Baze/Maz- Winner of Kashyyyk Regional Tournament

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Chrispy77 136

Went 7/6 in a 27.5 person event. It was rough and I don't remember it too well (due to liquid inebriation), but I remembering like I feel like I won. I probably did.

There were 30 R2P2 decks but all you gotta do is lategame use running interference to keep opponents from activating their characters. Resolve your dices with Maz Kitty and use the jumping hyperspace to say it's your turn again. They don't like it but you do. I mean yeah.

What's that behind me? Oh it's just a trail of smoldering R2P2 decks, where the tears of its pilots are the gasoline to its flame. Does it burn? You bet it does.

Try it or I dunno. Yeah? Yeah.

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Serj22 1

I personally played against this deck at the Kashyyyk open. It was this guy named Kevin or something like that. Generic names ya know? Steve. Bob. Ryan. They're all similar.

Anyways. So it was pretty hard to concentrate during this game cause this Steve guy was just drooling excessively and babbling a little bit about how outer space is really big. It was also a little hard for me to concentrate because I had been chugging what I call "Pink drank" all morning. Basically a mix of non alcoholic beer, pepto bismol, and sprite and it was giving me the sweats.

Anyway this dude Greg activates Maz first like a savage. He's sitting there kinda oscillating in his chair turning her all the way around. I mean - all the way. Like you typically turn them 90* but he just kept spinning. Kinda drooling and he looked like he was about to cry or throw up. He finally rolled out the die and got a focus and a one ranged. He resolved the one ranged. At least I think he did. He picked the die up and threw it over my shoulder and told me to "get out".

That Carl, what a character. Anyhow I put the one damage counter on my sabine and I chose to activate her without any weapons since I couldn't afford the Dl-44 in my hand and had nothing to discard to help her ability. Sure enough I rolled two blanks. I was not doing well and the sweats were really getting to me.

On his next turn Troy was looking real rough around the edges and he kept pretending to drink out of a paper bag. He was being kinda weird. The drooling got a little intense and then he said something like "Blaze is mah sister" and activated baze. He did the same thing like before just spinning the card. He also put it in his mouth and said it tasted "like a stupid failure" and that made him go into a long rant full of crying and weird tangents and I honestly couldn't understand most of it. I really had to use the restroom at this point so I was just hoping he'd hurry up. Eventually Sam was just crossing his arms and burying his head in his hands and I didn't know how to console the guy.

Sure enough while Tom is sitting there crying I hear a judge call "Time". And that's that. We can't finish the round cause he couldn't find his dice. He had previously put one in his mouth and the other he knocked off the table and yelled at anyone who tried to pick it up. He had done more damage with the one damage sitting on sabine and he took his 5th win that day. I really didn't care cause I had to use the bathroom. But he just started yelling "whooooooo" and didn't stop for like 5 minutes. Anyways, it was a great deck. I had a weird time playing against it and there was definitely no way I was going to win.

PorgChop 293


Jiveturkey 1

Tom you SOB! I won't forget you Bob. I know it was you Steve/Dave. And dont you think I wont know what to do about it Carl. Next time its your arse Mike.

Scactha 844

Love the strategy and tone :) On a more serious level, with Finn, Auto Cannon, Maz Vault, Hasty Exit and Easy Pickings incoming from Legacies this´ll work like a charm. Enter blazing guns and blast away before they´ve recovered. Mehaps call it 'Maze of Glory'.

Sleazebaggono 131

I played against [/Maz]'s Bottom Bitch after the first cut of this tournament, didn't lose to it but it did make me flip the table turn 2 which apparently DQ's you, and I thought this was America.

Sleazebaggono 131

Apone007 1

Love this deck! Drive opponents crazy, lots of tricks!