Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

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chinovalley 224

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot...Han Solo - Scoundrel and Rey - Force Prodigy, robbing the enemy and shooting them up just like the old 70s flick with Eastwood and Bridges. Alright, slight gender issue but Rey is certainly Lightfoot with her action cheating and Han brings the thunder!

This deck deals damage while building defenses for Han with ambush shields. Han is the key--Rey will nearly always get targeted first because Han is so hard to kill (with constant shield generation and Second Chance) and Rey's action cheating allows for a roll/resolve (usually with Han).

We want our battlefield, Starship Graveyard - Jakku. This helps drive the action cheating with Rey as well as recycling Second Chance for Han, or picking up DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol that had to be discarded for reroll or when Rey is defeated.

The typical first turn is to play an ambush upgrade on Rey, roll Han, then resolve either the 2 disrupt to suppress the opponent's development or damage if both dice show ranged and you can resolve (have the for the 3 side). A particularly fun trick is to play ambush upgrade on Rey, roll Han, play Truce to gain a resource (and give one to the opponent), play Maz's Goggles (or another weapon upgrade that uses all of your resources), then finish it off with a "Fair" Trade to exchange your one resource (from Han's die) for the opponent's 3+ resources. This sets up for another upgrade and/or mitigation cards. It increases your board state while suppressing the opponent's. It's fun to get this off vs Thrawn/Unkar or Palpatine when they're saving up to drop game-change cards like Buy Out, Crime Lord or Rise Again.

Otherwise the decks runs fairly straight-forward. Develop your board state, deal damage to the opponent's key character, keep Han alive for the mid/late game. If Han is targeted first then maximize shield generation and use Second Chance to absorb as much damage as possible while Rey gets big upgrades deployed and starts hitting hard. Given the big dice sides on Han and some upgrades, Planned Explosion can come out of nowhere to take out a well-geared healthy enemy in a surprise move.

Rebel works with the on the dice for Rey and Vibroknives. It's great to use to snag a needed event out of the discard pile or to retrieve a big upgrade (Han needs his DL-44s to completely devastate enemies or get large values for the Planned Explosion).

Infamous into Never Tell Me The Odds when Han has two DL-44s is a lovely thing. Very lovely.

Overall it's fairly steady as long as you commit to keeping Han alive and advancing board state development faster than the enemy. Not quite as bursty as some other decks but it deals heavy damage with built in defenses to keep Han alive.

Enjoy and have fun.

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Jobu 2

So many Shenanigans @chinovalley

chinovalley 224

@Jobu It's got a fairly well rounded defense with good damage output. Has a few surprises. Lot of fun to play. :)

chinovalley 224

After some more play (2nd place in a tournament this evening) it did pretty well. Depending on your local meta it may need an extra couple mitigation cards, such as Double Cross or Loth Cat And Mouse, or the extra Force Misdirection. Maybe even Dodge. But overall it's fun to play, fast, deals the damage, lots of Han shields. Good fun.

Bigulf 530

@chinovalley so many 1 ofs.. do you think that they are worth it at maybe the cost of consistency? How often do you get to play Rebel and what do you like to target with it?

chinovalley 224

Rebel is there for utility. With Rey and VKs, getting a discard side isn't difficult. There are cards I don't want to have 2 of because they're very situational. Force Misdirection, Never Tell Me The Odds in particular. I find that with Rebel in the deck I really have 3 or 4 copies of the card that I really want/need to play depending on the matchup, assuming it's in my discard pile. The single copy cards in the list are not critical to the deck's central strategy; they are options as board state/matchup dictates. I understand about wanting consistency and completely agree that critical elements of strategy need 2 copies, but I like having the diversity as well. I feel it gives me more flexibility during game play.

chinovalley 224

Additional note, you can use Rebel to get any card from the discard pile--Second Chance, maybe a DL-44, Planned well as all the mitigation events. I like it for it's diversity, though not having a discard side showing can prevent it's immediate use. I usually try to fire it off when I get the discard side instead of planning a play around it then having to reroll to try and get the discard side. Half the time I might discard it for a reroll, in fact, especially if drawn in opening hand.

chinovalley 224

Played two games today, one vs a popular youtube streamer who was rocking eLuke/Lobot and another against a guy testing Regionals deck, R2P2. Crushed them both. I'd say this deck has legs.