Jyn/Cassian - Making Jyn good - aggro

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Jyn/Cassian - Making Jyn good - Aggro 2.0 3 3 2 2.0
7 commenti

NotaPeanut 54

Rebel seems to fit really nicely in this deck.

Hessian Sack 1337

@NotaPeanut what would you swap for it?

FireandCheese 19

i would drop the well connected and the air speeders for entangle or maybe drop the maz vault for entangles

whozeppelin224 15

I agree with @NotaPeanut Rebel certainly has a spot here. I would drop the 2x Impulsive as I feel like the best use of that card is with focus side or in a deck with different damage sides, neither of which are the case here. I'd maybe drop the XS Stock Light Freighter for another Yellow event like Reversal or Explosive Tactics to get more mileage out of Jyn's ability.

Just my two cents, love the deck otherwise.

NotaPeanut 54

@Hessian Sack I think you got to think about jyns ability with some of your mitigation. I don't love Loth-Cat and Mouse only because you don't have too many bad or inconsequential dice. I think Entangle is a solid option here. Also I agree with possibly switching out Impulsive for at least one Never Tell Me The Odds or even a Battle Rage for sneaky damage versus other aggro.

Hessian Sack 1337

@NotaPeanut @FireandCheese @whozeppelin224

Thanks for your input guys! I'm updating the deck, Entangle and Rebel seem popular here, so they're definitely going in! @NotaPeanut, I hadn't considered Never Tell Me The Odds or Battle Rage, will try them out.

CupidStunt 7

with all the resource gain i would also consider running something like Millennium Falcon , im not sure in the place of what but also Pirate Speeder Tank because they could help give a pretty damn strong kick and looking at the average hand youd be dropping them nice and early, which also helps save your more controly aspect for when it starts to matter a little more. i feel they are pretty underated on alot of lists and with all that resource gain you make sure you get to drop them