Guarded Aurra

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clochard 1

A quite fun and effective deck, open for comments. I didn't find this pair of characters in published decks.

It's rather straightforward, Aurra inflicts damage as fast as possible, and the Gamorrean guards Aurra :-) A few weapons, a few control cards, no real twist but fun to play and works really well.

I find this version of the deck more effective than eAurra/Jango, eAurra/Boba, eAurra/Bib, or than eAurra/Phasma and eAurra/Death trooper (when I tried with a little bit of red).

Not quite sure about Relentless Pursuit, I nearly never use it. Tried also Go for the Kill but it didn't see that much use. Personal Shield is not bad, but I'm not sure this deck really needs it, might as well replace this with a more aggressive approach, or an upgrade like Jetpack ?

Advice appreciated :-)

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Venator class star destroyer! 20

So with the Gamorrean Guard, you want to use the guardian as much as possible, so I would take out 2 Relentless Pursuit and add 2x Bolt Hole. And one quick question, how is armed to the teeth? Has it helped a lot?

clochard 1

@Happy Jedi Bolt Hole is a good idea, it looks like it will be much more useful.

I like Armed to the teeth a lot as a finisher :-)

clochard 1

Trying a bit with Bolt Hole instead of Relentless Pursuit, and On The Hunt in place of Personal Shield, not bad, but still missing a little something.