Ciena Bane

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Cadbury Surprise 21 15 22 1.0
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Bane Ree 2 0 1 1.0

Carraminana 89

My version of

Added Deadly, On The Hunt and Sustained Fire thinking of shield abuse R2P2 and Quigon decks.

I make less money so i added too Rebel War Room - Yavin IV and Imperial HQ.

Deadly on Ciena Ree - Adept Pilot makes her the finisher, on Cad Bane - Vicious Mercenary makes him cheaper to resolve.

@spra1jer I hope you like it too.

2 commenti

spra1jer 98

I like it, that sustained fire seems really good right now. May have to look into deadly too. Cienna's dice are so good, but end game deadly might be better than resources. Nice work!

GenghisDon 99

IMO Rocket Launcher is unnecessary. I also think playing Ciena without Logistics is a crime. I really love the idea of Deadly on Ciena. I've been kind of married to my eCad/eCiena deck for a while and I can tell you the biggest weakness it has is against shields. Cad can drop 6 to 8 with ease but then your opponent follows up with something that gives 3 shields and you can't finish them off. I'd like to get an enemy down to 2 HP and have them shield up, then on my turn I come back with [Tactical Mastery] (/card/01074), play Deadly on Ciena after her dice are in the pool then tap deadly and a ciena die for the kill. That Deadly add is a fantastic idea!!!