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Nelp 43

A re-design of the deck "Paper cuts" created by aasenb. Really liked the deck idea and play style, but just couldn't get behind some of the upgrade and event choices he/she made, so I made a few changes. Doubt and Flank are good cards, but things like By Any Means and Twin Shadows cover a similar itch (in the case of flank) or are just safer and more concrete alternatives that can be taken advantage of in this deck and current meta. With ridiculous values on die like Planetary Bombardment, cards like by any means become immediately useful. This deck is also strapped for cash to an extent, so keeping values as low as possible in the process is important, but I feel like aasenb was cutting the deck too short in some places. redeploy cards like LL-30 Blaster Pistol should not be passed up on, especially because they work so well with these characters. I also felt that while most healing in villain command/rogue is pretty wimpy, that there should be at least something a bit more than Plastoid Armor to fix that hole, and added Machine Replacement as a result. Please, if you see anything that I could change for the better or might want to consider changing, drop a comment!

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GandalfsHat 11

I would consider possibly adding a Chance Cube, for one it helps with the resource drop a bit, and secondly it's NASTY on the Super Commandos. Look at the two cards next to each other, add you'll see you can get up to four direct damage a turn without any dice, for free. Saw that trick in a Mother Talzin - Nightsister Matriarch Mandalorian Super Commando deck, it hurts. Similarly, you could add in Mandalorian Vambraces, for the same purpose, though I prefer the Chance cube route. Otherwise this deck looks great, would definitely try this out!

Nelp 43

@GandalfsHat holy yeah, ill have to try that out. They would probably work better than DH-17 Blaster Pistol or something similar, so ill definantly be testing your suggestion out. I know that with the power actions you can get 2 direct damage off without die, but how do the chance cubes make it 4? I guess I'm just not seeing it haha

teyllerd 2

@Nelp Equip the two Cubo de azar in the first Mandalorian Super Commando (two damage), activate it and dont pay. Repeat with the second Mandalorian Super Commando (another two damage)

Carraminana 89

@teyllerd Mandalorian Super Commando ability is a power action, only works once each round. so you can only do one damage point each round, with each commando

teyllerd 2

@Carraminana true. my fault. only 2 damge each round "for free"