NSW (Australia) Regional Championship Winner - Starter Baes

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11-1 PAX Unplugged Galactic Qualifier Day 2 Winner 134 108 39 1.0
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Hawaii Regional Winner Decklist (8-2 overall) 7 6 9 1.0

almo 176

Podcast interview with Knights of Ren coming soon.

Event Details: https://tabletop.to/star-wars-destiny-nsw-regional-championship


I like to pick decks that are either filthy, consistent or ban worthy (or all of them combined). Previously at big events I won a store Champs with Funkar and came 11th in Australian Nationals with Thrawnkar, so I like to play with stuff that gets banned. This deck certainly fits in well with my tastes XD

The deck:

No surprises, this deck was derived from Edwin: https://swdestinydb.com/decklist/view/15855/11-1paxunpluggedgalacticqualifierday2winner-1.0 He pretty much sums up how you pilot this deck and how it functions.

My mate Matthew was the one who brought this deck to locals and steamrolled me with it which converted me - it was his idea for the It Binds All Things. His deck is here: https://swdestinydb.com/decklist/view/16007/r2-p2sydneyregionalstop4-1.0

So with both Edwin's, Matthew's and my version, there is only a two card difference.

It Binds All Things was an amazing edition and it definitely was essential for this deck. I took out a force speed as recommended by Edwin and originally i had decided to take out a Riposte, however I made a last minute midnight decision after 5 hours of testing, it occurred to me that shields were overflowing during games and that the dice were too valuable to give up for Caution, so I put the Riposte back in and took 1 Caution out.

If you must change a card, 1 Medical Droid would be what I would suggest you take out.


This deck is extremely consistent and extremely good at tanking and taking it to the long game. Much like the now nerfed Captain Phasma, Poe's sides are all amazing. The 2 is an amazing insurance policy for Rey's dice and the natural reverse Force Choke side allows you to either control the opponents dice or resolve maximum damage once you have the all clear. Although the deck does not run much removal, Poe's special is the key to the missing removal pieces.

If you have the opportunity to play on your battlefield, the amount of freebies you get from your bin from free supports off claiming really starts to shine in the long game, especially the Honor Guard cycle.

The deck can not only shield up but has 3 ways to heal: Field Medic, Medical Droid & Ancient Lightsaber. This really makes it difficult for your opponent to kill your character and usually when a character is supposed to die, it can usually last for few extra turns, allowing you to draw out maximum value.


Because the deck is designed to tank, it takes some time to set up to do explosive damage. You can do 4-7 damage if you roll well on turn one and it takes about 2-3 turns to be able to hit 6+ damage consistently, therefore the deck is not explosive like the Rainbow 5's can be. Thus decks that oppress such as Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer/Jabba the Hutt - The Great and Mighty can slow you right down, stopping you from making a steady stream of damage. The yellow control deck is hands down the worst match-up for this deck. I play tested twice against this deck and failed to win both times.

Since removal is hard to come by in the deck and most of the mitigation comes from Poe's special face, Rainbow 5's can be a scary match-up because if it God rolls, you can die very quickly.

Match ups:

Round 1 - Store Championship granted Bye

Round 2 - eCad Bane - Vicious Mercenary/Jango Fett - Lethal Mercenary WIN

Round 3 - Rainbow 5's LOSS

Round 4 - Quigon/Kanan WIN

Round 5 - Quigon/Kanan WIN

Round 6 - eCaptain Phasma - Elite Trooper/First Order Stormtrooper/Guavian Enforcer WIN

Round 7 - Quigon/Kanan LOSS

Top 8 Playoff

Round 1 - Same Rainbow 5's from round 3 WIN

Round 2 - Matthew's R2P2 WIN

Round 3 - eKylo Ren - Tormented One/General Grievous - Jedi Hunter WIN

My losses:

Both my match losses with this deck were by 1 damage. I lost to Rainbow 5's because I needed to roll 1 damage with 4 blue dice and rolled 3 blanks + . And I lost to Quigon because we went to time and due to a miscalculation I had missed out by 1 damage - I had two upgrades on Rey with 2 damage and he had 1 damage on Kanan with 1 upgrade. I was confident that I would win if we played longer.

Rainbow 5's / Captain Phasma Guardian:

The reason overall why I beat these decks was that my deck was more consistent in rolling out, whereas my opponents would frequently have to reroll and focus dice to get the damage string, which would be easily mitigated through the removal spells in the deck or Poe's Special.


Personally I feel this is a good matchup, as both the decks tank and chip away at each other however R2P2 has the advantage as Rey's ability happens for free whereas Quigon needs dice to trigger his ability. Plus R2P2 can heal in multiple ways whereas Quigon can only heal with the Ancient Lightsaber.


My mate Matthew who I played in the Semi's was undefeated and I was his only loss. This goes to show that this deck is a worthy contender. Who won the mirror ultimately came down to who could equip faster and stronger. I had the opening hand with Poe Dameron's Blaster every game which definitely contributed to me winning. I won 2-1 in this matchup.

eKylo Ren - Tormented One/General Grievous - Jedi Hunter


Throughout the entire match I never once felt threatened by this deck - I felt like I was in the winning position the entire time (except when I made the biggest misplay in all of mankind).

Firstly the deck has only 3 dice, so it is easy to manage the damage when you only have to worry about 3 dice. The deck also doesn't run much upgrades so there are not many dice throughout the match to be particularly worried about. Secondly if they lose the battlefield, the resource costed faces become harmless as well. Finally Kylo's ability is difficult to hit as there are 3 colours in the deck with a pretty even split between red and blue, plus it was easy to hang onto the Sound The Alarm's to reduce the likelihood of hitting - it was rare that I needed to use it. Also Rey's ability is almost guaranteed to hit every turn, so each turn, Kylo maybe hits for 2 free damage, whereas Rey consistently hits for 1 for free.

Final Tips

Know the cards well, especially ones that you need to play around. There were multiple games my opponents forgot about Riposte and I was able to kill their character at the worst possible time for them because they neglected to keep that card in mind. Also there was one game I had to Force Illusion 1 damage to keep myself at 2 life to prevent myself from potentially losing to Backup Muscle, which immediately paid off as my opponent did have that card in hand. Playing around certain cards definitely gave me the upper hand in a lot of match-ups, having previously piloted Thrawnkar, it definitely gave me the knowledge of what to watch out for.

Hope you all enjoyed my post and was able to take something away. Wish you all the best for your Regionals and I'll be happy to answer questions! 10/10 would recommend this deck for Regionals.

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TheBeard1808 102

Congrats on the win! Sounds like it was a lot of fun! As a Rainbow 5-dice player, this is one of the decks that scares me, good to that's also the case on the other side ;)

edwinchen50 1539

Congrats on the win! Glad I could help. I never considered It Binds All Things, but it does make sense with Docking Bay - Finalizer and all the blue weapons in the deck. I'll have to give it a shot!

Schattenriss 1

`@almo' congratulations to the tournament win and thank you for sharing the deck list. I really like it with "it binds all things"!

Husher315 23

I just don't have the ancient lightsabers for this deck. Do you have any alternatives?

rkik 747

I'm in almost the same position as @Husher315. I only have 1 Ancient Lightsaber. I've considered just a regular Lightsaber, but Jedi Robes is a pretty good replacement too.

almo 176

@edwinchen50 It Binds All Things Was an amazing addition, if you have it in opening hand with blue weapons, it doesn't cost extra and it means every turn after that is guaranteed 3 cost weapon which is pretty powerful.

If you have Poe Dameron's Blaster then it's a great discard for re-roll into value for claiming in future turns.

Playing a Force Illusion for free with it feels pretty good as well.

almo 176

@TheBeard1808 I have full respect for Rainbow 5's. When Rainbow rolls well it is unstoppable, problem is that it is inconsistent and R2P2 abuses that. Also highly recommend Force Illusion in Rainbow, I would have far more problems with Rainbow if that was in the deck.

almo 176

@Schattenriss Thanks! :D 10/10 Recommend It Binds All Things ;)

almo 176

@Husher315``@rkik The short answer is Ancient Lightsaber isn't really replaceable (if you want to play the deck competitively). If you must, the first card that comes to mind is Vibroknife, but it really doesn't contain the same power.

The card just does too much. Examples of the card doing work in my games:

Poe's 2: Focus Rey's side to 2 and Ancient Lightsaber to +3 This is 5 solid damage, then if they remove Rey's Dice, I used the +3 with guard to remove 3 dice.

Ancient Lightsaber works with It Binds All Things.

There were many turns that after I resolve the dice on a fully equipped Rey, I tuck it under the deck to heal 2 life and free up the 3rd slot. Then next turn I play a new Weapon on Rey for minimal cost with It Binds All Things.

Game draws out really long and I am left cycling the Ancient Lightsaber to stop milling out but also to heal every turn.

From the examples above, it's really hard to replace ancient :(

TheBeard1808 102

@almo Force Illusion is how I keep Bala alive to re-activate a lot of the time ;)

J1mbo 1

I've yet to pull or buy any Shoto Lightsabers. Any suggestions for replacement cards or is shoto fairly key to keeping the deck alive?