Extreme Mill

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bootchas 133


Choose their battlefield for Ascension Gun to work.

Spy Net: Play as usual

Millennium Falcon: loop yellow focus/trap cards (Reversal and Never Tell Me The Odds)

Play the Odds on Lando's dice for the big resource generation.

When you're not in danger and have 4 shields on Diplomatic Immunity, use All Quiet On The Front to mill.

Millennium Falcon (again): use rebel in the discard pile to use other non yellow events at a decreased cost.

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ShadeBlade314 1

I have a friend who has the exact same deck build as this. All the cards are the same. I don't know why he didn't use it on this Tuesday's league. Mabye you know my friend. ;)

CouchPlayKonnor 20

How does this differ from Honey Dickin?

Serj22 1

In the "Derived from" section you forgot to write "Honey Dickin". Common mistake. Carry on.

bootchas 133

What is "Honey Dickin"? Another Mill? This isn't derived from anything but my other deck. Linked Below.

bootchas 133

PorgChop 293

PorgChop 293

bootchas 133

Thanks for showing me that deck. Love the comment section btw.