NJ Boonton Regional Top 8 6-1 in swiss

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Pax South Galactic Qualifier Runner-Up Days 2 & 3 1 1 0 1.0
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Gencon 2018 Top 8 - Hera Vehicles 21 13 13 1.0

rmohler 560

mAzHeRaTi tOyOdA dEaLeRsHiP!!!

I developed this list from my Hera/eKanan/Maz list that I used at Pax South. Yoda typically draws their fire, but that lets you build around Maz and Hera for late game.

Deck list is mostly untested - a few changes were made on the way to the regional.

Thoughts on cards:

Getting Quadjumper and any big vehicle is such a power play with Hera. It's like her special becomes a 3-4 resource side.

Millennium Falcon w/ Maz has blowout potential, but the 1/3 chance of whiffing if you don't have any extra focus in the pool can hurt.

Speeder Tank might be overcosted at 5, but it's pretty great at 3 w/ rally aid, or 2 with a Hera -> Quadjumper trick

R2-D2 isn't quite as good as C-3PO, but being able to play both felt better than one.

If Resistance Bomber was hard-played (without Hera's ), I usually rolled it out first. If your opponent spends removal on it, you don't need to take 1 damage on the support.

Y-wing feels like the best card in the deck, but a cheap/early U-wing is game changing if you use its special for 6 shields.

Suppression field was really great. Especially relevant against Sabine Wren - Explosives Expert w/ Running Interference.

Caution is great, but it's hard to find that moment where you can give up a Hera/Maz die to protect Yoda. It's necessary, but it feels like a tough decision. Same goes for Vandalize on targets with more than 1 cost.

Republic Cruiser was disappointing. Seems good on paper, but I found myself getting resources when I needed shields and shields when I needed resources. Could have just been bad luck.

T-47 is solid, but I didn't see it much.

Turns out Yoda actually has 2 blank sides - and . (Disrupt was great against decks with Hyperspace Jump though, occasionally)

I was nervous about taking Force Illusion because of Vandalize. getting more popular. Definitely a mistake - Force Illusion would have been much better to have.

Notes on Tournament

Very fun tournament! Surprisingly spacious tables for a store hosting 75 people. Pairings were up quickly and judges were excellent. Also nice to see 3 guys from Golden Dice's local meta make Top 8!

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DarthRoman 129

I made a similar version of this deck. I have 2 easy pickings and also 2 into the garbage chute. You could easily replace suppression field with it if you found it to be a bit expensive.

rmohler 560

I actually really liked Suppression Field - I think my biggest misplay of the tournament was discarding it for a reroll in my match against Jimmy Emeralds in the Top 8.

Into The Garbage Chute is tough for me to wrap my head around, since Hera and maz both offer a lot of utility early on. Maybe a 1-of is possible for the late game.

comradedickbutt 45

So I found this deck by searching via characters for a deck I've been working on for a while now, and it's the same character pairing as you but a slightly different tack. I've never played against a hero vehicle deck so I don't know how mine compares with others, but it can be a decent deck in my local meta. Here it is if you'd like to check it out: swdestinydb.com