Kylo2/Talzin - SD Regional Top 4 - Smugglers Den Deck

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TinyGrimes 3025

This was the deck that John Bruno and I both took to the SD regional. We both went 6-2, I made the cut and the top 4, while John missed out on tiebreakers.

We took the basic shell and tweaked it to be good against certain matchups. We didn't have a lot of time for testing, so when reflecting on the deck some includes were better than others.

Let's start with Force Rend. The theory was mill would be at the event. If so this deck could struggle. But if you leave Riekan alive and kill his buddies, only one card beats you, C-3P0. Force Rend handles him quite nicely. The entire day of swiss (about 30 hours it seemed) Force Rend did nothing for me. Absolutely nothing. However, in the top 8 I faced the Rebel Spy himself with his mill deck. Force Rend destroyed him. It blew up at least two C-3p0s and 2 Second Chance over the course of 2 games. So the bottom line is Force Rend has its uses but it situational. With the rise of vehicles, I wonder if it will be good for removing Resistance Bomber. Or if that will just be too expensive.

Ewok Village - This was a powerful change to the deck. We were able to pull off a great many shields during the day from Obi Wan decks, Mill decks, and many others. I really like this change, and the credit goes to John for this one.

Feel Your Anger - I am big into cards that remove multiple dice. However, 1 Feel Your Anger would have probably been better. There was no Tarkin that I saw, and very few Chance Cubes.

Kylo's Starfighter - I put this in for the mirror. It's an even. But in theory it seemed so good against mono blue decks. In practice, it just wasn't. Indirect damage early isn't great, and it was just never quite effective enough. It cannot be reduced by Binds. Heirloom Lightsaber would have been a better choice in that spot.

The rest of the deck is just your standard Kylo/Talzin build.

It was a fun time getting out to a massive, nearly 100 person event. John and I had a lot of time talking about the deck and making some final untested tweaks in the IHOP down the street. Congrats to Joey who knocked me out with his Kylo/Talzin deck which was tweaked better for the mirror, and to Zion for winning the whole thing.

I will be talking about the event in detail this week on the Smugglers Den.

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amustoe 52

Congrats sir! Looking forward to the podcast- destiny is better when you're cranking out the content.

earnan21 1

I'm loving this deck type - haven't officially tweaked the one I had been playing (the 20-2 list) but after my testing was definitely thinking Force Rend was needed (Force Illusion, Second Chance, C-3PO/R2...)

What would you replace the Starfighter with? Nightsister Coven? Unyielding to give another way to punch through the finishing damage?

I'll give this list a whirl - I'm not sure it's quite my preferred playstyle but I need to grow!

Drink Blue Milk 88

Congrats tiny and thanks for sharing the info!

LordVampire 1

I used a slightly different list in my Regionals, but disn't do so well, went 2-3. I struggled against some decks with resources, needing all to remove dice and not getting out my upgrades. I nearly won one of my losses, but alas. Unyielding was a 1x in my deck, I saw it every game but never played it, either not needing it, discarding it with Spell of removal or it wouldn't have an impact, like against a near full health Poe. Also only got off 1 Rise again in 5 games, while I got one off every game while testing the deck. During the tournament I either struggled with the resources of did have 5-6 but both Rise Agains were at the bottom of the deck and even a hard mulligan didn't get me one. Congratulations on making top 4 with your deck!

TinyGrimes 3025

@earnan21 I really liked Joe's idea of using No Mercy. It sounds absurd running a situational even costed card. But it was really strong.

TinyGrimes 3025

@LordVampireSorry to hear you had such a different experience than I did. I will say though that between Binds and Holocrons, I did not pay for many upgrades. Most of my money went towards Rise and removal. I always sent my Rises back on the mulligan looking for Binds or Holocron.

banshee 88

What is your experience with Mislead in decks like this? It seems like it's a blue version of electroshock, which would make it more useful than Isolation, but then there are a lot more dice with values above 2 nowadays.

TinyGrimes 3025

@bansheeI think you are pulling a Tiny Grimes and not reading Mislead carefully enough. In a mono blue deck Isolation is simply a better version of mislead. Both only target character dice.

banshee 88

@TinyGrimes oh my goodness you are right! Isolation is better mistake!

Ion87 25

@TinyGrimes if rivals were legal would you swap in anakin for talzin? Any other cards in this deck you'd replace with rivals cards?

TinyGrimes 3025

@Ion87This particular version is completely built around Mother Talzin and the consistency that she provides. I'm sure an Anakin version would be good, but it would be a completely different deck. I also don't think it would be a better deck. I don't think there are any cards I would include from Rivals. Although Hidden Motive is really good, it is an even costed card. I don't think it's good enough to warrant including another even.

Taurenrider 93

I run a pretty similar deck and it's really strong (10-0). Try ditching the Kylo Ren's Starfighter and adding force focus, people locally looked at me like I was crazy for using it, but it is always the star. I also run it will all be mine and no rise again (I found I would never really have 5 resources to pay for it).