Rex Aayla

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5 commenti

TheSky3 117

Thoughts on hit and run?

truth123 305

that'd be a good additiion



Can't put words in Edwin's mouth but I would guess hit and run was left out because the mixed damage nature of the dice (there is some of all 3 types here) may prevent you from resolving out enough of the damage for the card to be worth using.

edwinchen50 1465

Appreciate the feedback guys, after some testing I've found that this deck is aggressively mediocre, so take that as you will.

FroggiDaPrince 1

What if you played it like Yoda/Cass damage is played? Minimal upgrades except for the very good ones and a lot of control? Maybe even chance cubs since you don’t have Yoda for a ton of money. Is that worth trying?