and tear my hand to pieces after I play Rally Aid. Well, shame on me. And next round I wasn't able to find a vehicle.
  6. WIN against ePoe2/eHondo. I was pretty tilted after two last games, and almost managed to lose this one due to a lot of mistakes. It's clearly very important to not let emotions control you during the tournament!

After swiss I was on 7th place. We had like 4-5 more guys with 4-2 perfomance, I believe. I feel sorry for them, it's alwayd a hard feeling to miss top cut due tie-breakers.

Top-8 - 2-0 WIN against KRAP. First game my opponent make a mistake with grabbing a resource while I had Yoda special and Ezra dice in the pool. Then I've ramped a lot of vehicles. Second game my opponent almost got me and had 9 health left on Kylo. I had 3-4 Vehicles and Ezra with couple of damage. He had an option to kill almost full-healthed Pryce with Price of Failure and go for the end this round. But opted not to. I've managed to kill Kylo that round.

Top-4 - time LOSS agains Tacos (that guy won the whole event eventually, his deck is here - We had a very long first game. Like 40-50 minutes. I made a crucial mistake in the end with him having a Force Throw die on special, my Yoda having 3 health and a die with shield. I shoud've grab a shiled, but stupidly rolled ARC-170 first. Of coures, it has showed 3 indirect! I think I had a lot of chances to win otherwise - he had only one damaged Mando with force throw and I had almost dead Yoda, but with like my whole fleet. Second game was faster, cause we knew we had little time to think - but the same scenario - in the end I have Yoda with his starships. Time was called, and I was lacking one damage to win that round. So, I lost the bo3 match overall.

Yestarday I was pretty devastated due to the time loss, but today I feel alright - anyway, it's just a game. And it was a nice, quite large, tournament, first one in such a scale for me in SW Destiny (I'm playing it since May). And I love tournaments - I've been playing Android: Netrunner competitively for 5 years. I would like to thank my St. Petersburg crew and all the people, who came to the nationals - especially, who travelled to it. Big thanks to Joe Colon, who invented such a nice deck. And a huge big up to @YOUR Destiny Podcast - you guys rock and have teached me a lot in this new (for me) game.

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the BEAST 1008

You know that even if you had win the 2nd game against tacos by time, you would’ve still lost the tiebreaker.

Razelll 244

@the BEAST What is the tiebreaker for that scenario?

KingD21 2

Had he outright won the 2nd match (even if time was called but met one of the win conditions) -- they would be force to play 2 game rounds of game 3 and then go to standard tiebreakers (assuming no win condition was met in game 3). Granted the Mandos likely would have the advantage in that scenario due to their consistency, but nothing is guaranteed.

Razelll 244

@KingD21 So they would just play more games untill somebody won?

YOUR Destiny Podcast 1342

@Dr_Feelgood ... man!!! THANKS!!!

KingD21 2

They would only play the 3rd game. After 2 game rounds (end of upkeep), they would go through normal game tiebreakers (damage dealt -> cards left -> battlefield controller).