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Ira 32

Add more removal - Block? Entangle? loth cat? Dex's Diner? Sound the Alarm?

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GandalfsHat 11

I would say yes to Sound The Alarm, it's a fantastic card that can always help you out of a jam. I usually find myself rerolling anywhere from three to five dice, which, for the low low price of free, is pretty great economically. Also I would swap out Clandestine Operation, usually you won't get your money's worth out of the card, the most dice I've ever seen resolved with it is two, simply because the dice in any deck aren't going to be THAT consistent, and pitching all your cards for rerolls, just to set up a single combo, isn't worth it in my book. Dex's Diner would be a good choice too, love the card.

Ira 32

@GandalfsHat thanks for taking the time to comment. With Clandestine Operation, you can chain specials, so as long as Yoda is showing a single special, you can play Clandestine Operation, then resolve Yoda special, flip the other yoda die to special (and get a money), then resolve the other yoda die to flip force meditation (or force speed, or force jump) to special and gain a money, then resolve the force meditation to mill them 2. Then, after all that, Clandestine Operation will mill 3. So spending 1 to mill 3 is quite good, and even 1 for 2 is fine. Regarding Sound the Alarm, it's a kind of removal card, so what other card would you swap out? Your comment about rerolling my own dice doesn't really match what Sound the Alarm is for...

General Vatutin 20

You mentioned on hyperloops a Vader and eTarkin with eJabba mill that wasn’t up to snuff. I would be greatly interested in seeing these even if you just comment back with a quick card pool. In the interest of making as many decks as possible for the wife and kids, I have resorted to shooting for tier 1.5 or tier 2 everything. I often take great decks and weaken them so other decks can compete. Sooooo many of my characters are pulling double triple duty in decks. This is not the case with the decks above and mill also allies for the use of cards and dice not always used in Aggro deck leading to a larger collection of ready to go decks.


Ira 32

For reference, here's the hyperloops article General is talking about:

And since you asked, here's the eJabba eTarkin deck (a bit old):

And the eJabba Vader deck:

General Vatutin 20

Ira, you rock. Thanks! Keep up the great decks and positive, classy attitude.