QuiGon Kanan League Deck

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mykelen 9

I have something very similar to this, swdestinydb.com This is just my opinion, but I don't feel like you need so many weapons, although it's nice to have the guarantee of getting upgrades out. You just need to be careful with so many 2 cost items and cards that might not have a chance to get played. Still, this is a very fun partnering and I love using them. They work very well together and almost kind of seem like no one is sure who to go after first.

benkiefer 49

Thanks @mykelen Forgot to share that this was from a 'theme of the week' thing, and the theme was no gun damage allowed.

Everybody was just slugging it out!

Sjuney 1

I have something similar to this in reality but since I am a poor man it isn't using so many legendaries or starter pack cards, still a great deck though! Huge fan.

Liam Johnson 13

Surprised you don't have clash in here as it does the same as parry and turns one of your dice to damage and because of the full stop you can do it as either both parts or just the part you need (damage or mitigation) apart from that I like this deck may give it a whirl next game night.

JekPorkinsRed6 27

This is similar to what I have. I would consider adding Luke's Protection you get free shield to use with Quigon, and if you Fearless on Quigon, you can activate Luke's Protection, use Quigon's ability, then activate Quigon to get Luke's Protection back and use it again.

justLUKE 2

@Liam Johnson is there any Rule or Clarification that can profe your assumption, that you can use the effect of clash as you want?

Is it a rule, that all effects on a card, that are seperated by an full stop can be used by itself?