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GenghisDon 98

You have to do everything you can to get AT-STor LR1K Sonic Cannon on the board as fast as possible. I am missing some cards to make a more streamlined deck but I would go 2 of Heat of Battle, Partnership, Imp war machine and I have you now.

This deck doesn't have a ton of dice removal so you have to act fast and not be afraid to mulligan your entire hand if need be to get to a heavy hitting support.

Ciena Ree - Adept Pilot with Guavian Enforcer brings in resources almost every time so resources aren't that big of an issue unless you are getting disrupted a lot. You won't get the battlefield very often but when you do, it's awesome not paying the 3 cost.

My son played this last night and used 2 Truces followed by a Tactical Mastery and Deploy Squadron then resolved for 12 tapping a FO Trooper for LR1K and killed a fresh, untouched eQui-Gon Jinn - Ataru Master It was pretty crazy how fast this thing can actually move with the right combos. Truce=undervalued GIANT.

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MarcusGray 1

You know you are never gonna claim the battlefield. Rebel War Room - Yavin IVand E-Web Emplacement don't make any sense

Valador 10

Because you have 4 characters maybe you should include Imperial Backing to play supports for cheap.

GenghisDon 98

@MarcusGray I wouldn't say that E-Web Emplacement does't make sense. I'd say it's sub-optimal. I wish the view of the deck would show the tags for the deck. I have the tags as "Vehicle, Cheap, Budget" so it's not really meant with the Regionals players in mind. More of the normal shop players who open about 2 packs a week to do something fun with those supports they have been cursing out load at every time they open a pack like I have :D

To Optimize, it would be 2 Z-95 Headhunters, 2 First Order TIE Fighters, 2 AT-DPs 2 LR1K Sonic Cannons and remove the Eweb, AT-ST and the Personal Shield along with streamlining the events to be more reliable. I do however like the rebel war room because it's not that powerful to other people but using it to resolve a 3 6 damage LR1K shot could come in handy.

@Valador Imperial Backing was a card I wanted to get into the deck but I had to make cuts. With it's Ambush, it would work really well in the Truce Tactical Mastery chain. You could in theory land an AT-ST on turn one with the perfect hand. 2x #Truce + Imperial Backing then play AT-ST. Hmm, maybe I should revise the build a little as that is a pretty easy alteration.

Thank you very much for your feedback. I love it.