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Mysterious Kook 394

Took this to the NA Champs at Gencon last week and made top 16. This is pretty much the stock list that's been floating around for a few weeks now. I haven't had a lot of chance to playtest since WotF came out, so I took the only deck I really had any experience with. Matchups were as follows:

Day 1

Round 1 - Yoda/Cassian (damage) - W
Round 2 - Grievous2/Gamorrean Guard - W
Round 3 - Rose/Wedge/Hired Gun - L
Round 4 - Yoda/Cassian/Anakin Mill - W
Round 5 - Thrawn/Snoke - W
Round 6 - Yoda/Ezra/Rookie Pilot - L
Round 7 - Luke3/Rey2 - W
Round 8 - Kanan/Aayla Built to Last - W

I was 6-2 after the swiss, which put me in 21st place.

My losses in the swiss were to Hero Vehicles played by Agent of Zion and Drive By Shooting. I didn't have a chance against Hero Vehicles. He had the powerful removal when he needed it, and nabbed some key cards with Friends in Low Places, and was able to ramp out vehicles quickly. I know I threw the game away against Drive By Shooting because I had an insane opener, but I managed to mess up somewhere along the way by trying to get too much value out of my dice and making a couple dumb decisions.

Day 2

Top 32 - Talzin/Super Commando/Super Commando - W 2-1
Top 16 - Snoke/Aphra/Battle Droid - L 1-2

In the top cut, my first opponent was playing Talzin/Commando/Commando and I was able to take the series in 3 games. He drew his conditional removal at the end in game 3, and wasn't able to deal with 4 unblockable damage coming from a Pryce 2 and Vibroknife +2. My second opponent was Nick Cuenca from The Hyperloops playing his Aphra vehicles deck. I took the first game, but he was able to get the other 2. I focused Snoke down during the match, but in retrospect it was probably correct to go for Aphra. Overall I exceeded my expectations and had a blast.

The Z6 Riot Baton and Lightsaber Pull were the cards that I felt were the weakest in the deck. Also Doubt felt terrible the entire time, but it's kind of a necessary evil. Everything else felt pretty good, but I could see cutting a copy of Intimidate and potentially The Best Defense as well, depending on the meta. I've also been thinking about trying Probe. As always, any feedback is appreciated.

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