Special K's (Turn 1-2 untap, beastly damage)

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Masume 1207

So as usual I keep trying new deck ideas that aren't outright obvious. As with my previous deck (The Hux Train) I wanted to take someone that isn't getting a lot of attention and have it be a wrecking ball. After getting my second K-2 die I wanted to see why he was being dissed so much. After playing several or more rounds with this beast I can see how he can be a monster. His dice are a mirror of Vader's with a one shot ability that will literally let you whack any character in round 1-2 easily. So here's the breakdown.

This deck doesn't need a lot of upgrades. Vibro for shield removal and Electrostaff are a must. Makashi Training went in instead of Ancient Lightsaber because it doesn't cost extra on K-2 and doubles as die removal. If they also aim for Kanan it's an easy upgrade for K-2. The gist of the deck is very simple...get a weapon on Kanan or toss an Electrostaff for a reroll and use either Bestow or Rearm to put it on K-2. I often can do this by turn 2-3 easily, with a possible turn 1 if your really lucky.

K-2 has a ton of damage but your rolls stink? Heat of Battle works like a charm and Recon also has your back. Since you will often be claiming (Due to Kanan) you almost always have an extra resource and first roll out. With Hit and Run you will often get an ambush in to capitalize on either card. If they are slow to roll out roll Kanan in and really make a dent. Add to that Kanan's random 1 resolve into instant 3 damage and there are plenty of opportunities for K-2 to shine.

With a the rest of the deck filled with defensive/heal options you won't have too much trouble keeping K-2. alive. With a mix of colors Kylo also won't be as big of an issue.

Mulligan hard for one weapon and either bestow or rearm. It's not hard to manage usually and even if you only get one the other often follows shortly.

So you think K-2 might be weaksauce? Try the deck out and let me know what you think. So far I have consistently wrecked with it and even high health characters (10-13 health) drop by turn 2, 3 at the latest. With a die like Vader's and a free untap into a reroll bonus with weapon (often after the opponent has exhausted everything) he hits so hard no one sees it coming. Kanan is an amazing backup and can hold his own with upgrades should even K-2 fall.

Enjoy the deck and I urge you to give K-2 a try, you shouldn't be disappointed.

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Icarus 105

How does Rearm interact with K-2SO - Reprogrammed Droid's ability? Does it mean that the cost to play a weapon on him is only increased by 1, or does Rearm ignore K-2SO - Reprogrammed Droid's ability altogether?

Masume 1207

@Icarus I've been playing it by it only being increased by 1 instead of two. I would imagine his ability would still remain constant. It's not hard to pay though, especially in round 2. The claim resource is also great to help it along. Round 2 is the big play usually, I often knock out a character pretty regularly by then unless they have a lot of dice removal or Thrawn, perhaps.

dnanis 1

@Masume what about Destino ?

I have the impression that it should allow to ignore the +2 cost on k2, just because the way it is written in the card...

“Play for free a card that cost the combined value”

I understand that the cost of the card is the value printed in the card until you play it, that’s the moment when you can play it for free, therefor no cost applies...

Masume 1207

@dnanis That's an interesting thought, you might be right on that. I'd say it would be worth tossing FFG that question. In this deck though it would be hard to hit, since you'd have to roll in Kanan's two damage. On top of that it's 2 damage your getting rid of. In the end I don't think you really need it, you get extra resources from the claim most of the time and by turn two you can usually drop whatever heavy hitter they have. I'd rather have Kanan's two damage to help that along. ;)

JuzFuzz 7

I played a few times with this character combo. I had quite a few different cards in my list, such as Jedi robes, for the focus (that I think K-2SO needs), and a few other non-weapon upgrades. Bestow rarely seems to work for me - too late or badly timed - although fun when it pulls off. The combo works out OK with my decklist. I've played Kylo/FN twice and lost first game and won the second. I lost 2 or 3 times to Thrawnkar - he kept buying me out.

@dnanis - I think that playing a weapon costs 2, not the weapon will cost 2 more. Therefore, you can Destiny a weapon, but it will cost you 2 to play it directly on K2.

Thanks for sharing the list though, I'll try your version out sometime.

dnanis 1

@JuzFuzz then, text in character “2 more” would reveal over text in the event “for free”. Is that still correct?

Scactha 830

I think K-2SO is good too. It´s just that the meta is early in development. As for cards you´d want in the deck I´d say It's a Trap! and Force Speed to get the drop on the opponent before they can react. Paying 1 to shift his own dice plus an e-staff into 9 vs Kylo/FN is nothing to sneeze at!

JuzFuzz 7

@dnanis - I could very well be wrong.

Having had another look through though, and based on the wording of K-2SO, the weapon you play will cost 2 more. Therefore, if you play Destiny it will cost the weapon card cost plus 2. For example, Lightsaber costs 3, you'll have to remove blue dice that is equal to 5 or more.

Like I said, I could very well be wrong. I think there is a discussion on FFG forums about this too. community.fantasyflightgames.com

vrbulldog22 1

I made something similar to this last night after reading your list, but used Defiance instead of Force Illusion (I don’t have any extras..) and I had some nice results- first use landed on 3melee side, second time 2shield side. When it was all said & done my wife had to do well over 20 damage to take K-2 down. K-2 definitely performed above expectations. Thanks for your inspiration & helping me get over feeling bad about my “awful” legendary pulls! I was struggling to think of who to try to pair him with.

BDKoolwhip 26

With only two copies one red weapon, why Rearm?? I get that they are great weapons but it seems like a waste of card space?

Randon 1

I wonder if Rearm is actually worth it here. You only have one red weapon in this deck. Either add more red weapons, or take out rearm and put in something else, would be my decision.

Masume 1207

Wow, awesome feedback so far! Let's see...

@Scactha I debated It's a Trap! but I always go back to it being limited to the damage type of your opponent. Obviously if they have Melee it works out great...if not it's useless. Still, 9 is indeed nothing to sneeze at. Force Speed I almost did the same but honestly Kanan doesn't need it, he resolves his via his ability anyways and it just gluts up the deck.

@vrbulldog22 Glad it helped cheer you up! I was surprised myself, the deck performed way better without modifications than I expected. I think K-2SO - Reprogrammed Droid could shape up to be high meta if piloted right.

@BDKoolwhip and @Randon I had thought the same thing when I first built it. It is limited to the Electrostaff but why I've kept it thus far is because it works as another condition to get that weapon out. With just bestow it becomes harder to pull that swap to K-2. I found that rearm added that extra option and it has paid off for me when I needed it. You always should Mulligan for the estaff if you don't have it, if you do mulligan for rearm or bestow (again, 2 options). Even better is that if you get it later either from a reroll or someone dropping you can bring back that estaff onto another character. I am still going back and forth on it so toss me some suggestions, but lightsaber pull is not worth it and my defensive options are pretty covered.

Thanks for all your feedback guys, keep it rolling and enjoy the deck!

Scactha 830

Always the same issue with It´s a Trap. Agree there. It could be summarized into being a meta call, but atm we have Kylo/FN(or Phasma) as top dog which is . On Force Speed I mean that you roll out Kana first and resolve a special 2 action when for rolling out K-2SO. To roll and resolve, thus evading control.

cjnj193 202

So I think Our Only Hope is actually a decent card here. Worse case you are thinning your deck to get the combo out best case it's a free vibroknife or a last ditch grab for removal. The biggest problem would be hitting a hit and run obviously but if you have to punt then you prob already lost lol

Masume 1207

@Scactha That is true with the meta ATM. I wasn't quite thinking I'd take it to tourneys though but if I did I'd likely throw it in. A decent point on the force speed, making me think of tossing one in.

@cjnj193 Might be but resources are extremely tight. I usually use it all for putting the weapons out and removal/healing. The battlefield really helps this and I can't see using another, but even with it I rarely have an abundance of resources. Try it out though and see!

Break Windu 8

Really love this deck!! Having a lot of fun with it! Maybe it's just the meta where I'm at, but I took out Honor Guard and Rend and put 2 Planetary Uprisings in. It's amazing to see how much stuff your opponent leaves on the table to avoid getting damage, especially when you have both of them out!

Masume 1207

@Break Windu Awesome, glad your enjoying it! I like the idea of Planetary Uprisings, I had considered it and in hindsight it sounds amazing since he claims most of the time. I might revise and add those after some testing.

vrbulldog22 1

Welp. Concentrate > Heat of Battle now... I’ve also been getting a lot of mileage out of Defiance.

Masume 1207

@vrbulldog22 Yep, I'd have to agree looking at it. I'll be swapping that out. Thankfully not much of the errata hits this deck...another good reason I didn't go the Trap route. ;)

Scactha 830

Trap still works well with FS imho, but now the choices are more equal which is good. I´m glad they´ve harmonized the various dice turning cards. IAT stuck out there as a Lightsaber Training with a free Ambush on top. I guess Swirn(?) knows his stuff.

But yeah, Concentrate > Heat Of Battle!

Break Windu 8

I still have It's a Trap! in with Swiftness now. I'll use it with Vibroknife and Electrostaff to turn them to modifiers, and then get 8 unblock able damage off the ambush. Granted, it's not as fast as it once was, but I can still get some damage out. I'm surprised that they didn't do anything to We Have Them Now. That's four dice being turned, same as what Heat Of Battle was for the same cost.

astenog27 1

Any changes to this deck yet? Since we seem to claim a lot what what do people think about Planetary Uprising and Dug in? what do people feel might be the weaker cards in this deck to maybe sub out?

Masume 1207

@Break Windu That's not a bad idea with swiftness, although I hate taking the space up. Still that quick damage is nice if they are playing melee. As for We Have Them Now I didn't even think about it, but it does have the battlefield claim condition in it. Maybe that's why.

@astenog27 I need to update it to reflect removing Heat Of Battle and a few other cards. Getting rid of Vibro might also be an option but then I would need another weapon to replace it and nothing jumps out at me. This deck is still strong, the nerf didn't really affect it save for vibro. Dug in isn't bad now that shields are back. Debating on removing plastoid armor from this one.

Masume 1207

Big update on this soon, with new cards from Legacies making this even nastier. Kanan also gets swapped out for Aayla Secura - Jedi General for more consistent damage and dice shenanigans.