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Bowie 346

Put all upgrades on Jyn at first, but always have enough money for Jyn Control (never forget the 1 cost reduction!). Fast Hands is critical, as like with Palpatine, we only have two dice naturally but they will do REAL work if given the chance!

As simple as it is elegant, try to stay an action ahead, take basically whatever the dice give you, and control them into oblivion. Lone Operative early on Jyn, to try to heal her as much as you can, then overwrite with Second Chance when your back is against the wall to try to squeak out another round of desperate and devastating damage or control of mill.

Finn gives us access to two suites of redeploy and has very powerful dice sides of his own! when Jyn dies, he should be incredibly geared up and ready to take down whatever they still have left after your earlier assault.

Good luck! Not that you will need it. ;)

time has come

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Treefarmer 171

This deck ravaged my Emokids and PoeMaz decks. I barely landed any damage and was dead by turn 4 at the latest.

Iggy 99

Jyn is my favourite character so I already love this deck.

Chuftbot 421

Played Palp against this. I got milled out and died simultaneously after 2 rounds. All of my dice spontaneously combusted upon losing.11/10 would recommend.

lawl0r 120

One time this deck was more even like damage then when by it mill Jyn. That's how winner.

swiffermopninja 1

I was milled out turn 2 by this deck. Unbelievably strong against the meta decks.

iamnotandrew 78

I mirror matched with this deck at a local store championship. When we rolled out dice out for initiative check a bolt of lightning descended from the heavens, cutting through the roof of the establishment and striking the table. We took it as a sign that were this battle to commence the only loser would be humanity, so we hugged it out and all the other players forfeited their matches and laid their dice at our feet in tribute. Then we all went out for ice cream.

Bowie 346

That was an awesome match. One of my best games!

Dave Sharona 611

I tried to build this deckles, but my fingers shook so badly I had to just go back to Jango/Veers.

It's safer down there. Less people get hurt.

Cubo 40

Omg. Stop troll. Good luck with your undefeated deck (Maybe because you never played a tournament)

SwEEEEEtDookie 7

@Cubo thank you. These deck ideas are ridiculous

Chuftbot 421

@Cubo``@SwEEEEEtDookieYou obviously didn't read the above. The deck is undefeated. Bring it to your local tournaments and you'll almost certainly dominate.

KennedyHawk 83

The control in this deck is insane. It has the perfect balance of redeploy weapons (not that characters die) and cheap control due to Jyn. Went 0-3 against it!

SwEEEEEtDookie 7


Jobu 1

Milled out by turn 2? @Treefarmer @swiffermopninja``@lawl0r you all like to stoke egos

Woodrow 70

Update 8/11: This deck is still undefeated.

RxDevera 38

How does it hold up against triple Jedi Acolyte?

Bowie 346

@RxDevera Can be tough, definitely gotta focus down two Jedi acolytes with guns pre-mill to shut down the ability!

XTrueFinale 1

What does the author mean by 2 suites of redeploy?

Jobu 1

@XTrueFinale they don't know this deck is not good. I will take Pepsi challenge on it any day

XTrueFinale 1

I'm new to Destiny, and considering to make a deck out of basically this is a troll deck? `@Jobu

Jobu 1

@XTrueFinale yes a Troll Deck. Jyn is great but not with Finn

Bowie 346

Yes it's a troll deck.

Jyn isn't good.

RedRightHand 1

Ran this deck at a local tournament tonight for the lulz. It actually did better than I thought it would.