eJabba2/ePryce DOUBLE SPECIALS #RoadtoWorlds2019

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Fresck 228

I am waiting soooooooo much to try it out, but we won't have the hands on WoTF before end of the month...

I was wondering why not include both thermals bombs? They look good with 2 specials on each of them and very powerfull items! I would suggest something to hit some direct damage to have a push to kill for example rocket launcher? Still has a special, and money shouldn't be a problem with a 2 sided ressource Jabba ^^

Also If you play cable launcher, wouldn't you like to fast hands it? In order to negatte instantly the opponent that rolls first? I would finally suggest 2 cards, that can look pretty intersting : battle fatigue, since the main dmg source will be indirect, and new orders to switch the battlefield and make a surprise resolve of dmg or focus with arihnda!

Tell us what results you had, what is good and whatnot! I will probably try it out with a slightly different version, but really hope it will make great results!

behindthedice 686

@Fresck Yea right now I’m just swapping a bunch of cards with two specials and what not. The thermals are definitely a great idea, and I really want to find room for fast hands!