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CodeBreaker (Mat Cousineau@Chance Cube) 1239

Newest version of this deck. basically just tweaked it to be a little less situational and more consistent. Has a few less tricks up its sleeve but outputs damage more consistently than the original.

update since publishing: remove planetary uprising x2 remove a280 blaster x1 (total 1)

add bowcaster x1(total 2) add dh17 x2

uprising wasn't being played enough, i found myself not ever wanting to pay the two resources and if i won my bf i'd almost always rather loop honour guard. never played the a280 unless i really needed a redeploy and a bowcaster wasn't available in discard so kept only one for that reason.

dh17 is a great upgrade to throw on sabine either as a placeholder or as an extra cheap weapon, especially with the use of Heat of battle in this deck. any extra cheap weapons on sabine will do a lot of work!

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gajbarnes 40

Great deck. Love the recurring Honor Guard. Have you tried Never Tell Me The Odds over Heat of Battle? Costs one more and only works with one of your characters, but I've found it to be less situational.

Dave Sharona 606

I like the extra emphasis on redeploy with ambush consistency. Sabine is such a beast

Easystreet31 1

What are you going after with Scavenge Or is it just another mechanic to get cards in your discard pile?

chazz 28

Not sure how i feel about Impersonate. Seems expensive and your cost curve is already so high. I took this deck to Nationals and did ok. The games i lost both only had one action in them. So that was cool. Well... except for one FN blow out... the beauty of the characters is that it doesn't really matter who they go for. So i feel Impersonate just doesn't justify two prescious resources. Thoughts?

krez 338

Love the deck Mat, I played you on TTS a little bit ago and have been playing it myself quite a bit. Why did you end up cutting Hidden Agenda and Retreat? I love Hidden Agenda for playing the 'combo' cards Heat Of Battle / Retreat or just being able to play mitigation cards in a pinch.

@gajbarnes I personally don't like Never Tell Me The Odds because you only have the 1 Sabine die. Usually you play Heat Of Battle before your opponent can activate a character. For example: Hit and Run, followed by playing an ambush weapon on Sabine from discard, then Heat Of Battle. You have 4 damage from Poe, and at least 5-6 damage from Sabine. If you have Running Interference in play, you can stop them from playing a card as well, so they probably can't touch your dice. It's a pretty neat combo.

@chazz I agree with you, it doesn't seem necessary here. If they go for Sabine first, you don't mind because you have Second Chance. If they go for Poe, then Sabine will live longer and you can keep stacking her up with guns.

CodeBreaker (Mat Cousineau@Chance Cube) 1239

@gajbarnes I have zero issues getting heat of battle off at least once, sometimes twice per game. Running interference makes it easy and hit and run helps a lot too. @Easystreet31 scavenge is mostly to help dig through and get ambush weapons available in discard. Also works great to loop second chance when needed. @chazz I LOVE impersonate in this deck. I don’t find myself hurting for resources because I don’t often have more than one upgrade on Sabine. Also Sabine is almost always the first target so I NEED to draw impersonate or second chance by turn 3 or she’s dead against the big aggro decks. @krezI liked hidden agenda and retreat but found myself using those cards situationally. This version has pretty much 0 situational cards. It’s very streamlined and seems to be more focused this way. The only flex cards are planetary uprising. I find when I lose the bf I rarely play one and when I have my bf I often would rather bring back honour guard than uprising. I speak extensivly about this deck on my new chance cube show that will be dropping probably this weekend. The show is called Canto Bight Players Club, subscribe to the chance cube podcast to get access. Let me know what you guys think and thanks for the feedback!

Chiefmaster green 1

hi chance cube. i like the deck. thanks for the writeup

Ramin2-D2 222

no Poe's Blaster?

CodeBreaker (Mat Cousineau@Chance Cube) 1239

@Ramin-2D2 Poe only really gets redeployed weapons. Otherwise it would totally be in there.

Widied 1

Do you find planetary worth it?

CodeBreaker (Mat Cousineau@Chance Cube) 1239

actually not really... it was in there for testing at the time i published, I found that if i won the bf i'd rather bring honor guard back over planetary from discard/hand and if i lost the bf i never found myself wanting to pay the 2 resources. its always more beneficial to use those resources on guns for sabine. So i took out the uprisings, took out the a280's and put in a second bowcaster and two dh 17's. Thats been working out great so far in recent testing.

CodeBreaker (Mat Cousineau@Chance Cube) 1239

updates listed in deck description area above.

Will.I.Am 1

Any reason why you don't have Thermal Detonator in this deck? Is it to slow and no ambush feature?

Easystreet31 1

@Will.I.Am Bingo on both

CodeBreaker (Mat Cousineau@Chance Cube) 1239

@Will.I.Am exactly, and definitely don't like the idea of losing my upgrade after using it, that makes it very expensive. personally never been a big fan of Thermal Detonator.
I'm really only looking to loop ambush upgrades and doing quick damage.

Porg_FriedRice 27

@MatCouz @ Chance Cube What changes are you thinking you might make after the errata announcement?

Poetiicx 1

^ thats what I would like to know also. Heat of Battle isn't that great now.

CodeBreaker (Mat Cousineau@Chance Cube) 1239

Sorry for the late response, been busy adulting. updated list available post errata. swdestinydb.com still running heat of battle.... with running interference and plenty of dice with 3range sides, i've still found it to be worth it. the new list has a write up as well.