DJ Jazzy Snoke - GenCon Top 16

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alsarkis 57

Day 1

  • R1 - eJyn/Cassian (win)
  • R2 - eBoba/eSeventh Sister (win)
  • R3 - eYoda/eLeia Mill (win)
  • R4 - eCassian/eYoda/Profitable Connections (win)
  • R5 - eTalzin/Mandalorian/Mandalorian (loss)
  • R6 - eYoda/eEzra/Rookie Pilot Drive By Shooting (win)
  • R7 - eCad/eSnoke (loss)
  • R8 - Rose/Ezra/Gungan/Anakin Launch Bae (win)

Day 2

  • Top 32 - eLuke3/eRey2 (won 2-0)
  • Top 16 - eSnoke/eKylo2 (loss 0-2)
10 commenti

PorgChop 293

This is spicy.

alsarkis 57

@PorgChop it's like spicy but great for making a feast of other player's dice.

agentc13 214

What would you say are the best/worst matchups for this deck?

Drop it like it's Hutt 2

I like where this is going. Why did you go with Maz's Castle - Takodana and how did it perform in action?

alsarkis 57

@agentc13 the only decklist this really struggles against is action cheat decks, like Cad/Snoke. If I don't get a chance to mitigate their dice, I can't do much. Also three wide vehicles can be a problem if I can't find my Force Wave right away. But even then, it performed pretty well against Launch Bae.

Its best matchups are probably two character aggros, like Luk3/Rey2 and KRAP. I can mitigate their dice all day long.

alsarkis 57

@Drop it like it's Hutt I chose Maz's Castle - Takodana because I usually don't want my battlefield. I want those shields so Snoke can get a few more pings out of DJ. In case we do play with mine, I can use it to dig for my Sith Holocron. But this deck usually moves slow enough that very rarely do I claim.

After playing it at GenCon, though, I may switch it to Rift Valley - Dathomir. I run mostly odd costed removal, so I can hit it the majority of the time and it offers another way to remove dice (and trigger DJ's ability).

Even so, very rarely do I choose my battlefield and I have to be playing against something very slow moving to claim on a consistent basis.

crawwurm 138

@alsarkis so what's the logic behind just 1 force illusion? Doesn't trigger dj but its still good?

alsarkis 57

@crawwurm no doubt that Force Illusion is an amazing card...but I found through testing that it wasn't as necessary. I have so much dice mitigation that I was stopping damage before it was getting dealt to me. So, while helpful, it isn't as necessary as it is in other blue decks.

stranglebat 782

1 Force Illusion is probably a factor in the weaker Cad match up though. Cad needs the proactive defense. 1 slot could be found for the second 1 im sure

alsarkis 57

@stranglebat It is possible. I haven't actually missed it yet, but you are more than welcome to tweak this list to your play style. If anything, I am looking at adding Rise Again.