eRex/Clone/Clone shinnanigans 7-2

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ShadowLink 55

Ever since Clone Troopers were announced in the Legacies sets I was certain they would make a Captain Rex - Clone Captain. Well, I called it cause they made #Rex into an actual character card and I was so hyped in making this deck!

So I have added the Grey colored cards so it can possibly stop the Kylo Ren - Tormented One's ability of doing two damage within the activation of Kylo, since this is a Mono Red deck.

The plan is to keep Rex - Clone Captain alive as his ability opens a lot of controlling the battlefield cards such as Superior Position, Dug in for protection on Rex and the Clone Troopers if needed! And the Superior Positions.

So in the starting hand for round one, you will need a First Aid for the 4 healing for one , a DH-17 Blaster Pistol and some removal like Flank and Superior Position. Into The Garbage Chute would be a possible option as well, but you won't be able to get the free reroll with the Clone Trooper as you will have to exhaust one to remove two damage . I would replace two of the A280 Blaster Rifle for something else such as a Blaze of Glory for late game plays where a Clone Trooper is near death and and activate the Clone Trooper by using the Blaze of Glory to remove all of an oponent's damage dice to you won't have to worry of damage onto your characters. I would also replace the A280 Blaster Rifle for a Logistics to get the extra resources if needed cause this deck is resource dependent on the upgrades, events and removals.

You would want to play the Rex's Blaster Pistol onto Rex - Clone Captain first to get that ability where the upgrade becomes a non-unique. Then you will be able to play that onto another Clone Trooper and then you will be able to activate all the characters within one turn. Hit and Run with both Rex's Blaster Pistol on the characters will be extremely lethal as your opponent won't be able to stop anything that could happen.

I hope this deck list is good enough for all of you, I might make some changes to this and see how I go.

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flight799 148

What about Rearm ? I loved this card in my old Ackbar/Leia deck. Reroll some dice, then play the weapon cheaper. Great against hand disruption or mill also.

ShadowLink 55

@flight799 Yeah I could totally add that in! I might make some changes to this deck later on, but discarding a weapon to reroll and then play Rearm wouldn't be a bad choice!


wow i can make one better then this lol