Gencon 2018 Top 8 - Hera Vehicles

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NJ Boonton Regional Top 8 6-1 in swiss 11 8 3 1.0
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Kalikori Vehicles (Seattle 18-Participant SC Winner, 7-0) 12 6 11 1.0
Hera Vehicles 1 2 0 1.0

rmohler 579

  • R1 - L - eYoda/Cassian/Anakin_WotF
  • R2 - W - eLuke_WotF/eRey_2PS
  • R3 - W - eLuke_WotF/eYoda
  • R4 - W - eKylo_2PS/ePryce
  • R5 - W - eKylo_2PS/ePryce
  • R6 - W - eCassian/eYoda/Profitable_Connections
  • R7 - W - eCassian/eYoda/Profitable_Connections
  • R8 - L - eCassian/eYoda/Profitable_Connections

  • Top 32 - 2-0 - eThrawn/eSnoke
  • Top 16 - 2-0 - eCassian/eYoda/Profitable_Connections
  • Top 8 - 0-2 - eYoda/Cassian/Anakin_WotF
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symbio 167

Congratulations man! Great to see someone taking Hera to the top cut!

mightyspacepope 1

The hero we deserve.

JediConsular4hire 66

I really like the interaction between Hera and Quadjumper. Free Y-wings must be fun. Congratulations on top 8 with a deck that probably no one else was running.

YOUR Destiny Podcast 1342

@rmohler ... would you be interested in doing a write-up for the YOUR destiny website? Please contact us at or pm us :D

And congrats!

comradedickbutt 72

Finally someone else playing this! I've been rocking what I called the YoMazHerati for a while now. The new Way of the Force vehicles are potentially very useful in it, especially the N-1 Starfighter and the Hailfire given Hera's ability. Our decks differ primarily in that I don't have a second Yoda so I use a second Hera die just to pump out more vehicles, and also in that the majority of my non-support die are there to reactivate supports. I use Maz's Goggles as the only upgrade (besides chance cube) because the focus die sides on Maz and her goggles can be clutch with her activation. Do you find that people go after one of the characters far more often than the other?

comradedickbutt 72

Here is more or less my most recent build of it, btw.

whataboutb0b 1

Ive always been curious about Hera, but never really used her. Would resolving her special into a U wing, then playing recycle to discard the U wing for 5 resources be a valid play? Seems like it'd be easy to pull off with Yoda.

comradedickbutt 72

`@whataboutb0b' not only could you do that you could also pull it out of the discard if you were playing docking bay instead of weapons factory alpha. Hera'ing out a vehicle, resolving its die, recycling it and then claiming the battlefield to bring it out for the rest of the game is the ideal move, at least as I play it.

rmohler 579

@whataboutb0b @comradedickbutt This build is focused on consistency and redundancy for playing vehicles. It's definitely possible to play Recycle on a Hera'd U-wing to receive 4 resources, but that's a pretty rare play for me to make ~ full explanation below.

If I have 2 U-Wings, 2 Pirate Speeder Tanks, and 2 Recycle in my deck, the chance of getting at least one Recycle and one 5-cost vehicle in the same draw of 5 cards is 14.7%. In my current deck, I only run 1 U-wing, reducing the chance to 4.4% (I don't want to destroy the Hailfire Droid Tanks - they do too much damage to discard!) The chance of drawing at least one recycle without a 5-cost vehicle would be 26.7% for a hand of 5 cards, which would mean I'm missing out on playing other great options like Hidden Motive, T-47 Airspeeder, or Chance Cube. This is all assuming you can resolve a Hera 100% of the time - which your opponent might not let you do if they've caught on to your strategy.

For generating resources, I really like Chance Cube - but you want to be as sure as you can about getting money from it before paying. Playing the chance cube on Maz will increase your odds of dodging your opponent's removal - even guaranteeing 3 resources if you already have a focus or side-changing in your pool.

comradedickbutt 72

I'm about to acquire a second Yoda die, so I'll be able to try out my build in what I imagine will be its optimal state. For what it's worth, I'm usually able to resolve the Hera special at least 75% of the time, and on turns where I get a Hit and Run or Partnership and happen to have Maz's Goggles on her, it's almost guaranteed. (side note, if you've got a Maz's Goggles, I highly highly recommend them in this build. The two focus off a Maz activation is bonkers and rolling in the special is almost as good.) The reason I run the Recycle build is multifold, but mainly because Hera is the big target. She's often dead round 2 or 3 if I'm playing a serious aggro deck, and if that happens the Recycle play becomes a backup plan to get a big vehicle out in her stead. I'm excited to see how a second Yoda die changes that, taking heat off of Hera and making everything a little more consistent.

I like your deck especially because you've gone all in with the mitigation suite, and I do find myself at times wishing I had mitigation in hand rather than an excess of vehicles. But the premise my deck is predicated upon is almost entirely offensive and swarming, and meant to be surprisingly fast for a vehicle build.

How often do you find yourself actually able to pull off the Quadjumper via Hera move? I've never had a quadjumper but as you can see I tried replicating it with the Docking Bay / Recycle combo.

Sinomi 256

@rmohler I love playing Hera, and seeing that you made it to top 8 gave me the guts to try her again in an SC. I went 7-0 flying your 93% of your list. Thank you for sharing!

rmohler 579

@Sinomi Nice work! Find any changes that worked better for you?

Sinomi 256

@rmohler Suppressive Fire helped me out a lot against Hit and Run / Quick Draw style fast-activation decks. Four of my seven games were against either Rey - Force Prodigy or Rex's Blaster Pistol combo decks, so being able to play Suppressive Fire ahead of time to set up preemptive die removal for the next round was a life saver!

What was tricky was deciding what to cut... I played every card in your list and they all have distinct functions. I ended up dropping one Pinned Down and one Caution. Into The Garbage Chute was dubious for me, since each character's die has potential to be valuable, but I think that a one-of (along with a one-of Easy Pickings) worked just right, especially if I didn't have a vehicle to play off of Hera Syndulla - Phoenix Leader when I really needed to exhaust someone for Into The Garbage Chute.